How to minimize stress when traveling with children

Friday, 16 June 2017

Traveling is such an enriching activity but it becomes even more memorable when you are with your loved ones

Traveling is such an enriching activity but it becomes even more memorable when you are with your loved ones. However, it is a different story altogether though when you are bringing children with you. With their insatiable curiosity and limitless energy, it can be a little challenging to have children along. Nevertheless, we are firm believers that children should be exposed to the wonders of the world early on. Education from experience is, after all, more profound and memorable.

Tips for Family Travels

Family Travels Tips and Tricks

So, how do you make traveling with your children more enjoyable and worthwhile? Here are some tips we have gathered:

1. Ensure that your kids are vaccinated

Before heading out to your family adventure, make sure that their immune system is ready to ward off diseases that they might catch in the outdoors. Make sure that their vaccines are complete and that you get clearance from your family doctor that your children are in top shape for you to take them traveling.

2. Always put your kids' safety in top priority

As with your daily routine, your children's welfare should be your number 1 priority. Consider destinations that are child-friendly. That means crossing out places that are rough or which have extreme conditions like kayaking, white-water rafting, climbing mountains and the like. You might want to opt for a city tour with side trips to museums, an excursion to a candy factory or a visit to a historical site.

If you will go near a body of water, be extra cautious of your kids! Lots of accidents involving children happen in bodies of water, no matter how seemingly shallow these may seem.

Tips for Family Travels

3. Dress your children comfortably at all times

Give them clothes that are cool and breathable and easy to move in. Children will get easily irritated if they are uncomfortable and sweaty. You should dress comfortably as well. It's hard to be chasing kids if you are not dressed properly.

Tips for Family Travels

4. Bring child-friendly gadgets

Bring gadgets and devices that children can easily operate. According to Rough Guides, giving children cameras can make traveling extra fun. Look at their snapshots and you'll be surprised to see how different our surroundings are from a child's perspective.

Furthermore, children will be kept busy and interested if they have something to tinker with.

Tips for Family Travels

5. Don't forget to bring their medicines and supplements

Emergencies come when they are least expected. Moreover, it can even be more panic-inducing when you are in an unfamiliar place where you do not know where the next hospital or drugstore is. A good medicine or first-aid kit loaded with medications such as Paracetamol, Loperamide, anti-histamine and insect bite rub would always come in handy.

Also, if your child is not yet too fond of solid “adult” food, don't forget to bring enough infant formula and baby food with you. Alternatively, you may want to bring easy-to-process fruits and vegetables with you for a healthier option.

Tips for Family Travels

6. Pack small meals for kids

A hungry kid is almost as worse as a rabid racoon. They'll raise hell, not minding the people around them. Bring light snacks, small sandwiches or mini packed lunches to appease your kids in case your outdoor adventures go way past lunchtime.

7. Take as many photographs as you can

Preserve your memories through photographs. There's nothing nicer than to look back at the happy memories you have created with your children. Take as many snapshots as you can but don't let it interfere with your bonding moments.

Tips for Family Travels

8. Teach your kids how to behave

According to Lifehacker, whenever you are about to embark on a journey, always teach your children how to behave -- while on the flight, exploring a new place or trying food. Take advantage of the opportunity to impart new learnings to your kids, especially on how to relate with people of different race or culture.

Tips for Family Travels

9. Don't rush your trips or jam-pack your itineraries

Always take things slow. Take time to linger around a place to allow your children to better appreciate and marvel at the beauty around them. Remember, they are infinitely curious so allow them satiate that curiosity.

Also, don't rush children because it can cause them stress and may give them negative experience. Remember to just enjoy each minute with your family because you are creating happy memories with them.

Tips for Family Travels

These are just some of the tips I gathered from friends who bring their kids when they travel as well as from my researches.

Tips for Family Travels

How about you, do you have any particular advice when you travel with your children? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Take as many photos as you can. That especially goes for dads. A friend came here the other day with his kids and when he was leaving, we were like, so where are the pics? The man took about three pics over the course of two week! #SomeoneNeedsToHelpTheseDads

  2. Haha. He might've decided to just enjoy the view.

  3. VincentSamsonDos20 June 2017 at 15:30

    Lol .. so me! Before start to realize .. wth :)


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