How USANA ProCalm+ Supplement Helps Me Cope With Stress

May 28, 2024

Sharing my quick review of USANA ProCalm+ supplement plus a recent update on a health symposium on the importance of supplements.

While I completely enjoy my work, I have to admit that it can be demanding at times. There are deadlines that we have to meet and that would often leave me fatigued and lacking in sleep. Just the same, I want to remain healthy and productive for work and family. Aside from relaxing with my family on weekends and catching up on rest during my downtime, I take multivitamin supplements regularly. Recently, I received a bottle of ProCalm+ natural supplements from USANA and I would say that it has helped me achieve mental clarity at times when my mind seems to refuse to work. I’ve been taking it diligently together with my usual multivitamin supplements.

How USANA ProCalm+ Supplement Helps Me Cope With Stress

How USANA ProCalm+ Supplement Helps Me Cope With Stress

USANA ProCalm+ contains ashwagandha, saffron, and lemon balm – herbal ingredients that are known to provide the following benefits:

  • To help the mind and body adapt to everyday stress.
  • To help achieve a balanced mood.
  • To help attain a positive emotional well-being.

USANA has been known for years for providing quality and effective supplements that help maintain a healthy mind and body. Aside from overall health, I have also heard USANA has helped some people when it comes to their fertility problems.

USANA Philippines Meets with Local Health Experts to Discuss the Vital Role of Supplements

To show the importance of supplementation in maintaining wellness, USANA Philippines met with around 300 health professionals nationwide at its inaugural symposium. Building on their 15th anniversary celebration, this event echoes USANA’s commitment to reach one million families globally —with a continued focus on product research, innovation, and education.

The guest speakers address questions from the audience during the Q&A segment of the USANA health symposium.
The guest speakers address questions from the audience during the Q&A segment of the health symposium.

“For 15 years, USANA Philippines has strived to fulfill the vision of its founder, Dr. Myron Wentz, to create the healthiest family on earth. As we step into this milestone, we’re fortifying this goal by hosting our first ever health symposium and strengthening our partnerships with health professionals,” says Cherry Dionisio-Ampig, general manager of USANA Philippines.

This health symposium reflects how USANA places science, specifically research and innovation, at its core.

“One very consistent value of USANA’s is the science behind its products. The foundation of everything we do is anchored in science—giving meaning to our influence on the health of our communities,” says David Mulham, chief sales officer of USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

As an industry leader, USANA conducts thorough research and evaluations to determine specific market demands and discover new ingredients to best fit evolving needs. This process creates products specifically developed to support people on their journey to maintaining wellness.

“As a company, we continuously research and innovate. We’re committed to developing new products and upgrading existing ones to be even more competitive and to continuously promote healthy living” says Dr. Rolando Maddela, USANA’s executive director of global health education and nutrition research.

This health symposium served as a way for medical professionals and others in attendance to learn and engage in meaningful discussions about the country’s current health landscape and the pivotal nurturing role supplements play. Esteemed speakers from the medical field included Dr. Susano “Yves” Tanael, Registered Nutritionist-Dietician MaryRose del Rio, Dr. Alex Delgado, and Dr. Rolando Maddela.

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