Our Family’s Awesome Hotel Experience [San Juan, La Union]

June 19, 2024

Awesome Hotel is a family-friendly hotel in San Juan, La Union.

When we went to La Union a few months ago, we were planning to stay in Awesome Hotel because of the many praises and good reviews we read about it on social media as well as on search engines. Anyway, probably because of its popularity, we found it hard to book a two-night stay at Awesome Hotel. With that, we settled for an overnight stay and just booked our first night in another hotel.

Our Family’s Awesome Hotel Experience [San Juan, La Union]

Our Family’s Awesome Hotel Experience [San Juan, La Union]

    Our First Impression of Awesome Hotel

    As soon as we arrived, the vibrant lobby with a view of the pool immediately struck us. The hotel lobby personnel were friendly, and they were ready to assist us during our check-in procedure as well as on our questions. 

    Awesome Hotel lobby
    Hotel lobby

    The summer heat was on its peak but we were provided with a quick respite when we were handed wet face towels. There was also a water dispenser in the lobby where guests could have a cool drink.

    After checking in, we were then ushered to our room.

    Our room at Awesome Hotel

    We booked a large family room and it was the perfect decision. There were two queen-sized beds in the main bedroom, and another two queen-sized beds in the smaller inner room. The room had the usual amenities like a television, a small refrigerator, and free water, coffee, and tea.

    Miguel jumping on the bed at Awesome Hotel
    Miguel jumping on the bed

    Meanwhile, the bathroom was fitted with a modern “digital” toilet, mirror, sink, and shower. The standard toiletries are likewise available in the bathroom.

    All in all, the room was comfortable, and we had a wonderful rest during the night.

    Dining at Awesome Hotel

    Guests may choose to have meals, snacks, or drinks in the restaurant, lobby café, or sports bar. After depositing our luggage in the room, we went down and took the kids to the pool. 

    Iced coffee at Awesome Hotel
    Iced coffee

    Cheese bread at Awesome Hotel
    Cheese bread

    However, Mommy Khris and I wanted to have coffee so we went to the lobby café. We bought flavored iced lattes and cheese bread. The coffee was just a tad bit too sweet but it was fine after watering it down a little.

    Sausages at Awesome Hotel

    Bacon at Awesome Hotel

    Oats, cereals, and yogurt at Awesome Hotel
    Oats, cereals, and yogurt

    Our accommodation came with a free breakfast buffet and we enjoyed it during the next day. It was a good breakfast, complete with bacon, sausages, slices of great quality ham, eggs, rice, porridge, bread, cereals, fruits, coffee, juice, and salads. We were happy because there were a lot of food items that our kids liked.

    How we spent the day

    We spent the day enjoying the water in the large swimming pool. Knowing that the kids are half-fish, getting them out of the pool was a challenge but we eventually succeeded when it was about to get dark.

    Enjoying the pool with the kids at Awesome Hotel
    Enjoying the pool with the kids

    Rafa eating ice cream at Awesome Hotel
    Rafa eating ice cream

    We also spent some time on the beach, wading in the shallower part of the water and playing on the sand. The jellyfish were aplenty during our stay and we were that many swimmers got stung that’s why we didn’t let the kids go in the deeper part of the water.

    Swimming pool at Awesome Hotel
    Swimming pool

    In the end, we made sure that our day was slow and well-spent. We also made sure that the kids had a wonderful time even if it were just an overnight stay at Awesome Hotel.

    Tips from a family travel blogger in the Philippines

    Exploring Awesome Hotel

    When you are bringing your kids with you, make sure that they have everything they need for traveling comfortably:

    • Bring light clothes especially if the heat is a little unbearable.
    • Always bring water bottles to keep them hydrated at all times.
    • Don’t forget your children’s toys to make their day on the beach more fun.
    • Snacks are essential, especially if the waiting time in restaurants becomes too long.
    • Bring sunblock, insect repellant, and insect bite lotions.
    • Gadgets are optional, let them enjoy being outside.
    • Loads of patience because traveling with children is challenging.


    Awesome Hotel is the perfect accommodation for families. The amenities are delightful, and everyone will surely have a memorable stay in this hotel. It was just a pity though that the beach wasn’t swimmable. Just the same, the children enjoyed cooling down in the swimming pool.

    View of Awesome Hotel from the beach
    View of Awesome Hotel from the beach

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