How To Teach Your Kids To Appreciate The Outdoors

December 12, 2021

Teaching kids to appreciate nature and the outdoors can be done through these simple steps.

I personally believe that teaching my kids to appreciate nature and the outdoors will bring numerous benefits for them. It will develop the value of gratefulness in them for being given the chance to marvel at the beauty of their surroundings. I also believe that raising kids who are appreciative of the environment will develop in them the sense of responsibility when it comes to waste management as they grow up.

Teaching kids to value nature and appreciate the outdoors

How To Teach Your Kids To Appreciate The Outdoors

    Being outdoors makes children healthy

    Aside from developing values in children, letting them play outside, especially in the dirt, makes them healthy. The germs and bacteria in the dirt will help strengthen their immune system.

    I have personally observed this in my kids. When we were in Metro Manila where they had limited exposure to garden soil, they always had allergic rhinitis. 

    However, when we stayed in the province for a two-month vacation, we gave our two children unlimited time to play in the yard. They were picking up stones, digging into the soil using their hands, and plucking leaves from the plants in the backyard.

    Throughout our stay in the province, our two toddlers never developed allergic rhinitis. Indeed, what science said about the advantages of letting kids play outside is very accurate.

    Ways to expose kids to nature and the outdoors

    Some people, particularly those from the city, may think that exposing kids to nature and the outdoors may require more effort since they are in the urban jungle. While that is true, it’s not impossible. In fact, there are spots in the city that allow people to commune with nature, such as those in Quezon City.

    Anyway, if you have no idea on where to begin, here’s how you can do it:

    1. Let them play outside

    Allowing kids or encouraging them to play outside is probably the best way to expose them to the outdoors. It can be in your garden or backyard; it doesn’t have to be necessarily in the streets because that may be unsafe for them.

    2. Take them to parks

    The public park is a great location to expose children to the outdoors. Public parks are usually spacious, they are like oases in the middle of the city or town because of the abundance of plants, and they are generally a safe place for children because they are well-lighted.

    Just the same, always keep a keen eye on your children when you take them to public parks because of the influx of people in such plazas.

    3. Let them experience the joy of camping

    Camping is an exciting an activity, not just for children but for the entire family. I personally want to take my kids out camping on a weekend given the chance to do so.

    There are actually many options for family friendly camping grounds near Metro Manila such as those in the following locations:

    Bulacan (list from Laquatsa blog)

    • Casa del Pueblo de Cabanacan
    • Kampo ni Juan
    • Camp Riverside
    • Te Amo DRT Camping Place and Resort 
    • Ysayas Resthouse and Camping Site
    • Camp Marupok
    • Blue’s Farm and Resort 

    Cavite (from Tripzilla) 

    • Nurture Wellness Village  
    • Campsite in Alfonso

    Rizal (list from KKDay)

    • Mt. Purro Nature Reserve 
    • Phillip’s Sanctuary 
    • Singalong Nature Campsite Hill
    • Quest Adventure Camp
    • UCM Adventure Park
    • 3 Springs Mountain Park
    • Treasure Mountain
    • Lambingan Hills
    • Pili Paninap Farms
    • Tinipak Camping Ground 


    • Clearwater Resort 
    • Clark Philippines

    4. Travel with your kids

    I’ve always believed that traveling with kids is one way of giving them wonderful memories and experiences. It doesn’t have to be in a far off or exotic location. You can take them to a nearby beach resort and let them bask in the sun and enjoy the seawater. They’ll surely appreciate the happy times with you.

    5. Give them toys that mimic the thrill of being outdoors

    I do understand that not all parents are comfortable in taking their kids outside in view of the pandemic. Some families may also not have an outdoor space or garden within their home. In such cases, they can opt for books and toys that can give kids the thrill of experiencing the outdoors.

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    In this era of modern technology when kids are exposed to gadgets, it’s still beneficial for them to be experience the joy of nature and being outdoors. It may prove to be a challenge to take kids outside because of the pandemic but it’s not impossible.

    We just have to be creative in finding a space for them to play. We can also recreate outdoor activities for them inside our house through books and toys.

    Teaching kids to appreciate the outdoors

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    1. I do appreciate it! Being a mom,IL definitely checked them all ! We'll do it with my kids ! Thanks for sharing this with us

    2. Agree po daidi ivi iba pa din talaga yung benefits outdoor mas namumulat din sila kung ano yung nasa labas. anyway so cute naman po ng collection ng mcdo for sure dami na naman matutuwa kids nito lalo na pag na complete lahat☺️.

    3. Ang cute ng new happy toy meal ng McDonald's collectibles talaga perfect ito sa mga mahilig kay pikachu🥰

    4. Ang cute ng new happy toy meal ng McDonald's collectibles talaga perfect ito sa mga mahilig kay pikachu🥰

    5. Agree po ako, kids should really play outdoors coz it's beneficial to them. I love your list this will truly help the parents in introducing outdoor activities to their kids. These mcdo Jungle Survival Kit are cute and will help the kids appreciate camping.