4 Top Reasons Why Old Spice Body Spray Is Ideal For Modern Dads [Review]

June 22, 2021

Sharing my review of Old Spice Body Spray featuring its two new scents, Fiji and Timber.

Modern dads juggle a lot of responsibilities both at home and in the workplace. Thus, it’s important for us to use products that can keep up with our busy and active lifestyle such as Old Spice Body Spray.

Old Spice Body Spray review

4 Top Reasons Why Old Spice Body Spray Is Ideal For Modern Dads [Review]

    Old Spice Body Spray is an underarm deodorant and a body perfume in one. Thus, it’s the perfect product for dads who are on the go and who want a quick way to smell cool and clean.

    Honestly, Old Spice easily comes to mind when I think of excellent quality men’s grooming products. While Old Spice is best-known for its underarm antiperspirant and deodorant creams, it also carries other toiletry products for men like body wash, body spray, beard care line, and hair care line.

    Old Spice is one of my favorite brands

    I recently received the new festive packs from Old Spice for me to try. These packages contain the two Old Spice Body Spray variants called Fiji and Timber. 

    Old Spice Body Spray Timber and Fiji scents
    Old Spice Body Spray Timber & Fiji

    I was excited to try these body spray scents because I’ve always known that Old Spice products have a refreshing smell that is not too strong, unlike other antiperspirant and deodorant products on the market.

    In fact, Old Spice is one of my favorite deodorant brands, having used it throughout my college years and even when I was already working. I’d usually alternate Old Spice with a non-scented deodorant stick that I also love just for variety.

    Qualities that I like in Old Spice Body Spray

    When I tried Old Spice Body Spray, I instantly liked its wonderful scent. What’s also good about it is that it comes in a handy aerosol form that is easy to apply to my underarms as well as the rest of my body.

    Old Spice Body Spray festive packs

    Anyway, here are some more of the things I like about Old Spice Body Spray and why I’d readily recommend it to my fellow dads:

    1. Old Spice Body Spray is aluminum-free

    Aluminum has been widely used in antiperspirant products in the past. However, there had been some concerns over the safety of aluminum in personal care products which prompted many companies to stop using it.

    With aluminum-free products, skin irritation is eliminated and the pores stay clear which allows for healthy sweating.

    2. It fights odor-causing bacteria

    Old Spice Body Spray uses natural ingredients to help fight odor-causing bacteria to keep you smelling fresh for 24 hours. With that, you will be confident enough to face whatever surprises the day may have in store for you.

    3. Old Spice Body Spray has a fresh scent that lasts all day

    Old Spice Body Spray clean and fresh scent

    Old Spice is known for its smell that never dies and that’s because its scent lasts all day long. The Fiji scent variant smells like a tropical island filled with palm trees with hints of coconut and lavender. Meanwhile, Timber smells of adventure with its woody scent strewn with spices.

    4. It’s convenient to carry

    Old Spice Body Spray comes in a handy spray can that will not take up too much space in your gym or office bag. Its nozzle features a safety lock to avoid accidental presses and spillage.


    Old Spice Body Spray provides all-day freshness with its clean scent and germ-busting ingredients. What’s good about Old Spice Body Spray is that you can use it for your underarms as well as the rest of your body.

    Old Spice Body Spray is also easy to carry around for instant and on-the-go freshness whenever you feel the need for it.

    Old Spice Body Spray Product Review

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    1. smelling good and fresh all day is what old spice gives. that is why it is good for active and busy dads to use. it is also much safer to use than other products out there. make it your father's day gift so that dad can try it out

    2. Old Spice is definitely a great brand. I like the smell of it too!

    3. My husband is a huge fan of Old Spice, so I can say with certainty that everything here is correct. He absolutely loves it, and so do I. He smells so good!

    4. Love that Packaging, and The design too, specially this Kind Spray Truly perfect sa mga Hardworking Multi-Tasking Daddy, Lalo na kung araw araw silang pinagpapawisan.. Using this Old Spice mananatili ang Kanilang Bango sa katawan at hindi mangangamoy Pawis πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ’― must try this Daddy Ivan. Thanks for sharing po..

    5. Old Spice is my jam! I grew up with my grandpa using it, and when I got older I started using it. Then they came out with all of their awesome scents. It's glorious.

    6. Thanks for the recommendation. I love that Old Spice is aluminum free. Good to know!

    7. I absolutely love that it's free of aluminum! It's so bad for the body and so many brands still use it.

    8. Perfect gift idea sa kapatid,papa for sure magugustuhan nila yung Old Spice highly recommended lalo na tumatagal siya ng isang araw and hindi rin matapang ang amoy meron po kasi talaga gumagamit ng deodorant pero ayaw ng matapang ang amoy. Nag fight pa siya ng odor causing bacteria kaya ko worries kahit pag pawisan kaπŸ€—.Great blog po.

    9. I should get some of this for my husband. He might like it!

    10. Oh wow I did not know that you could buy Old Spice anymore, that sure is a classic! :)

    11. Ang gandA din po pala nito no.. Packaging palang din panalong panalo na . Perfect gift din po talaga ito.. Thanks for recommendation daddy ivan..

    12. Good Article. Very informative xx

    13. I'm more of an axe person myself but I do love old spice!

    14. I am a teacher and the boys carry these in their backpacks. It used to make me laugh until after gym class...then I was glad they carried it, ahhahaha

    15. My husband loves Old spice! I even love it! It's always known as the 'old mans' scent over here but it's so nice.

    16. Old spice is also my go to deodorant. Super curious about their new scents. Wonder if id like them. Will be on the lookout!

    17. Did they stop selling the amber scent?
      That was the only spray my son actually loved and it smells so good.
      I have actually used it myself πŸ˜‰

    18. Love the fact that it is all day everyday freshly routine

    19. Ang ganda naman po neto♥️ and gustong gusto din po ng jowa ko yung mga ganyang refreshing smell lang po😊 i really recommended po😍

    20. Done reading this blog po. Talagang ang ganda po nitong OLD SPICE BODY SPRAY perfect talaga para sa mga tatay. Very recommended and so nice pa ng scent πŸ₯°

    21. Done reading this blog po. Talagang ang ganda po nitong OLD SPICE BODY SPRAY perfect talaga para sa mga tatay. Very recommended and so nice pa ng scent πŸ₯°