3 Ways Bioderm Coolness Soap Is Keeping Dads Feeling Cool & Fresh [Review]

June 24, 2021

Find out how Bioderm Coolness Soap keeps dads smelling fresh and clean all day.

I love to use soaps that give me a fresh and cool feeling, that’s why Bioderm Coolness soap easily became one of my favorite products. I like the instant chilling sensation that Bioderm Coolness provides, and it especially feels good after a long and stressful day.

Bioderm Coolness soap review

 3 Ways Bioderm Coolness Soap Is Keeping Dads Feeling Cool & Fresh [Review]

    I trust Bioderm soap

    I have always been a Bioderm soap user. In fact, I remember during my college days when I would buy Bioderm soap in small plastic wraps because I loved its scent. However, Bioderm has always been a brand that I trust for its germ-busting properties. We always had Bioderm ointment at home because of its effectiveness against skin infection.

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    My all-time favorite is the Bioderm Freshen or green variant. The Bioderm Coolness variant is a recent discovery but I instantly liked it when it tried it so I switch between that and the green variant. Bioderm Coolness has completely changed my perception of mentholated soaps because of its excellent quality.

    How Bioderm Coolness soap keeps me feeling fresh

    I use Bioderm Coolness soap in the morning when I shower before going to work and in the evening when I arrive from the office. I like the way it wakes me up when I shower because I feel energized upon stepping out of the shower.

    Bioderm Coolness soap user

    Best of all, Bioderm Coolness works well in keeping me feeling fresh. Here’s how:

    1. Bioderm Coolness soap contains menthol

    Bioderm Coolness is infused with menthol crystals that are released when it is used in the shower. It gives the right amount of jolt to wake me up in my morning shower so that I feel ready to face the day ahead.

    Bioderm Coolness is especially great if I’m feeling a bit tired because it provides that instant energizing feeling when I use it.

    2. Bioderm Coolness soap kills 99.99% of germs

    Bioderm Coolness is effective in eliminating germs and bacteria to ensure that we feel and smell fresh all day. Furthermore, this is especially important during this pandemic, because we need soaps and cleansers that effectively eliminate viruses to avoid causing infection at home.

    3. Bioderm Coolness soap smells good

    My most favorite feature of Bioderm soaps is their wonderful scent. This is what endeared me to this brand and Bioderm Coolness lives up to that quality. I couldn’t stop smelling Bioderm Coolness soap!

    This also gives me confidence that I smell fresh and clean the moment I step out of the bathroom.

    Where to buy Bioderm Coolness soap

    You can buy Bioderm Coolness soap in all major supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, neighborhood stores, and online shops. I think it’s also worth mentioning that Bioderm soap is one of the more affordable brands in the market as compared to other popular germicidal soap brands.


    I love to use Bioderm Coolness soap because of its fresh scent, cooling sensation, and germ-killing properties. It’s a product that gives me confidence because of the properties I mentioned.

    Bioderm Coolness soap is also not hard to find as it’s available in major stores and you can even order it online.

    Best of all, Bioderm Coolness soap is that it’s great for the whole family.

    Bioderm Coolness soap keeps dads smelling clean and fresh

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    1. Bioderm will surely make bath time refreshing. This soap is a perfect fit to be used in our country because even if it is not summer it still feels hot. Bioderm will help us to always feel cool because of its menthol and make us always fresh because of its good smell.

    2. Napaka ganda po talaga nitong Bioderm. Bukod sa mura na napaka bango pa talaga .. At trusted brand narin po talaga ito.. Heto din ang gamit naming sabon at never na talaga kami nag palit ng sabon..

    3. Taht sounds like a great soap. I love getting a shot of invigoration in the morning because I am NOT a morning person.

    4. Interesting! I've never heard of a soap with menthol, I'm sure it feels very refreshing!

    5. Sounds like a good one. I don't think they sell that brand by me.

    6. I haven’t heard of it. I am super curious to try it now.

    7. Very Cool and Refreshment nga ang bigay sa katawan dad.. super Lamig po talaga kapag Ginamit mo na, At Sobrang Bango Pa.. highly Recommended, hindi po talaga nakakasawa gamitin mura na Npaka Affordable Pa, at Effective din po talaga pangtanggal ng Bacteria at germs sa Katawan ..

    8. It is really amazing to have a soap that can give cool and refreshment in our body. I really agree how good the bioderm is especially its its scent. It also offers a great protection from germs. Another amazing thing is its its affordable price. This is highly recommended.

    9. It is really amazing to have a soap that can give cool and refreshment in our body. I really agree how good the bioderm is especially its its scent. It also offers a great protection from germs. Another amazing thing is its its affordable price. This is highly recommended

    10. The scent is what I like about this soap! It lingers and stays long on your body!

    11. I typically like my soap with menthol, and this one is definitely a refreshing new experience!

    12. My husband never tried to use that soap but the cooling effect of that soap sounds really interesting! I will check this out.

    13. My sons love Bioderm coolness. It is their bath soap of choice. You know how stinky and sweaty boys can get so this bath soap does a very good job of keeping them smelling fresh and clean and germ free too!

    14. Such a great product and thanks a lot for your review and introduction! - Knycx Journeying

    15. Never heard of this before! I'll have to look into it for my husband.

    16. I have never heard of this, and now I need to try it! Looks like a great product!

    17. I also use bioderm. It’s really fragrant and so nice. Love the packaging too!

    18. Wow, thanks for your suggestions. They seem so good and I would like to buy them someday too.

    19. Napakagandang sabon. It protects our skin from germs and viruses at the same time it makes us feel fresh and clean. After Using this Bioderm Soap. Wow n wow.