Mack Nam’s Hearty and Pocket-Friendly Chinese Food [Review]

August 31, 2021

If you want to enjoy delicious and authentic Chinese food at home, then you should try ordering from Mack Nam.

If you are looking for delicious and hearty authentic Chinese food that you can enjoy in the comfort and safety of your home, then you should definitely order from Mack Nam. It offers a variety of affordable Cantonese food favorites in convenient and easy-to-prepare frozen food packs. Once you try Mack Nam’s food offerings, you would realize that the experience is akin to eating in an original Chinese restaurant.

Mack Nam's beef mami and siomai

Mack Nam’s Hearty and Pocket-Friendly Chinese Food [Review]

    Mack Nam’s shift from physical restaurant to online

    Mack Nam originally started in a physical restaurant in Manila where the owners mainly served dishes crafted from old family recipes.

    The changing times and the evolving economy prompted Mack Nam to make the shift from physical to digital, hence, its subsequent entry into the food delivery business. It was a wise entrepreneurial move for the owners of Mack Nam, especially these days when restaurant dine-ins are not yet allowed and eating at home is the norm.

    Mack Nam’s frozen food products

    Mack Nam currently offers the most popular food products in its original menu, namely the Beef Pares (P220), Beef Mami Pares OTG (on-the-go) with wanton (P220), pork siomai (P60), wanton (P60), and cuapao (P55).

    Trying Mack Nam's frozen food products

    The beef pares is a group pack (800-grams) that is good for three to five persons. The same is true for the beef wanton mami which comes with 500-grams of noodles, 400-grams of beef pares, 15 pieces of wanton, and pork broth powder.

    Both of these come in solo packs, with the beef pares priced at P55 while the beef mami costs P60.

    How to prepare Mack Nam’s food items

    The beauty of Mack Nam is that its frozen food products are so easy to prepare. This is the perfect option for busy parents who want to serve quick yet satisfying and filling meals to their families.

    Our baby enjoying Mack Nam's beef mami
    Even our baby loves Mack Nam's beef mami

    For example, Mack Nam’s siomai and wanton just need to be steamed or fried, depending on your preference. Meanwhile, the beef pares just requires to be heated in a pan. Once hot, serve it like your regular streetside pares – with rice and toasted garlic toppings.

    The only food item that requires a little more effort is the beef pares mami OTG. It involves several steps, as follows:

    1. Heat the beef pares in the microwave oven.
    2. Heat the noodles and wanton in hot water.
    3. Dissolve the pork broth powder in boiling water.
    4. Assemble the noodles, wanton, and beef pares in a bowl. Pour the pork broth and top with a boiled egg and vegetables, then serve.

    The preparation of the beef pares mami may involve several steps but it’s still nonetheless a simple and quick process.

    How to order from Mack Nam

    You can order from Mack Nam through its Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also send a message or call 09237351894. Delivery can be fulfilled by delivery services like Grab and Lalamove.


    Mack Nam offers affordable and delicious Chinese food favorites to Filipinos. What’s good about Mack Nam’s frozen food products is that they taste like authentic Chinese cooking, so you and your family will surely love it once they’ve tasted it.

    Mack Nam Chinese food review

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    2. Heatherkleinwolf31 August 2021 at 11:34

      Wow! That bowl of soup is gigantic and looks sooo much better than any Chinese takeout I've seen. Great find!

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