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Dine with a view at Top of the Citi

Makati City is no doubt one of the most attractive cities in the Philippines. Bustling with business at day, it transforms into a laid-back cosmopolitan district at night. And what…

One Sunny Weekend at Anilao Beach Club

The summer sunshine seems to be different in this side of Batangas, splashing an abundance of colors to the entirety of the place. The blue seawater over the horizon seems…

Going Loco over Locavore

Trust food-hunting with friends on a Friday evening to bring you to unexpected places. Thus, notwithstanding the heavy traffic in C5 and Kapitolyo, our search for decent dinner brought us to the latest talk of the town that is Locavore. I neither had any idea of what Locavore specializes in nor with what its name meant but I was told that they serve good Filipino food with a twist. I have previously been to so many restaurants claiming to put a spin on Pinoy food and they all fell short of my expectation. So for Locavore, I was not particularly expecting much.

Celebrating Special Moments at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Like fine wine, some restaurants are best reserved for special celebrations. Such is Wildflour Cafe. Thus, when we recently received good news, we immediately thought of celebrating it at Wildflour Cafe. We wanted for so long to try it but hadn't had the time (and a good reason) to do it.

The Wholesome Table: Healthy Goodness without Compromising Flavor

Because of our busy schedules and for practicality's sake, gone are the days when we would just dine out on a whim. We do, however, still love to treat ourselves to occasional indulgences. We are most especially fond of unhurried dinners; taking our time to savor our food and enjoy leisurely bites.