What To Do in Immuki Island with Kids (Balaoan, La Union)

May 24, 2024

If you are in La Union and thinking of a unique place to visit, then you might want to consider going to Immuki Island located in Bolaoan.

Immuki Island is one of the most popular places to visit when in Balaoan, La Union because of its scenic view, accessibility, affordability, and general safety, especially for little swimmers. It was recommended to us by the staff at Summer Coastal Suites when we asked them if there was a nearby beach resort that the kids could swim in. Good thing that it was just a quick 15-minute drive from Summer Coastal Suites. With that, we spent an entire morning just enjoying the waters and the view of Immuki Island.

What To Do in Immuki Island with Kids (Balaoan, La Union)

What To Do in Immuki Island with Kids (Balaoan, La Union)

    About Immuki Island

    Immuki is a small island in Balaoan, La Union. The island, which was named after a sea creature, is notable for its three lagoons and jumping cliffs. It is frequented by locals and tourists alike and is a bustling spot for day travelers.

    The beach upon entry to Immuki Island

    What to keep in mind when visiting Immuki Island

    Here are some of the things to keep in mind If you plan to go to Immuki Island:

    • Parking is free but do remember to give a tip (any amount) to the attendant on duty.
    • The admission fee is P50 per head.
    • Cottages are for rent depending on the number of hours. One of the operators in Immuki Island offered us P500 for the entire morning. There are also designated areas where you can grill food if you want to eat here.
    • Rafts (or balsa) can be rented if you want to go to the island and explore the lagoons. The raft operator can also double as a photographer or videographer for travelers. However, the water is shallow so you can just cross the water from the beach to the island without a boat.
    • Bring waterproof bags for your gadgets. You can also bring toys for the kids.
    • There are food stalls in the area in case you go hungry.
    • Souvenirs are available in the stalls.
    • You can buy ice cream and ice scramble from the vendors if you want something to cool you down from the heat.

    A view of Immuki Island

    What to do at Immuki Island

    Personally, I think half a day is enough for you to explore and enjoy Immuki Island. Here are some of the things that you can do on Immuki Island:

    • You can swim on the beach.
    • Explore the island and swim in the lagoon.
    • Rent a raft to explore the island.
    • You can also rent a crystal kayak and explore the waters on your own.
    • You can also snorkel around the island.
    • You can also try sea farming activity.
    • Dive into the lagoons from the cliffs.
    • You can also explore the flat corals.

    How to get to Immuki Island

    Children swimming in Immuki Island

    If you are bringing a car with you, you can just pin “Immuki Island” in Google Maps or Waze. It’s a fairly easy drive because you won’t have to pass through narrow roads. If you prefer to commute, you can just hire a tricycle to take you to Immuki Island.


    Immuki Island is one of the best tourist attractions in La Union that you shouldn’t miss. It’s kid-friendly and the waves are not too strong. Your whole family will definitely enjoy spending time on Immuki Island.

    Family trip to Immuki Island

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