Weekend Idea: Tali Beach Resort

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Tali Beach has gained popularity among big groups and families looking for a premium and secluded beach side location.

Tali Beach Resort in Batangas is perfect if you are a big group of friends or family who is looking for a secluded beach getaway.

Batangas has been a favorite destination for beach bums because of its proximity to Manila. A drive of a little more than two hours through the South Luzon Expressway will take you to the land of Kapeng Barako and balisong (butterfly knife), which is also home to some of the best beaches and dive spots in the country.

Tali Beach

Among the many resorts that line the Batangas shoreline, Tali Beach has gained popularity among big groups and families looking for a premium and secluded beach side location. Officially known as Tali Beach Subdivision, the development is a private beachfront community overlooking the picturesque coastline of Nasugbu, Batangas. We were told that most properties inside are actually weekend retreats of prominent families. Nevertheless, there are also numerous houses for rent, ranging from reasonably priced to expensive.

Tali Beach
Our home for the weekend
What makes this place unique is that it gives weekenders and beach-goers the experience of having a home that is close to the beach. It’s a place where you can enjoy a day of peace and quiet, where you can savor the strong sea wind that you only get to experience in a place such as this. If you came here for fun, you can have a noisy afternoon of mirth and chatter with your friends and family over a few drinks. Since the houses are spaced apart, guests are accorded more privacy so that they can take pleasure in quality bonding activities with each other. Sing your heart out and nobody will care about you, unless of course, it’s late in the night. Remember that this is still a village, so most resorts would impose a 10 PM curfew on karaoke. 

Tali Beach
Impressive amenities
It’s unlike staying in hotels where you have to share the floor or the pool, for example, with several guests. Tali Beach is perfect for weekends of leisurely strolls, laid-back bike rides or lazily lounging at the beach. The house where we stayed at is complete with kitchen amenities and barbecue grills. We brought with us uncooked rice and fresh meat, vegetables and fish which we cooked ourselves. The house was also fairly new so the beds and mattresses were sparklingly clean. What was good about our accommodation was that it had so many bathrooms. All rooms in all of its three floors had bathrooms in them.

Tali Beach
The swimming pool
Bring enough drinks to last you through the night. Remember that this is not a commercial are so there are no nearby grocery or convenience stores. There is also no nightlife, so there are no bars within the vicinity.

  Tali Beach

We did not try out anything adventurous but we did spend a good amount of time swimming at the Main Beach and taking photographs of the place. For avid divers, there are also inns and resorts in the area that can arrange island-hopping tours or a visit to some of the best dive sites in the area.

How to go to Tali Beach

You have the option to take the Carmona Exit or the San Pedro Exit along the south Luzon Expressway. We took the Carmon Exit, thanks to Waze, but we immediately regretted it because of the heavy traffic in Cavite and the seemingly longer drive throughout the province. We were told by our companions that we should have taken the San Pedro exit and driven through Tagaytay and Nasugbu Highway as this is the more efficient route. Since Tali Beach is a private community, there are no tricycles or public transportation inside, so it is best to bring your own vehicle.

  Tali Beach  

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