K-Bob Korean Barbecue Restaurant Review

Monday, 8 October 2018

K-Bob Korean Barbecue Restaurant is not yet as well-known as other similar restaurants in Makati but it holds potential to be a good contender in its niche. However, like any other startups, it does have some areas that it can improve on.

K-Bob Korean Barbecue Restaurant is not yet as well-known as other similar restaurants in Makati but it holds potential to be a good contender in its niche. However, like any other startups, it does have some areas that it can improve on.

Some months ago, our friends recommended that we try K-Bob Korean Barbecue Restaurant along bustling Jupiter Street in Bel-Air, Makati City. It was a new restaurant and they were offering unlimited Korean barbecue meal at a discount. We thought it was a good deal because the set included unlimited shrimp. It was probably the only Korean barbecue restaurant that had eat-all-you-can shrimp in their menu.

All plans settled, we visited their restaurant one Thursday evening. Although the space is small, K-Bob left a good impression because of its modern interiors. However, within a few minutes of our stay, we were quite alarmed because of the thick smoke that was suddenly circulating within the room. Apparently, the exhaust pipes that were fitted on each table could not efficiently suck out all the smoke that was coming from the grill. Their solution was to increase the power of the air-conditioning, which was also fine because it did the trick of blowing out the smoke.

K-Bob Unlimited Korean Barbecue

We placed our orders for their unlimited barbecue and we were immediately served with sauces and sidings. We were served the usual lettuce leaves, baby potatoes, kimchi, and a variety of dipping sauces. We quickly realized that the choices for the sidings were quite limited as compared to a previous Korean barbecue buffet restaurant that we visited. Moreover, drinks were ordered separately and not part of the set.

K-Bob Unlimited Korean Barbecue

Our first plate arrived and we immediately put the chicken, shrimp, samgyeopsal, and usamgyeop on the grill so that we can have our plate refilled. Unfortunately, there were only two waiters going around that night considering the number of diners. We had to make three or four calls before our order for a refill was taken.

When the initial batch of meat on the grill was finally done, we quickly went to action to finally judge the taste of the food.

K-Bob Unlimited Korean Barbecue

How do you enjoy your Korean barbecue? Well, just take the cooked meat from the grill; dip it in the three available sauces. I particularly like the flavor of the sesame oil with salt because it makes the taste more savory. Next, wrap the meat in the lettuce and enjoy. I like to eat my barbecue with a piece of kimchi after every bite.

Well, it was good but we really can’t say much about the flavor of barbecue because that would depend on the condiments that we put. What I can say though was that the meat was fresh so it tasted good even with little seasonings or sauce.

K-Bob Unlimited Korean Barbecue

Of the three meats, I would suggest getting usamgyeop because it cooks fast so you can enjoy it more. The shrimp, though it cooks fast, still had to be peeled first in order for you to enjoy it so that is an additional task. K-Bob’s samgyeopsal was thick cut so it does need a bit of time for it to be cooked well. As for the ramen, well, it was nothing spectacular. In fact, it was like instant noodles.

Anyway, we still enjoyed our stay. Although the choices were limited, we were happy with our meal. I also helped myself to their unlimited kimchi which was really satisfying to eat together with the rich meats.

I checked their price at Zomato and they have increased it to Php555. I hope that they have also expanded their selection, both for the mains and sidings. Likewise, I also hope that they improved their exhaust pipes as well as the attentiveness of their servers.

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Disclaimer: We went to K-Bob early this year. As such, some details that I have pointed out in this review might have already changed or improved on. Please check out other reviews as experiences vary from guest to guest.

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