Dinner at Port San Juan [La Union]

May 08, 2024

We had an enjoyable family dinner at Port San Juan in La Union and here's a blog post to share our experience in detail.

On our first night in La Union, we decided to have dinner in Port San Juan. Again, our decision was purely based on online reviews and popularity on TikTok and Instagram. I initially thought that Port San Juan was the actual restaurant but when we got there, it turned out it was a food hub with different concessionaires selling food and drinks.

Dinner at Port San Juan [La Union]

Dinner at Port San Juan [La Union]

    Port San Juan was already a little crowded when we arrived, probably because it was already a little late. We had a challenging time getting a table big enough for us but after just a few minutes of waiting, we finally found one.

    We surveyed the restaurants before finally settling on Tuna Republik/Sutukil because they had group meals plus, they had selections that we were sure the children will love.

    The ambiance at Port San Juan

    If you are looking for a quiet place to eat, I don’t think Port San Juan is for you. There was loud music, courtesy of a DJ, and it was not airconditioned. I would say it caters to the younger, party-loving crowd – it is dim, you can listen to upbeat music, and you can have a few drinks. 

    And because of the music and the large crowds, it tends to get loud inside Port San Juan. While we managed to get a table near the entrance and a strong electric fan, it still wasn’t enough to battle the summer heat. Nonetheless, we managed to have an enjoyable and filling dinner in the end.

    What we ordered at Tuna Republik/Sutukil

    We ordered rice, fried salmon belly, tuna sisig, fried pompano, and a special pancit with lechon kawali. We had a fair waiting time before our food arrived, despite the numerous orders that they were taking and the queue.

    The food was delicious and kid-approved, plus they were also reasonably priced. Our boys loved the fried fish and pancit. Our bellies were full after our dinner.

    Other things to remember

    Here are some of the things to keep in mind to ensure an enjoyable experience with your family at Port San Juan:

    1. Bring water bottles for your children. Alternatively, you can buy bottled water for them, but I prefer bringing water bottles because it’s practical and more environmentally friendly.
    2. Dress lightly because it’s hot inside Port San Juan. You can also bring extra clothes for your children in case they become sweaty and uncomfortable.
    3. There is paid parking in Port San Juan, but you can have it verified so that you’ll only pay flat rate. Tricycles are also available right outside Port San Juan if you prefer to commute.
    4. If you are craving coffee, there are airconditioned coffee shops in Port San Juan.
    5. Alcoholic beverages are also available. Milk teas and fruit teas are also great options for beating the heat.
    6. Port San Juan is pet-friendly.
    7. Be sure to bring cash with you as not all food stalls accept credit cards. PWD discount is honored.
    8. If you want to go to the beach, just cross the highway and pass through a narrow path to get to the beach. We took the children to the beach after our dinner and they absolutely enjoyed playing in the sand.

    Port San Juan is located along the National Highway in San Juan, La Union.

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