5 Great Reasons to Have a Home Office [Tips]

June 24, 2021

Since working from home will most likely continue post-pandemic, these five reasons might just convince you to build a home office.

Setting up a home office is probably one of the most practical investments these days. The new normal has ushered in changes in our lifestyle and the way we work. With most of us still working from home, we’ve learned to establish spaces for us to experience a conducive and productive work environment. After all, we still need to give our best in our jobs even if we’re at home.

Reasons to set up a home office

5 Great Reasons to Have a Home Office [Tips]

    Benefits of working from home

    There is no doubt that working from home will continue post-pandemic. You might have thought of converting that one spare room in your house into a home office and that’s definitely a wise idea. Here are five reasons to convince you to have a private workspace at home:

    1. You’ll have control over your schedule

    When you’re working from home, you have control over your schedule. You have the freedom to prioritize the most important tasks and allocate most of your time to finishing them. Plus, you’ll also have more time to complete other pending tasks you might have left on the back burner.

    If you have extra time, take power naps to recharge yourself for your other responsibilities. Many Forbes Park houses for sale have spare rooms suitable as home offices for future owners. You can equip this home office with a daybed or a couch and use that as your relaxation corner.

    2. Your home office can adapt to your needs

    Having a home office means you can design it according to your needs. For example, arrange your desk to fit all of your work-from-home necessities, such as your desktop, webcam, headphones, and printer. You may also add a coffee maker and a mini-pantry inside the home office for easier access to your caffeine fix and favorite snacks.

    Home office set up
    Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels

    If you live in a condominium similar to those in Makati City, you’ll have reading nooks and co-working areas available for you to use. These amenities may also be close to dining places around the condo’s vicinity. 

    In other words, you’ll have various locations to spark your creativity and productivity in case you feel you need a new environment. If you live in a home, you can recreate a reading nook or co-working area to share with family members who are also working from home.

    3. No more commuting

    Commuting to and from the office can take a toll on your health and life savings. With the worsening traffic, you’ve most likely experienced being late for work. You’ll cut down on spending for public transportation or gasoline refills if you have a home office. Plus, you’ll also save yourself from the hassles of traffic.

    4. You’ll have time for your loved ones

    Working from home allows you to spend more time with your loved ones. Being at home means you can have mealtimes with your spouse and kids. For others, this means having the freedom to organize movie or game nights with friends after a tiring week. Sure, you may have brought your work into your home, but it also means you’ll be closer to your family and forge deeper connections with them.

    5. Home offices facilitate work-life balance

    You’ll establish a conducive environment that promotes productivity and creativity for your job. Even if you are working from home, you’ll have clear boundaries between your work and personal life after you turn off your devices at the end of your workday. 

    Then, you can use your free time for working out, preparing and eating your favorite meals, and hanging out with your family. You’ll also have space to revisit your old hobbies and enjoy things that you love.

    Buying your home office equipment

    In terms of shopping, it’s easier to find the things that we need in online shops these days. Because of the quarantine restrictions, many sellers have opted to shift online. As such, it’s not surprising to find office chairs and tables in online shops.

    Even electronic gadgets can be safely purchased from trusted sellers. Just add the items to your card, pay for them, and they will be delivered to your doorstep within days.

    Whether it’s a small home office, an artsy home office, or a minimalist home office, you can customize how it looks without leaving the house!


    Working from home and setting up a home office definitely bring in a lot of advantages. The pandemic may have changed the way people work, but with home offices offering these five perks, you can achieve that ideal balanced and productive lifestyle.

    5 great reasons to have a home office

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    1. I strongly agree with these 5 great reasons to have a home office. Having some space at home is really important for you to focus and become productive. This also means that staying at home means no more travel and more time with family. People who are working at home should know about these reasons too. This is really informative.

    2. Working at home is the new normal and we can expect that we will still be in this situation for a long time. It is important nowadays to setup your home office because it is where you will spend a lot of your time. You need that space where all of your materials and tools for your work are all in that one dedicated place to do your job

    3. Thankyou for sharing this daddy ivan napakalaking tulong po nito para sa aming lahat para magkaroon po kami ng isang pribadong workspace sa bahay. Magagamit po talaga namin ito..

    4. I have a home office, and I love it. I've been my own boss for several years now, and I have to say that working at home is vastly more productive for me than working out of an office.

    5. I have workd in a corporate office and in my home office, and I much prefer working from my home. I have fewer distractions, everything is where I want it, and I find that I get more done.

    6. My home office used to be the living room. Now that everyone is home, I am working in my bedroom.

    7. I've had a home office for over 12 years. It's important to have a designated space to do your work!

    8. I totally agree! A home office will help you big time in adjusting if you just started working at home. Thanks for sharing this.

    9. I would love to have a home office. I'm hoping that someday I can have one. It would be so great to have.

    10. Working at home is not only making you safe but as well as your loved ones.
      Aside from that you will be having a lot of time to be with your family even you are working. I will def make my own space for my work. Thanks for the tips!

    11. This is one of the first things I made sure I had when we moved into this new house. A well lit, well ventilated space with a view of the backyard garden is where I positioned my desk and ergonomic chair. When I get tired from working, I just look out the window. Seeing my pretty plants helps me relax and refocus on the task.

    12. This comes to my mind, thanks for giving more reasons, I prefer mine to have a garden view. It's relaxing.

    13. Richelle Escat26 June 2021 at 00:17

      This comes to my mind, thanks for giving more reasons, I want mine to have a garden view, it's relaxing.

    14. Scarlett Brooklyn26 June 2021 at 01:09

      Thanks for the post, I'll share this with my friends, whom I always convinced to make one.

    15. I used to be a work from home employee before becoming a government employee. Way back I didn't have the luxury of putting up a small office at home.. I just have my pc and laptop and a silent bedroom at night to do the work.

      With this pandemic, a lot of workers are working from home, as mandated by their offices/companies. This article is such a great help with those tips you shared sir!

    16. I would really love to have a proper home office. I have a section in our living room as space is limited. I love that I no longer have to commute. How good is that!!!

    17. Having spade in which you feel creative and have the tools necessary to create is key to a successful venture.

    18. I have been working from home for years and still loving it. And we have a nook in the house that we made into our office. I would love to really have a room one day but this is okay for now. :) - LYNNDEE

    19. I love having a home office! These are really great tips for keeping and setting one up.

    20. There are proc and cons to working from home for sure. I happen to love it but I do know that for some they prefer getting dressed and going to the office and interacting with people. Those are things I do miss... but I do love being home more so it works, for me ;)

    21. No more commuting would be the best reason for me! It would save me over 2 hours a day, which is great for work-life balance.

    22. I set up my own office space too. I think RTO / return to office will be most likely middle of next year. Vaccine roll out is really slow.