Tali Beach: My Idea Of A Perfect Seaside Family Home

June 28, 2023

Tali Beach has gained popularity among big groups and families looking for a premium and secluded beach side location.

Tali Beach in Batangas is the very definition of my ideal home: secluded, close to the sea, and surrounded by lush greens. If I were given the chance to own a home here, I'd definitely not think twice. Either that or owning a weekend house in Tali Beach.

Shoreline at Tali Beach

Tali Beach:  My Idea Of A Perfect Seaside Family Home

    Our experience at Tali Beach

    When we were planning for our team summer outing this year, we wanted a big comfortable house, that would allow us to cook our food, that had a swimming pool, and that was close to the beach. Throughout our conversations, Tali Beach would always pop up primarily because of the positive things that we heard about it. 

    Swimming on the beach at Tali Beach

    I'm sure many of you are already aware of what Tali Beach is. If not, it's a seaside community located in Nasugbu, Batangas. As a matter of fact, it is officially known as Tali Beach Subdivision, because this is a private beachfront community overlooking the picturesque coastline of Nasugbu. 

    Many of the houses (weekend homes, in fact) are owned by prominent families. However, many owners also rent out their houses to vacationers. 

    These houses are almost always fully-booked because they are big, well-maintained, and have superb amenities. They are perfect if you are a big group of friends or family who is looking for a secluded beach getaway.

    Furthermore, Batangas has always been a favorite destination for beach bums because of its proximity to Manila. A drive of a little more than two hours through the South Luzon Expressway will take you to the land of Kapeng Barako and balisong (butterfly knife), which is also home to some of the best beaches and dive spots in the country.

    Sunset at Tali Beach

    Some of the things that you can do at Tali Beach are swimming on the beach, taking long and leisurely walks, or riding a bike around. There is also an area where the adventurous can cliff dive so do check that out if that interests you.

    Since Tali Beach is a private subdivision, there are no convenience stores or bars inside. If you need to buy drinks or other supplies, you have to go out of Tali Beach and head downtown.

    Now, you may ask if Tali Beach is a family or kid-friendly destination. Yes, it definitely is! Your kids will love the beach and the swimming pools. Again, there are no all-night parties at Tali Beach so you are assured of a good night's sleep.

    Your own beachfront house for a weekend

    What makes this place unique is that it gives weekenders and beach-goers the experience of having a home that is close to the beach. It’s a place where you can enjoy a day of peace and quiet, where you can savor the strong winds from the sea that you only get to experience in a place such as this. 

    Tali Beach house
    Our rented house

    Most houses that are for rent have their own rules. For the house that we rented, here are some of the things that we were allowed to do:

    1. Use the swimming pool

    Swimming pool at Tali Beach

    What we liked about the house that we booked was that it had a swimming pool. While we came to Tali Beach for the beach, it's still great to have a pool where we can swim at night or in the morning when we don't feel like going down to the beach, which was quite far.

    2. Use the videoke

    We were also allowed to use the videoke, even late at night. Our house did not have an immediate neighbor, so there were no worries if we were singing too loudly. However, out of courtesy for other people, we stopped using the videoke at 10 PM.

    3. Use of the kitchen and grills

    We liked that we can cook food in the house. We brought with us uncooked rice and fresh meat, vegetables, and fish which we cooked ourselves. 

    Amenities at Tali Beach
    The rooms and amenities

    The house was also fairly new so the beds and mattresses were sparklingly clean. What was good about our accommodation was that it had so many bathrooms. All rooms on all of its three floors had bathrooms in them, there was no chance of us queuing to use the bathrooms.

    Things to keep in mind at Tali Beach

    Here are some of the things that you should remember if you want to make your stay at Tali Beach hassle-free:

    1. Buy enough food and drinks

    Bring with you enough food supplies to last you throughout the duration of your stay. Also, bring enough drinks to last you through the night. Again, Tali Beach is not a commercial area so there are no nearby grocery or convenience stores. 

    2. Bring extra bags of charcoal

    If you plan to grill meats and seafood, better to bring extra bags of charcoal with you. Not all houses provide free charcoal for their grills and, of course, you don't want the inconvenience of having to go out to town just to buy charcoal.  

    3. Bring enough cash with you

    Put extra cash in your wallet. Not all stores are equipped with credit card terminals so this payment type might not be applicable when you do have to purchase something.

    4. Keep the noise down

    All houses are adequately spaced but, just the same, try to keep noises down to avoid distracting other guests or homeowners.

    5. Bring your own toiletries

    Although the bathrooms had towels, we were not provided free toiletries as these were not included in the rental package so we had to bring our own. So just to be sure, always being extra soap, shampoo, and toothpaste with you. 

    How to go to Tali Beach

    Going to Tali Beach is ideal if you have a private vehicle. It's not advisable to commute because there is no public transportation inside the subdivision. 

    That said, here are the directions going to Tali Beach:

    • From Metro Manila, take South Luzon Expressway.
    • Exit to Sta. Rosa Road then drive straight until you reach Tagaytay Road. You will reach the Rotunda, then turn right to Nasugbu Highway.
    • Drive to Nasugbu until you reach Palico junction where you have to make a right turn.
    • Follow that road until you reach an intersection (Shell gas station is the landmark)
    • Make a right turn going to the Nasugbu town proper and drive all the way until you reach Wawa Road.
    • At the end of Wawa Road, turn right going to Tali Beach.
    • Drive straight until you see the main gate of Tali Beach Subdivision. 
    When you are unsure of the direction or when all else fails no matter how much you tried, use Waze or Google Maps. 😀

    If you are interested, you can book a Tali Beach house through Airbnb.

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