Family traditions that help instill a love of learning

January 16, 2023

Here is a list of family traditions that may help instill the love of learning to the young ones.

We are born with a natural curiosity about what happens around us. Children are like sponges; they are learning everything they come across and find interesting. However, not everything they will come across in school will feel attractive. And like this, they might lose their interest in learning.

Family traditions that help instill a love of learning
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Family traditions that help instill a love of learning

    However, as a parent, you want your children to learn as much as they can, as this will be helpful in their adult life. Now is the moment when they put the basis to all the knowledge they will acquire during their lifetime, so they need to be committed and dedicated to the learning process. But how can you do this? Well, through the help of family traditions. Here are some family traditions examples that will instill the love of learning and your children will end up loving this process.


    Reading is one of the activities that instill a love for learning. As soon as you start reading to your children, even though it’s just children's stories, they will start learning. And they will understand that through reading, they can learn so many things about the world. 

    When they learn how to read, you can have reading sessions together. Parents are the role models of their children in the first years and the example they follow. A nice family tradition would be to have a reading session together and to follow it every week, or even every day. This way, they will develop a love for reading too, which is tremendously helpful.

    However, unfortunately, not all children have the right example from their parents. Many children start studying in college and feel overwhelmed by the number of studies and books to read. This might be due to the wrong role parents played in their childhood years, when they could have instilled their love for learning. This is why many students decide to use the EduBirdie thesis maker, an online service that helps them complete their college assignments. Getting an education is an enlightening but challenging process, so an online generator can support this process tremendously.

    Support and Encouragement

    This is more about your attitude toward learning. As mentioned above, children pay attention to social and emotional cues from their parents. During their school years, they will surely encounter some challenges. 

    In these moments, it is crucial to support and encourage them. They might lose their interest in the subject or motivation for learning when there is a topic that exceeds their understanding. Take time to support them in the learning process, either emotionally or via informational support. Teach them how to plan their study sessions. How to organize their homework. How to research. All these skills will be so helpful when they reach high school and then college.

    Make It Fun

    Learning can happen in many contexts and ways, not only the traditional way we see in schools. As a parent, you have the power to make learning fun and you can do this by establishing some family traditions. 

    For example, playing board games with your children is one of the funniest ways to learn. Learning through playing is effective, even though some might see only the fun part. But there are lots of educational board games that can stimulate children. They can learn to think strategically and critically. They will improve their analysis skills. And if the whole family plays together, it will strengthen the bond between you too.

    Nature Walks

    Learning biology, chemistry, and physics at school might not be as fascinating as going out in nature. Indeed, schools aim to teach children all the theories, but when do they put all they have learned into practice? Well, through these nature walks, you can instill a love for learning and a love for nature too. You can explore distinct types of trees, flowers, birds, stones, and so on. Nature teaches us a lot and learning about theoretical concepts in a practical way will make it more enjoyable and nicer.

    Final Thoughts

    As a parent, you are one of the role models your children have. So, you have so much power over instilling a love for learning, especially in the early years. By establishing some family traditions, you can support and encourage your children to learn. 

    Playing board games makes learning even funnier and children will develop their critical and strategic thinking, creativity, and analysis skills. Walks in nature could represent a fascinating introduction to biology, chemistry, and physics. And reading is at the basis of everything. If they love reading, their learning and development process will never stop.

    Bio lines: Mary Spears is a content writer and blogger. She loves reading and she thinks it at the basis of learning and expanding knowledge. Mary wants to start an environmental NGO to protect nature and animals.

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