Top 3 Qualities That We Like In Cherifer Immunomax For Kids [Review]

June 22, 2022

Cherifer Immunomax for Kids is a multivitamin brand that we trust because of the many health benefits that it has given our toddler.

We’ve been giving Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids to our eldest son as part of his daily multivitamin supplement regimen. it’s one of our most trusted vitamin brands because we’ve observed its benefits in minimizing our son’s bouts with colds and coughs.

Review of Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids

Top 3 Qualities That We Like In Cherifer ImmunoMax For Kids [Review]

    How we started using Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids

    Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids was recommended to us by his pediatrician to help boost his immune system and minimize his allergic rhinitis attacks. Aside from that, what we like about Cherifer is that our son would also benefit from its Chlorella Growth Factor to enhance his potential to grow taller.

    We’ve observed that our son indeed had fewer allergic rhinitis and if he ever had one, he would recover from it immediately. As such, we’ve made Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids an essential part of our baby medicine kit.

    The benefits of Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids

    Long before Khris and I had kids, I've already heard many good things about Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids especially when it comes to the subject of growth and height. Nevertheless, I thought then that there were many factors that contributed to the growth of a toddler and each person's response to multivitamin supplements is unique.

    A 120-ml bottle of Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids
    A 120-ml bottle of Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids

    All the skepticism vanished when we were able to finally try Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids. Here are some of the benefits of Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids that we really like:

    1. Cherifer enhances overall body health

    Cherifer contains essential Vitamins and minerals that contribute to the overall health and wellness of our toddler. What we like about it is that it keeps our boy energetic, he can spend the day just running and paying with his cousins.

    2. Cherifer strengthens the respiratory system

    Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids contains CM-Glucan, dubbed the better Beta-Glucan. CM-Glucan is more potent and more absorbable by the body, which means that it works really well in improving the body’s immune response.

    CM-Glucan provides the following benefits:

    • Minimizes the occurrence and duration of asthma.
    • Relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis with lasting effects.

    Before our son started taking Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids, he would regularly have allergic rhinitis attacks possibly because of our enclosed space in our previous condominium unit. We would take him to his doctor when the symptoms worsened such as when he started coughing.

    When our son turned two years old, his pediatrician recommended that we give him Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids because, according to her, it was good for the general health of his respiratory system.

    True enough, our son had fewer allergic rhinitis attacks when we started giving him Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids.

    3. Cherifer contributes to improved growth

    To be perfectly honest, I thought that enhancing growth was just Cherifer’s marketing strategy. We all want our kids to grow tall, however, that wasn’t what was on my mind when we started to buy Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids.

    What we were really after was Cherifer’s qualities in improving the immune system of our son. However, we couldn’t help but notice our toddlers increased height. In fact, now at three years old, he is already as tall as his cousin who is almost six years old.

    Khris and I are admittedly tall and we do our best to feed our little boy healthy food. Just the same, we still couldn’t dismiss the fact that Cherifer had contributed enormously to our son’s rapid growth.

    Where to buy Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids

    Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids is available in drugstores nationwide like Mercury Drug, Southstar Drug, Watsons, and Rose Pharmacy, and even in popular online shopping platforms like Shopee, Lazada, and GrabMart. The price of a 120-ml bottle is around P410.

    Dosage and precaution

    Always consult your pediatrician before giving any multivitamin supplement to your baby. Our doctor said that, ideally, multivitamin supplements should be given to babies when they are already two years old, so that’s what we did.

    We relied on breastmilk, healthy food, and even infant formula when our babies were less than two years old.

    The dosage is once a day (unless your pediatrician advises a more frequent quantity) and will depend on the baby’s age and weight.


    We consider Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids as an essential part of our babies’ medicine and multivitamins kit. It’s a vitamin brand that we trust because of the many observable health advantages that it has provided to our eldest son and we’re confident to give it to our second son as well.

    Cherifer ImmunoMax for Kids review

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    1. As a mom to be, there are so many things to research. This was a nice breakdown and will definitely be looking into this product.

