What To Bring For An Awesome Seaside Adventure With The Kids

August 08, 2022

Here are some of the most important items to bring for an awesome seaside adventure with kids.

If you’re taking the kids to the seaside, you’re probably eagerly looking forward to the wonder of fresh air and the gentle, lulling sounds of waves crashing into the shore. Spending time in nature near bodies of water can be incredibly rejuvenating for people of all ages.

Beachside adventure with kids
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What To Bring For An Awesome Seaside Adventure With The Kids

    Of course, if the kids’ needs aren’t being met in their new environment, you know that it might not be as pleasant for them as it is for you. The following will explore a few things that you can bring along to help you and your children have a lovely seaside adventure. The goal is to ensure that the kids have all their basic needs met so that they can simply enjoy the scene before them.

    The “Good” Sunscreen

    Sunscreen is highly problematic. People have been told for years that they have to slather it on if they want to protect themselves from skin cancer and sunburn, but the latest data suggests that many kinds of sunscreen actually increase your chances of certain cancers. Before picking up a random sunscreen and throwing it into your cart, do some research on which sunscreen ingredients are harmful to your health and the health of the planet. 

    It turns out that sunscreen is playing a huge role in the destruction of the coral reefs; the damage has been so severe that places like Hawaii are banning sunscreens in droves. Out of all common sunscreen ingredients, oxybenzone is the most terrifying because it also disrupts the endocrine system in the body, meaning it imbalances your hormones, creating a plethora of other health problems having to do with skin, sleep, emotions, energy levels, fertility, and weight.

    Something For Little Legs

    If walking or wandering is going to be a big part of your day at the sea, you want to consider how quickly little legs can get tired. 

    Bigger kids might respond well to a wagon, for instance, whereas if you have an infant in tow, you might want to look into baby carriers for hot weather. Make sure that you can provide comfortable movement for your little ones, as exhaustion can quickly ruin their otherwise wonderful experience of the seaside.

    Water, Water, Water

    No adventure is fun if you’re thirsty. Water is vital for all aspects of well-being, and this means that a sunny adventure by the sea should have some fresh, drinkable water present. Look for stainless steel water bottles or glass bottles if your children are old enough for those, and avoid plastic. 

    When the sun heats plastic water bottles, little flakes of plastic come off and float around in the water. When you drink this water, the plastic particles enter your body, contributing to the massive microplastics issue the world is facing today. And no, BPA-free plastic isn’t safe. It’s simply lacking one of several highly problematic chemicals. All the other dangers are still present.

    Energizing Snacks

    When traveling, it’s far too easy to grab convenient snacks that cause major energy crashes. Avoid snacks filled with sugars or quick-digesting carbs (think bread, muffins, bagels, crackers). Instead, opt for things that are high in healthy fats and protein. 

    Nuts are a great option but be forewarned; peanuts are not actually nuts. They’re a whole different kind of plant, and they don’t offer the same health benefits as things like almonds. You also want to be wary of bars that are packaged to look like health foods but are actually filled with sugars. Ideally, you want something with no added sugar at all, as this can cause an energy crash shortly after eating, which can leave kids tired, groggy, or grumpy.

    An Open Mind

    As a parent, you know all too well that you can plan an elaborate birthday party only to have your child spend the entire event trying to find a cool caterpillar that they saw early on in the day. Let your children lead the adventure with their own curiosity. 

    If they want to crouch down and stare at seaweed, let them. Yes, you can bring buckets and shovels for the sandcastle building, but don’t force activities. Let their open minds guide you towards beautiful sights you would have otherwise missed. Let the day morph into whatever the day is going to be, and don’t force too many posed photographs on the kids.

    The above information should help you arrive at the seaside prepared for a lovely, adventurous day. Make sure your phone is fully charged, and you have a map of the area if you’re unfamiliar with it. This way, you and the kids can wander until your heart’s content without worry.

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