How Travel Can Help With Your Child’s Development

August 26, 2022

Find out in this post how travelling can help with your child's development.

Revenge travel, or the increase of travel activity to make up for lost time during the height of the pandemic, is real and on the rise. In the Philippines, optimism for tourism is also continuously growing with the Department of Tourism reporting a 91.6 percent in tourism receipts from April to September 2021 versus the same period in 2020.

How Travel Can Help With Your Child’s Development

How Travel Can Help With Your Child’s Development

    As more countries ease restrictions and open borders, families can now take the opportunity to explore new places both internationally and locally after the long hold off given the pandemic. In fact, experts say that traveling is beneficial not just for adults but also for their child’s development.

    Here are some ways traveling can help your children later in life.

    Broadens perspectives

    Being thrust into new environments is key to transformative learning, according to sociologist and education professor Jack Mezirow. This is when a learner’s assumptions and beliefs are challenged and transformed. 

    When traveling, children are exposed to various cultures, languages, art, and more. They also get to interact with all kinds of people. This can help them grow into more open-minded individuals and improve cross-cultural understanding.

    Equips them with valuable life skills

    During travels, children are put into various situations that allow them to develop and practice soft skills in a real-life setting such as proper communication, teamwork, problem-solving, patience, and flexibility, among others.

    Ignites creativity and imagination

    According to a leading child psychologist, your child’s “play” and “seek” brain systems, which were discovered by Professor Jaak Panksepp, a world-renowned neuroscientist at Washington State University, are activated when traveling. 

    These are two of the seven emotional systems of your brain that are exercised when you interact and bond with your kids and when you explore new sights with them respectively. Traveling supports your child’s explorative and playful side which will make them more adept at exploring new ideas in the future.

    Strengthens family relationships

    Nothing creates bonds more than having shared experiences as a family. Use travel as an opportunity to understand and connect with the whole family and collect memories that you can look back at for years to come.

    As traveling makes a comeback, we have to ensure our family’s safety wherever we go. Travelling with children can be quite tricky, but parents need not to worry as much if they have prepared thoroughly. 

    AXA Philippines Chief Customer Officer Nandy Villar shares, “Studies have shown that traveling is an important experience not only for learning and development but also for overall wellbeing and mental health. 

    As a company that aims to promote wellbeing through its services, AXA Philippines wants to give its customers security and protection so they can remain worry-free throughout well-deserved vacations.”

    Getting travel insurance can provide a substantial financial safety net alongside emergency assistance as you show your children the world. Smart Traveller by AXA provides convenient and best-in-class protection whether you are traveling locally or abroad so your family can make the most of their experience. 

    It provides comprehensive medical benefits during your trip including covering hospitalization costs, doctors’ professional fees and more, and has 24/7 travel and medical assistance. Moreover, it also helps manage travel inconveniences by protecting your luggage in case of loss or damage and covering refunds in case of trip cancellation and postponement for non-refundable expenses.

    Smart Traveller is also Schengen-accredited so you’re covered for your visa requirements. If you have multiple travel plans ahead, AXA also offers annual plans and discounts for group travel.

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