8 Top Things Dads Will Love About Traveling on a Cruise Ship

January 26, 2023

Since cruise ships are also designed with Dads In mind, here are some of the top things that they will particularly love.

One need only take a cursory glance at today’s cruise ships, say cruising specialists at CruiseCompete, to appreciate that cruise ships are increasingly being designed with men in mind. Whether accompanied by family, traveling solo, or on a “guy’s cruise,” dads (and men, in general) of all ages will never lack for the countless amenities that have been designed for their travel benefit.

8 Top Things Dads Will Love About Traveling on a Cruise Ship
Photo by Marcello Sokal

8 Top Things Dads Will Love About Traveling on a Cruise Ship

    Consider but a few of the reasons any man is likely to find their travel excursion unforgettable:

    Unlimited food – any time of the day

    Casual buffets and bistro-style cafes offer light menu items. Want a burger or pizza during the wee hours? No problem - on virtually all ships, you can order pizza or room service 24 hours a day. While specialty restaurants tend to offer a reservations-only dining experience, most eateries are open dining, with casual attire welcome.

    Alcohol and Cigar Bars

    For those over 21, international brewers showcase signature and specialty beers and sponsor special onboard beer-tasting parties. For the more sophisticated palate, the lines offer wine-tasting opportunities and cigar bars.

    Let the Good Times (& the Dice) Roll

    For the "gambling man", virtually all ocean cruise ships feature floating casinos. Favorites like blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, and slot machines are invariably available, and numerous cruise ports also feature land-based casinos.

    Any Time Is Tee Time

    For men whose preference is the links rather than the pool or beach, golf can still be enjoyed at sea. The current technology of onboard computerized golf simulators is nothing short of amazing, and many cruise lines have expanded their shore excursion offerings to include some of the world's most picturesque and challenging golf. An increasing number of vessels even have to put greens/golf amenities included on an upper deck.

    Hit the Gym

    If you’re in the mood to work off some of those culinary calories, most ships have outstanding running tracks and state-of-the-art gyms/equipment. Nothing like breathing in the fresh sea air during your workout!

    Spa Services

    Cruise industry reports indicate that nearly one-third of spa guests are men. And why not? Whether enjoying massages, facials, and pedicures – or other popular services such as aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy (seawater-based treatments) – men can appreciate spa amenities just as well as anyone else.

    Entertainment Extravaganzas

    Cruise lines invest heavily in their entertainment programs, featuring productions of multimillion-dollar, special effects-laden extravaganzas. Many of the best Broadway shows, award-winning magic acts, and top-headliner comedians are designed with men in mind.

    Miscellaneous Adventures

    Many cruise ships invariably feature such innovations as bowling alleys, Flowrider surfing pools, winding water slides, and challenging rock-climbing walls. More than a few cruise lines also own their own private islands that include such amenities as beach and water sports, snorkeling, boat and kayak rentals, and hiking and sightseeing opportunities.

    Perhaps you’re wondering which cruise lines/vessels feature specific offerings of interest? The good news is that CruiseCompete member agents are the most well-educated, forward-thinking and trusted cruise specialists in the industry. 

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