3 Reasons Why We Love Aprica Baby Stroller

August 06, 2020

In this review, we share why we love Aprica baby stroller and why we think it’s a worthy investment for parents.

Aprica is one of the leading names when it comes to quality strollers, seats, carriers, high chairs, and baby beds. It’s a name that generations of parents have come to trust because of its reliability, especially when traveling or even when just going out for a stroll in the mall or park.

Our little boy enjoying his Aprica Baby Stroller

3 Reasons Why We Love Aprica Baby Stroller

    Khris and I have long wanted to buy an Aprica stroller for our firstborn but my sister-in-law gave us a hand-me-down McLaren stroller. While we loved McLaren's build quality and sturdiness, we were still apprehensive to bring it with us when we travel because of its bulkiness, weight, and overall difficulty to fold and unfold.

    For our second baby, we finally went for it and bought an Aprica stroller. We couldn’t be happier with our decision (and investment). 

    Our little boy comfortably sitting in his Aprica Baby Stroller

    Before the pandemic, we would use it whenever we went out to get some fresh air at the amenities area of our condo. Now that we are unable to go out, we still use our Aprica stroller inside our house because our baby likes it in there. In fact, he would sleep in his stroller more soundly as compared to when he is on his crib. 

    Why we love our Aprica baby stroller 

    Anyway, here are three reasons why we love our Aprica stroller and why we would gladly recommend it to other parents who are looking for a good quality stroller: 

    1. It is lightweight 

    The first thing that we noticed about the Aprica stroller when we were at the baby section of the mall was how lightweight it was. As compared to our McLaren stroller, it was really easy to carry and move around. In fact, I can comfortably carry it with one hand.

    And it’s not just me, even Khris can carry it herself without her arm getting numb and stiff. The Aprica stroller is really as light as a feather. 

    Side view of our Aprica Baby Stroller

    Because of its weight and compactness, we are confident in bringing it with us to our home in Novaliches on weekends and back to our condo on weekdays because it is so easy to carry around. We are not worried of not being able to, say, pull it inside the elevator or through the crowd in the condominium lobby.

    2. It is durable and sturdy 

    Despite Aprica stroller’s lightness, we were surprised with how sturdy and durable it was. Whenever we use it, we are amazed with how well-built and strong the parts are.

    The braces are flexible, it did not feel like it would yield or get damaged due to our baby’s weight. We even got a demonstration in which the store attendant applied pressure on the stroller and it definitely did not seem like it would crumple with the force. 

    Our baby happily smiling while on his Aprica Baby Stroller

    We have another budget stroller for our eldest child. Yes, it was lightweight but we sometimes felt that the brackets could give in when our son becomes heavier. 

    The solid build is what’s good about high quality brands. Yes, you do pay more but you are assured of long-term use and peace of mind. After all, you are investing on it for your baby, so why settle for less? 

    3. It is easy to use 

    Finally, the most important for us; ease-of-use. I guess many parents would have their own share of funny as well as frustrating stories when it comes to folding or unfolding their baby’s stroller.

    Front view of our Aprica Baby Stroller

    We have been there, too, because we have been frustrated several times when we could not maneuver the parts and locks of our MacLaren stroller. It just would not cooperate with us so we always ended up not bringing it with us on many different occasions. 

    So here comes our Aprica stroller. Lo and behold, you can operate it with just one hand! Yes, that’s right, you just need to press a button located at the handle to unfold it. The same button is also what you will need to press in order to collapse the stroller.

    There’s no struggling, no cursing, no frustrations, and definitely no funny stares from passersby. In fact, what you’ll get are stares of amazement when other parents see you effortlessly unfolding your Aprica stroller. 


    All in all, we are happy and fully satisfied with our Aprica stroller. We were so happy that we gave in to that spontaneous purchase at the mall. It’s pricier than other brands but it is definitely well worth the investment.

    Frequently, we think things over many times before making purchases especially if the price seems extremely high. But all too often, when we decide to buy the cheaper alternative, we end up frustrated because we get the quality that we paid for, which is not very satisfactory. 

    In the end, our principle is that if we are buying stuff for our babies, we are always willing to shell out a few hundred (or thousand) pesos more because we want to give them products that are of high quality. Plus, it also gives us peace of mind because we know that we can rely on the durability of those products, such as our Aprica stroller.

    Aprica baby stroller's price ranges from P12,000 to P30,000 depending on the model. You can buy it in malls or conveniently via online stores (BUY IT HERE).

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    1. Absolutely excellent in short, it is important that a stroller reflects all the needs of the mother as much as the child!

    2. So important to have a good stroller. I remember how obsessed I was when we were stroller shopping... I ended up with multiple strollers, some of which were hardly used. I find that a smaller, lightweight stroller like this one came in much more handy.

    3. That's awesome, well, when its not heavy. It will be so much easier to take it anywhere.

    4. can really tell your kid love this stroller, all the smiles captured in your photos already can obviously tell :D cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    5. My niece used to have this Aprica stroller. It is really lightweight and easy to use. I recommend this brand.

    6. This brand is very good I've been using this to my two siblings...and yes this is very easy to carry and no worries if you go anywhere...super recommend this brand

    7. Sounds like a wonderful stroller to have, lightweight and easy to use is a must have for sure with kids

    8. Those strollers sound great - albeit, on one of the pix, your baby seems to strongly disagree ;-)

    9. Investing in a stroller is an important task ! You want one that's durable but not too heavy, good review

    10. This looks like an amazing stroller! So many great features!

    11. it looks very cute and stylish. I love it that the clor is so calm. it' great it's also also comfortable for both parents and child

    12. This sounds a really great stroller for parents. Very easy to use, which parents will appreciate a lot!

    13. Is it normal Aprica Soraria is a bit wobbly?

      1. If it's just a little wobble, then that's fine. Overall though, it should feel sturdy and steady especially when you push it. It shouldn't feel flimsy.