Why I Allow My Kids To Play And Enjoy Their Time In The Dirt

December 09, 2021

Allowing kids to play with dirt provides more than enjoyment for them because it has many surprising health advantages.

I love to take my kids out into our yard to play. Since the pandemic started, Mommy Khris and I took advantage of the temporary work suspension to let our two little kids experience playtime outside the house. As such, it has since become our routine to go out in the morning and in the afternoon to play in the front lawn.

Benefits of playing in the dirt

Why I Allow My Kids To Play And Enjoy Their Time  In The Dirt

    Outside play was also a way to wean our kids off gadgets

    Aside from the joy of being able to explore their surroundings, outside play was also a great opportunity to wean our kids off their gadgets. Don’t get us wrong, we still allow our kids to use tablets because we believe that there are advantages to it.

    However, we do want to keep things balanced so gadget use is limited to an hour to an hour and a half each day. We just don’t want our children to be too dependent on electronic devices for their happiness.

    Kids love to get dirty

    While we would let our kids run outside and pick twigs, plants, and pebbles, we didn’t allow them to play with dirt but, as most parents soon realized, kids will be kids so it’s almost impossible to keep them immaculately spotless all day long.

    Little boy playing in the dirt

    In fact, we eventually realized that it was actually a good idea to let them handle soil and even squish mud on some occasions. Our kids not only enjoy sitting on the ground, digging on soil, playing with rocks, and examining plants but they also get their dose of exercise as well as other physical benefits.

    The 5 surprising benefits of playing in the dirt

    When I was young, I often heard my teachers say that rich folks and people who are too clean are prone to getting diseases and infections. That’s because their immune system was weak due to inadequate exposure to germs and bacteria. As such, they did not develop the necessary antibodies to ward off infections.

    I thought it was just some old wives tale but I soon realized that it had, in fact, a scientific basis. This is also the reason why it’s perfectly fine for me to allow my kids to play in the dirt.

    Here are some of the benefits of letting kids get dirty that might surprise you:

    1. Stronger immunity

    Exposing kids to germs and bacteria may have long-term health benefits for them like protection from allergies, infection, and incidents of inflammation when they grow older.

    2. Develops imagination and creativity

    This was my personal observation but I saw that my kids were becoming more imaginative and creative when they were playing outside. There was some effort to do pretend play, which is important because it helps their creativity to expand by letting their minds explore.

    3. Better motor skills and coordination

    All the effort that kids exert in picking up things off the ground, throwing sticks, and collecting rocks will help develop their hand and eye coordination as well as overall motor skills.

    A little boy sitting on the ground while playing in the dirt

    This is particularly helpful for my eldest son who was undergoing occupational therapy before the pandemic. Instead of us doing the activities inside the house, which I have to admit can get tiresome for him, I thought of mimicking the exercises outside and I can see that it’s working well for him.

    4. It gives them exercise

    Physical activity is as important to children as it is to adults to keep their muscles and bones healthy. Playing outside is a good idea to get their regular dose of exercise.

    5. It brings them joy

    I think this doesn’t need much explanation because I have not seen a child who is unhappy when playing. The moment my kids dart out of the door, you can instantly hear shrieks of happiness from them. It’s music to my ears and it also brings me joy to see them genuinely cheerful.


    As a parent, I feel fortunate because my kids have ample space outside our house where they can play to their hearts’ delight. That’s because playing outside not only brings them happiness but it also has a host of health advantages to our children.

    Health advantages of playing in the dirt

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    1. Yes I agree with this health benefits of Playing outside.
      Personally I experienced this activities when I was a child and I also want my kids to experience this kind of activities.
      Thank you for sharing this blog po.

    2. Thanks for sharing this po talagang it's okay din if we let our kids to play outside and to do activities para mas maenjoy din nila ang pagkabata and matuto sila from experience