Traveling on a Motorcycle? Here Are Some Legal Tips You Need to Understand

May 10, 2024

If you love traveling on a motorcycle, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, statistics reveal that fatal accidents occur more often in incidents involving motorcycles. However, you can do many things to keep yourself safe on a motorcycle. Drivers wrongly assume that they only need to watch out for other more recognizable vehicles, such as trucks and passenger cars. This causes many of them not to pay attention to motorcycles. They are quite distinct and smaller, so they are less likely to be seen and more likely to end up in the blind area of a passenger car. So, when traveling on a motorcycle, it is important to know certain things that can make you safer while traveling.

Traveling on a Motorcycle? Here Are Some Legal Tips You Need to Understand

Traveling on a Motorcycle? Here Are Some Legal Tips You Need to Understand

    Make yourself visible

    It’s not uncommon for a driver to claim ignorance or lack of visibility following an accident involving a motorbike. Drivers can easily fail to see you, as your vehicle is much smaller. If you want to avoid accidents, you should keep a safe distance from cars. And try to wear some brighter colors and materials that people can notice easily, especially in the evening, to make yourself safer.

    Get a license

    Getting a valid motorcycle license is an absolute must in many states. A motorcyclist must get passing scores on two separate exams. You will have to take a written exam to check your familiarity with motorcycle safety procedures. In the second exam, you’ll get to demonstrate how well you ride it. The purpose of these tests is to identify those who are competent in safely riding motorcycles.

    Consult a lawyer

    Riding a motorcycle is definitely worth the experience, but it also brings some risk with it. Careless drivers can easily hurt you, and if this happens, you need someone to fight for your rights and ensure you get compensated for all damages. Just like Silver Spring Motorcycle Accident Attorneys explain, unfair stereotypes make it hard for injured motorcyclists to get the financial recompense they deserve. 

    When the unimaginable happens, they are not as protected as drivers of cars or trucks. As attorneys well know, motorcyclists face a significant disadvantage in any legal proceeding because of the widespread belief that they are to blame for any accident. 

    This is why accident victims need to get a lawyer quickly, as they can begin collecting evidence, filing motions, and preparing documentation to prevent the other party from claiming the victim was at fault.

    Wear protective gear

    You must wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle. A traumatic brain injury or other severe head damage is more likely to occur in those who ignore this rule. Make sure you’re wearing a variety of protective gear, including a helmet, goggles, gloves, leather boots, long trousers, and a jacket.

    Leave enough space

    Many motorcycles don’t have anti-lock brakes since they’re still a new feature. As a result, motorcyclists cannot suddenly use the brakes. Their bike would plummet, they’d lose control, and they’d go for a skid on the asphalt. Make sure you know how much space you need as you practice bike stops in a safe location. Also, ensure there is enough space between your motorcycle and the car ahead of you, and if you suddenly need to brake, then make sure there’s enough side road.

    Avoid distraction

    Distracted driving is quite dangerous, as you probably understand, but it is even more so if you are a motorcyclist. You should be aware that drivers, particularly those of bigger vehicles, cannot see you easily on the road, so you should be the one who will avoid them. 

    For example, taking your hands off the bike is much more dangerous than taking them off the wheel because you can easily lose control and cause some huge problems for yourself and others on the road. You can also easily sever your ability to steer, brake, accelerate, and change gears this way. Leave your headphones at home and under no circumstance should you use your mobile phone while riding a motorcycle.

    Obey the traffic rules

    Being alert to and obeying traffic signals, stop signs, and speed restrictions will make you a safer rider and less likely to get tickets. Get to know the traffic laws, especially those focused on motorcyclists. Riding a bike puts you in a more vulnerable position, so it is important to obey traffic laws. 

    You must be cautious and adhere strictly to all traffic regulations due to the increased risk of catastrophic injury or death in such accidents. Stopping at red lights, reducing speed at yellow ones, and adhering to all speed restrictions are all ways to lessen the chances of accidents.

    Ride defensively

    If a driver makes an unexpected move, such as a lane shift, you should be ready to modify your direction immediately. Keep your eyes on the road and make sure there is enough space to prevent an accident. Also, watch out for any dangers on the road, for example, cars entering or exiting parking lots and driveways, or those getting ready to turn left across traffic.

    Never drive under the influence

    Drunk driving, drugged driving, or even using prescribed sedatives and medications while behind the wheel can be quite risky. Drunk drivers may not be able to respond quickly enough to avoid an accident. Also, if you use some substances or medications, you can significantly impair your judgment and driving ability, so you may not have the mental clarity to drive safely.

    Stay in your lane

    Do not try to squeeze into tight spaces only to take up two lanes or get past automobiles and other vehicles while traffic is slower. By doing this, you endanger not only yourself but also other people on the road. Before making a sudden move, assess your surroundings and be sure it is safe to change lanes.

    Compared to driving other types of vehicles, riding a motorcycle proves to be riskier and more dangerous. Serious injuries are a common outcome of these accidents, so you should do your best to be careful while riding a motorcycle on the road. Following the steps we have given here can help you be safer and enjoy your riding adventure.

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