    2. This sounds like a great product. It's so important to give our kids whatever we can to keep them healthy.

    3. This sounds like a great product for children with allergies. Asthma and allergies are so hard on the kids. I love that this can help them.

    4. My kids suffer from allergic rhinitis off and on. I should look into this.

    5. wanna try for my kids, because i want them only the best even on giving them vitamins

    6. Same brand as my grandson's vitamins. It is important for us as parents to remember to give our kids the best vitamin supplement. Cherifer is a good choice.

    7. I ahdn;t heard of this line of supplements. But boosting your child's immune system is important especially during this pandemic. THank you for sharing!

    8. I haven't heard of this product before. It is good when you find a good supplement for kids like this.

    9. Thank you for sharing complete details po about immuno max dadi iv.Panalo pala benifits nito for kids perfect lalo na ngayong pandemic para siguradado tayo sa immune system nila. Recommend ko nga po ito sa pamangkin ko iba pa din kasi pag trusted brand para sure tayo legit lali na for kids yan.

    10. Ang Dami po talagang benefit Ng cherifer immunomax at talagang iboboost nito ang immune system ng mga bata and it's also really good with a kids that have asthma,talaga kailangan ng mga kids ang vitamins supplementary Lalo na sa panahon ngayon.thank you po for sharing this and have a complete details about cherifer immunomax 🥰 trusted brand and affordable price pa,indeed recommended to every moms for their kids

    11. Ang Dami po talagang benefit Ng cherifer immunomax at talagang iboboost nito ang immune system ng mga bata and it's also really good with a kids that have asthma,talaga kailangan ng mga kids ang vitamins supplementary Lalo na sa panahon ngayon.thank you po for sharing this and have a complete details about cherifer immunomax 🥰 trusted brand and affordable price pa,indeed recommended to every moms for their kids

    12. Maganda po talaga itong cherifer.. Hindi lang sya basta Vitamin kundi malaking tulong talaga ito sa mga kids natin.. Dahil madaami silang nakukuhang benefits dito.. Malaking tulong din ito dahil food supplement sya at nakakapag patangkad din ito. Actually heto po tinetake Ngayon ng anak ko.. Tsaka subok na tlaga namin ito..

    13. Making sure that our kids are healthy is one of our primary concern as a parent. And giving the best daily supplement is what we always consider. Cherifer immunomax for kids is our partner in helping our children to stay healthy. For parents, it helps us to have peace of mind knowing that our kids will always be in good condition physically.

    14. Glad to see more syrups and chewable multivitamins on the market for kids. Even as a child, I had problems with swallowing pills, and so does my daughter - not sure where that comes from. I hope it tastes pleasant enough - blessings

    15. I've never heard of this before but it sounds good. If i had kids it would certainly help keep their immune systems up.

    16. Lagi dn my ubo at sipon ang bsby ko dti. Pero cmula nag immunomax sya hnd n madalang n sya mgkasakit. Ask ko lng, ok lng ba ipainom to lagi s knya? More than 2years n kc sya umiinom nito.

      1. Yes, po. Ok na ok po ang Cherifer Immunomax. Ito din po ang vitamins ng mga anak ko ang nakatulong po ito palakasin ang resistensya nila.

        Wala naman pong problema ipainom ng tuloy tuloy ang Cherifer Immunomax as long as nakakabuti sa kanila ito.

    17. pwede na po ba itong cherifer immunomax kahit hindi na sabayan ng ceelin plus?thank you po.

      1. Yes po. Pero kami sa eldest namin, para maximum ang protection nya, binibigyan din namin sya ng Scott's Emulsion. Maganda sa amin yung combination nya kasi pampalakas ng resistensya.

    18. Sir/Madam pwede po ba ipainom ito sa g6pd?

    19. Pwede pa bo ba ito sa edad 5 and 6 yrs old?

      1. Yes po. 2 years old yung eldest ko nung nag start ng Chrifer Immunomax although I would advise you po to always consult your pedia before bigyan ng supplement si baby.

    20. kamusta nmn po yung gana sa pgkain ng mga anak nyo? i heard pangpagana din sya..

      1. Maganang-magana po kumain ang mga bata. :)