How I Solved The One Major Issue I Encountered When I Was Setting My Family's DFA Passport Appointment

July 07, 2024

I recently encountered major issues during my recent DFA passport appointment booking and here's how I was able to resolve them.

Have you also experienced a lot of challenges, particularly with regard to payment processing, concerning your DFA passport appointment? Well, you’re not alone.

The One Major Issue I Encountered When I Was Setting My Family's DFA Passport Appointment

How I Solved The One Major Issue I Encountered When I Was Setting My Family's DFA Passport Appointment

    When I was recently trying to book a group passport appointment for my family, I encountered numerous frustrating moments because the site would always prompt me that the page “can’t be reached.” When I refresh the page or try to go back to the previous transaction, I will be taken right at the start of the appointment process. That’s on top of the many occasions when my session has expired even if I were currently filling out the details for less than three minutes. It kept happening over the course of a week, to the point that the slots in my preferred DFA site had already been filled.

    I was even close to getting the services of an appointment setter because I couldn’t figure out what was going on. In any case, I told myself that I would try one more time before I got the expensive services of the appointment setter (the total fee would cost me P2,000 more versus booking on my own).

    How I finally resolved my DFA passport appointment issue

    On my last attempt, I experienced the same error when I reached the payment page. However, this is when I decided to call the DFA customer service hotline (I regretted not calling them earlier), and the customer service representative (CSR) walked me through the solution to my technical problem. 

    In less than a minute, my transaction pushed through and proceeded to the DFA ePayment services page which contained the total amount that I was to pay as well as the payment instructions.

    So, what did I do differently this time? Here are the simple steps that the CSR asked me to do:

    • Copy the URL of the payment page that prompted the error
    • Open a new tab in Microsoft Edge and paste the URL. Don’t press “enter” yet.
    • Remove the “s” at the end of the “https” located in the first part of the URL.
    DFA passport ePayment services page solution to issue

    • Press “enter.”
    DFA passport ePayment services page
    • If the site still prompts an error, you can try repeating the process above in Chrome.

    How to pay for the DFA passport appointment fees

    After my application appointment advanced to the ePayment services page, I received the email instruction from DFA with the payment reference number. Take note that you have to pay for your appointment within 24 hours of receiving the email from DFA. Otherwise, your appointment will be forfeited.

    You can opt to pay your appointment in cash in the following accredited over-the-counter payment centers:

    • Bayad Center Branches 
    • Robinsons Malls & Supermarkets
    • LBC
    • eBiz
    • Perahub
    • USSC
    • Truemoney
    • Villarica
    • 7-11
    • ECPay outlets

    You can also pay online through the Bayad app. I chose this option for convenience.

    For your reference, here’s how to pay for your DFA appointment via the Bayad app:

    • Download Bayad from the App Store or the Play Store.
    • Register to the app and load your wallet.
    • Go to “Pay Bills.”
    • Click “Government.”
    • Click “DFA”
    • Under “Preferred Biller Nickname” just type in “DFA.”
    Bayad app biller account number

    • Under “Account Number,” key in the reference number sent to your email. You have to do this for each passport applicant.
    Bayad app account number or reference number

    • Key in the amount. Take note that this is the DFA fee (P950 for regular processing) plus a P50 convenience fee.
    • Then click “Next” and proceed with sending the payment.
    • You can save the generated receipt to your phone.

    Confirmation from DFA

    After payment, you will receive a confirmation email from DFA together with the instructions and forms that you will have to accomplish and bring during your passport appointment.

    Opinions as a dad blogger in the Philippines

    If you are applying for your children's passports, keep in mind that they will only be allowed to have one (1) companion during their appointment schedule. As such, if you have at least two children with you. Don't forget to bring the following requirements (from the DFA website):

    • Confirmed Online Appointment.
    • Accomplished Application Form.
    • Personal Appearance of minor applicant and either parent or authorized adult companion.
    • Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate (Local Civil Registrar Copy may be required if PSA Birth Certificate is not clear or cannot be read).
    • Marriage Certificate is required if only one parent is accompanying the child (If parents are unmarried, a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) executed by the Mother will be required if she is not accompanying the child. If Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is executed abroad, it must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate).
    • Passport or Valid Government issued ID of either parent with one (1) photocopy (click here for the List of Acceptable IDs for Passport Application).
    • School ID (if applicable).

    Aside from the passport requirements above, make sure to also bring your children's favorite snacks, water, and extra clothes.

    Final thoughts as a Family Travel Blogger in the Philippines

    It's always exciting to be planning for your family travel adventures. With the passport appointment issues I encountered, I was already feeling helpless and was about to forego my dream of traveling with my family abroad in the near future. It's a good thing that I was able to find a workaround and with my approved appointment, that dream of traveling out of the country is a step closer. Now, I just need to save up for that trip.

    Other helpful DFA information

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