Does Working From Home Make Parenting Easier?

June 23, 2023

In this post, we dive into the details of working from home and how it affects many parents worldwide.

The past three years have changed the work landscape as we know it. Some employees went remote in early 2020 and never returned to the traditional office. The remote work model is popular for those whose jobs allow it. Parents especially favor remote work for convenience. Does working from home make parenting easier? Let’s explore the pros and cons in this guide.

Does Working From Home Make Parenting Easier?
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Does Working From Home Make Parenting Easier?

    How Working From Home Makes Parenting Easier

    Remote work has increased in many industries over the last several years. A 2023 survey shows 91% of employees have positive experiences with remote work. Here’s how working from home can make parenting easier.


    Many work-from-home jobs allow flexibility in working hours. This feature benefits parents who need to take their kids to school and pick them up every day. You can build your work schedule around your kids’ doctor appointments and other daily activities.

    Flexibility is a significant part of remote work. A 2022 survey finds 87% of employees take flexible working arrangements when an opportunity arises. It’s hard to find the same flexibility when you work in an office an hour away from your kids.

    More Time at Home

    When you work from home, you get more time with your kids. Remote work means the only required commute is from your bed to your computer, allowing you to avoid rush-hour traffic.

    Time at home is essential, especially if your kids are elementary-age or younger. Remote work allows you more bonding time through games, cooking, homework help, or other activities.

    Easier Relocation

    Working from home means you don’t have to live in the city. You can move wherever you think your family fits best. That could be in New York City, the Chicago suburbs, rural Kentucky, or wherever you please.

    You can even move specifically for your kids. Suppose you want your child to attend a particular school for its renowned academics. Working from home allows you to move closer to that institution and make life easier for your family.

    Working From Anywhere

    When your company says you can work from anywhere, take advantage of the opportunity. Parents working from home have an easier time taking their kids on trips. 

    You don’t need to request time off if you can take your workstation on the go. Imagine working on a cruise ship and going to the spa afterward. You can combine work and leisure and let the kids have fun.

    Some employers fear productivity dips when their workers work remotely. However, that isn’t the case. A 2021 study finds 67% of remote workers were more productive than they were in the office.

    How Working From Home Makes Parenting Harder

    Working from home has several advantages. However, there are drawbacks as well. These disadvantages demonstrate why parents may have reservations about remote work.

    More Distractions

    Kids and working at home mean multitasking throughout the day. Thus, you’re likely to face distractions. Imagine you’re a manager leading a team meeting and your child interrupts you suddenly.

    Young children don’t understand they shouldn’t talk to their parents at particular times. Older children, like teenagers, are easier to manage because they know better. However, toddlers and babies need almost constant attention, making it harder to balance work and childcare.

    Internet Issues

    Modern technology allows you to work from home but it can be a liability when you add numerous devices to the router. Your internet likely has a bandwidth restriction, so working from home becomes more difficult when you have children.

    Your kids likely have computers, gaming consoles, and other devices linked to the internet. The bandwidth depends on your internet service provider (ISP) and location, but your download and upload speeds can quickly become compromised with too many devices fighting for bandwidth.

    Blurred Boundaries

    Many remote employees enjoy working from home and are more productive. However, is there such a thing as too productive? Working from home blurs the boundaries between work and home — causing problems in parenting and home life.

    Before remote work, most people left their job in the office and came home to relax with their kids. Now, some remote employees find themselves working longer hours because they can’t escape their office. Working overtime like this increases stress at home and can strain relationships with your children.

    Making Work From Home Easier With Kids

    Remote work can be challenging for parents — especially with young children. Here are a few ways to make it easier.

    Establish a Routine

    First, establish a routine. It may take getting used to, but you should teach your children there are specific times when they can and cannot interrupt you at work.

    Take Breaks

    Routines are essential, but you should still take your allotted daily breaks. A 2022 study shows 39% of employees rarely or never take breaks. Taking a few minutes with your child throughout the day goes a long way.

    Set up a Home Office

    Reducing distractions is easier when you have a home office in a designated room. Teach your children that the office is for serious matters only. Your children will be less likely to distract you in this room than in the kitchen or living room.

    Keep the Kids Occupied

    Technology can be a blessing in distracting your children. Leverage educational games and TV shows to occupy your kids throughout the day. Invite their friends for a playdate or send them to a friend’s house to have fun.

    Working From Home With Kids

    Working from home can make parenting easier for some but harder for others. You see advantages like more time with your kids and relocation. However, kids can be a distraction, and your home office may blur the line between home and work. Use these tips to make working from home easier with kids.

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