Family Date at Super Bowl of China SM City Fairview

January 30, 2023

Super Bowl of China is one of our favorite restaurants when we are out with our kids at the mall.

We’ve been going out on a family date at Super Bowl of China during the last two or three times that we were at SM City Fairview. It’s become our favorite, primarily because Miguel and Rafa love their food, particularly their Yang Chow fried rice and Birthday Noodles.

Super Bowl of China Wanton Noodle Soup
Wanton Noodle Soup

Family Date at Super Bowl of China SM City Fairview

    Eating out is a new experience for our children

    Anyway, Mommy Khris and I are trying to make it up to our two kids, especially because we haven’t really gone out in the last two years.

    We felt that they missed a lot during the height of the lockdowns that’s why we’re exposing them little by little to the outside world. They may have missed a small part of their childhood but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t catch up.

    Super Bowl of China Birthday Noodles
    Birthday Noodles

    One aspect where we wanted Miguel & Rafa to catch up on is dining out. When Mommy Khris and I were just new parents, we wanted to take our kids on family dates – hear Mass every Sunday then eat somewhere after that. None of those happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    in any case, since the health restrictions have eased and the COVID-19 cases have gone down, we’re starting to slowly venture out into the outside world with Miguel and Rafa. We’ve always had celebrations at home and we regularly had our favorite food items delivered. However, eating out is an entirely new experience for Miguel and Rafa and we wanted them to appreciate the joy of enjoying delicious food with us.

    It's a good thing that Super Bowl of China has big seats that can accommodate large groups of diners. That’s not to mention that they also offer delicious food in their menu that our children really like.

    Our family dining experience at Super Bowl of China SM City Fairview

    In terms of ambiance, Super Bowl of China is the typical busy restaurant with diners coming and going. The chatter from nearby tables are audible but they’re not bothersome.

    Super Bowl of China Szechuan Shrimps
    Szechuan Shrimps

    What we like about Super Bowl of China SM City Fairview is that it has big tables that are comfortable. It’s especially advantageous for us when we have two active kids with us. Speaking of active kids, this was the time when Rafa broke the soy sauce dispenser on our table. The server was quick enough in cleaning the spilled soy sauce.

    What we usually order at Super Bowl of China SM City Fairview

    We love to order Yang Chow fried rice and Birthday Noodles because those are what our kids love. We also order crispy fried chicken because the kids love it, too.

    Aside from these, we’ve also tried the wanton noodle soup, Szechuan shrimp (this is spicy, so not for kids), pork barbecue, and fried spring rolls. For desserts/drinks, our favorite is the black gulaman.

    Super Bowl of China BBQ Pork Asado
    BBQ Pork Asado

    The amount of food that we ordered was quite indulgent because we want our children to have the fill of their favorite dishes. Nonetheless, we always have the leftovers wrapped for takeout.


    All in all, it’s always a nice experience eating out at Super Bowl of China SM City Fairview. The service is always fast and efficient and the staff is friendly. We also love that we can bond with our kids over good food.

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