Food Babies

February 16, 2021

Probably one question that proves to be the biggest challenge to parents across different generations is about how a baby gets into their mom's tummy.

Being a dad of two boys, I'm already preparing myself for whatever questions they may have as their curiosity heightens while they grow up. Honestly, I haven't figured out yet how to tackle it when the time comes. I guess I would just have to be spontaneous in creating a funny story when finally faced with the situation, similar to what Bethany of did in her story below.

A boy writing his questions in his notebook about how babies are made
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Food Babies


I always thought I had a few years before this question came but after a rather large lunch, my four-year-old insisted that HE could no longer eat - EVER!

In a panic, I thought I may have an eating disorder on the horizon and began to tell my son how perfect his belly was even when it was full of food and 'super big’ as he called it.

I was on the online baby forums asking what to do to help not make this an issue, maybe I need to buy children's cooking utensils and he can cook his own food to make it more appealing and less of an issue.

I finally delved deeper with my poor baby boy and he told me he could no longer eat because.... how would he fit the babies in his tummy if he did...?

Ha, the relief! And then I realized Ahhhhhh Noooo...I've got to explain that mommies have the babies and daddies help make the babies.

I was relieved because a chippy tea was on the cards and everyone would eat.

But scared because I had not prepared my speech about the birds and the bees.

In a moment of pure panic, I told my four-year-old that WISHES help get a baby in a mommy's tummy.

"BUT," he said. "Ohhhh shit," I thought.

"If you can just wish for a baby WHY CAN’T a daddy have one in his belly?"

I'll be honest. I had not pre-planned my lie and it was going tits up very quickly. The truth is, my four-year-old may or may not now believe that unicorns, a power ranger, shooting stars, and a few other random concoctions have something to do with conception.

I think I'm safe but kind of hoping he finds out before adult life.

He also, wants four of his own maybe we shouldn't tell him the truth. I can't afford that many grandbabies.

Toddler's questions about how babies are made
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