7 Great Bonding Opportunities With Your Baby If You Are A Working Parent

Monday, 19 November 2018

Here are some simple tips on how working parents can bond with their baby

If there is one thing that Khris and I would not trade for anything else in this world, it's being able to bond with our two babies every day.

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7 Great Bonding Opportunities With Your Baby If You Are A Working Parent

However, being working parents, Khris and I would sometimes feel guilty that we have to leave our two small sons every morning to go to the office. I guess most working parents feel the same way. Ah, the travails of putting a balance between raising a family and making sure that they are well-provided.

The only thing that we look forward to at the end of each day is to go home and be greeted by our babies' excited smiles. After a long day, seeing our two sons' beaming faces is a reward that is beyond anything else in this world.

Anyway, even if we are not around for most of the day, we do our best to make it up with our babies when we are at home. Aside from ensuring his closeness to us, it’s also a great way for us to relax and forget about our daily battles at the office.

Here are seven simple ways on how we ensure that we get to bond with our babies after work:

1. You have to prioritize your time with your baby

As with any undertaking, the only way to achieve success is to put your heart and mind to it. Making it a priority above anything else. The same holds true if you want to effectively bond with your child. 

When we get home, we devote our time solely to our babies. Even if they are already sleeping, we still have the opportunity to feed them at night or change their diapers. 

Oftentimes, when one of our babies realizes that we are already at home, he would not immediately sleep. As such, we would have around 15 to 20 more minutes to play with them. At the end of the day, those few minutes are precious moments that we take advantage of.

2. Set aside playtime with your baby

Khris and I always believe that playtime is also an expression of love and care. Playtime, we believe, builds confidence in children and also develops in them the feeling that they can trust their parents.

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Furthermore, playtime is beneficial not only for our baby but for us as well. Since it involves a lot of physical activities, it’s a good way to relax, de-stress, and disconnect from the online world. There’s nothing better than being able to unwind without having to depend on electronic gadgets.

3. Read a book together

It’s never too early to introduce your child to books. Even with the popularity of online videos and e-books, there’s nothing quite soothing than flipping through the pages of a book or magazine. You might argue that your baby might still be too young to understand the words that you are reading.

However, we believe that what is important is the opportunity for you and your child to be together. For children, your voice is a soothing sound that puts them in a more restful state. 

Choose a nice book with big and colorful illustrations since children may not necessarily understand the words that you are reading. Open a book and see how they gladly react to bright colors.

4. Be hands-on in feeding your baby

Mealtime is also another great bonding opportunity for you and your baby. Children, small babies most especially, are irritable and sensitive. Feeding them not only satisfies their hunger but it’s also a way of telling them you are there to take good care of them.

5. Change their clothes and diapers

When you change your baby’s clothes and diapers, take advantage of the opportunity to give them a light massage. Warm your hands and put them over your baby’s belly or back. 

There’s nothing more blissful than seeing their faces light up when you touch them. Also, massage is highly-recommended by pediatricians for soothing babies as well as strengthening their limbs.

6. Put them to sleep

After a long day, there’s nothing quite beautiful than holding your precious little baby in your arms, gently rocking him, and seeing him slowly drift into slumber. 

Lulling your baby to sleep gives them warmth, reduces anxiety, and pacifies them when they are crying.

7. Encourage a little conversation with them

At a certain age, your baby will begin to respond to your words. Take this opportunity to start talking to them. Tell them stories and ask them how they are; you will be surprised by their various adorable reactions and babbling. 

Likewise, always tell your baby that you love him. It’s also never too early to teach them words. Why don’t you start with “Mommy” or Daddy”? Babies learn fast when you constantly speak to them.

In fact, experts recommend talking to babies while they are still in the womb as a way of forming an early bond with them. This is also a great way for your baby to familiarize himself with his father’s voice.


These are just seven of the many ways that working parents can bond with their baby or toddler. We were able to compile this list based on experience as well as advice from our friends and family. 

Being new parents, Khris and I would like to know more suggestions on how working parents can bond with their kids. We hope you can share your tips in the comments section below.

Bonding opportunities with your baby

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