Where To Buy Pure Honey In Shopee

December 09, 2021

If you are ever wondering on where to buy pure honey in Shopee, then read on to find out about our recommended store.

Honey is no doubt delicious. It’s pleasantly sweet and has a hint of fruity flavor depending on where it is sourced or how it is processed. Aside from its wonderful flavor though, honey is packed with many health benefits so there’s good reason for adding it to your diet. We must take caution though when buying honey to ensure that what we are buying is pure or authentic so it's always a good idea to purchase it from a reputable store.

Where to buy pure honey in Shopee

Where To Buy Pure Honey In Shopee

    What makes honey healthy?

    It’s worth noting that honey is pure sugar so it can also raise blood sugar level. However, honey is rich in polyphenols or plant compounds that are advantageous on one’s health. These polyphenols protect the body from the effects of elevated sugar level and may even reduce inflammation.

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    Raw honey or the minimally-processed varieties are also rich in antioxidants that protect the body from cellular damage caused by harmful free radicals. Consuming honey, together with an overall well-balanced diet, can protect the heart from damage, manage blood cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure.

    Honey has also been used by people for ages as a natural cough remedy. In fact, it may also be good for children older than one year old as a cough solution instead of chemical-based medicines. Just be sure to consult your pediatrician before giving honey to your children.

    Aside from treating cough, people also attest that honey works great in strengthening the respiratory system overall so it’s good for allergic rhinitis as well as asthma.

    To top it all, honey is not just beneficial for a person’s internal health but it is also widely-known for its skin-caring properties such as soothing wounds and burns, providing moisture and combating the signs of aging. As such, some people use honey as a part of their skincare regimen.

    My recommended Shopee store for pure honey

    I’ve been regularly buying bottles of honey from Shopee and having it delivered to our house in Nueva Ecija. It’s from a shop called Marketfinds.ph. My parents also like to consume honey because it’s a healthy alternative to regular table sugar.

    A bottle of Marshal's Farm pure honey from Shopee

    I honestly haven’t tried buying from other shops because I’m afraid that I might not get pure honey from those stores. I think most people are also like me in the sense that they rarely try other sellers or products once they’ve established the quality of their current supplier. Not only that, I also find the honey from Marketfinds.ph to be reasonably priced.

    How to test if the honey that you bought is pure

    When buying honey from a supplier, it’s good to run a few simple tests to find out if the honey that you bought is pure. I’ve heard that some stores sell fake honey made of regular sugar.

    Anyway, you can use the following methods to test the purity of the honey that you purchased:

    1. Drop-on-thumbnail test

    Place a small drop of honey on your thumbnail. Pure honey will remain intact and will not drip from your thumbnail.

    2. Honey in water test

    Put honey in a spoon and gently pour it into a glass of water. Pure honey will settle in the bottom of the water whereas fake or impure honey will disintegrate into the water.

    3. Fire test

    Spread honey into the tip of a piece of paper. Place it over a fire and if it burns, it’s pure honey. On the other hand, honey that is not pure will not burn.


    Honey is a better choice over regular sugar because it’s packed with numerous health benefits. Honey is also loaded with flavor depending on the level of processing that it went through as well as the area where it is sourced.

    However, there are some stores that sell impure or even counterfeit honey that’s why it’s advisable to buy from a reputable seller to enjoy its full health advantages. If you would like to find if the honey that you bought is pure, you can run a few simple tests that you can easily do at home.

    Pure honey in Shopee

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    1. Thank you for sharing tips and complete details po dadi iv. Naalala ko nung bata pa kami yan ginagawa vitamins sa amin ng parents ko pero true po sa ngayon nakakatakot bumili sa untrusted seller kasi baka may halo na tubig.

    2. I really love Honey,And more benefits 💗💗

    3. We love honey ,it was really nice and healthy and beneficial to us,now I'm aware of the right choice for us,to find the purest one !

    4. Thanks for sharing this daddy ivan gusto ko din talaga bumili ng honey kso dko alam kung saan ba pwede bumili na legit honey. Thanks for this po🥰

    5. Marshal honey... im not saying its not pure. But im just saying its not FDA approved and FDA warned not to distribute sabi dito. https://www.fda.gov.ph/fda-advisory-no-2020-1406-public-health-warning-against-the-purchase-and-consumption-of-the-following-unregistered-food-products/