Grateful Dad #12.24: Rafa Starts School

May 26, 2024

I'm grateful these last few weeks because Rafa has already started school.

About three weeks ago, Rafa has already started school. Well, it’s not a formal school but it’s summer playschool; we figured he was already big enough to try attending school and meet other kids while doing some fun activities. Furthermore, in the past few weeks, Rafa has always said that he wanted to go to school already whenever we prepared his Kuya for his class.

Grateful Dad #12.24: Rafa Starts School

Grateful Dad #12.24: Rafa Starts School

We initially enrolled Rafa in the local daycare center. However, we thought that it might not be the best for him, considering the priorities of the daycare center instructor. Rafa might not enjoy the experience so we enrolled him in his Kuya’s school. Plus, it might be a good opportunity to already expose him to a “formal” group setting since he is already turning five years old in a few months.

I made sure to bring him to school on his first day. It’s a milestone and I want him to remember that I was there with him. His initial excitement gradually turned to nervousness a few minutes before his class began. He even asked me, “Daddy, hindi ako magka-cry?” and I assured him, “No, anak.

Rafa excited for his first day at school
Rafa is ready for his first day at school

When it was time for his class to start, Rafa went with his teacher with a hint of apprehension. However, a few minutes after his class began and they sang a welcome song, I could already hear Rafa answering his teacher’s questions. My heart was full each time I heard his teacher say “Very good, Rafa!” and I was proud whenever I heard my little son actively participating.

In the middle of the class, his teacher told me, “Daddy, ayaw na po hubarin ni Rafa yung uniform nya.” She was referring to the school shirt that they gave Rafa. They were supposed to wear it in the next session but Rafa wouldn’t take it off because he was excited to wear it.

About an hour and a half later, I heard the teachers and little kids singing their goodbye song. I waited for my son to walk out of the play area and he was beaming as I fetched him at the entrance. I asked him if he enjoyed his class and he said that he did. He was already looking forward to their next play sessions.

Rafa's first school project
Rafa's first school project

As a reward for completing his first day at school, I said that we would buy his favorite donuts. We went to the Dunkin Donuts store across the school and bought his favorite chocolate munchkins. Along that way as we went home, Rafa had stories about his first project, his teacher, his classmates, their activities, and the song they sang. I’m proud and happy because he liked his first day at school.

I’m grateful because he had a wonderful experience and great memories of his first day at school. I know that formal school can be challenging at times but I hope that Rafa will treasure his experiences and learning opportunities in the future. His mom and I will be here to teach him to do his best and focus on learning for the sake of growth instead of just good grades. Anyway, that will have to wait in the future.

In the meantime, we will let Rafa enjoy playschool and have a happy time with his new friends.

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