A Day Out With The Kids at iActive SM City Fairview

January 08, 2023

Sharing our wonderful experience at iActive SM City Fairview.

We’ve been taking our two children to iActive in SM City Fairview since about a month ago. The declining COVID-19 cases as well as the easing restrictions in Metro Manila have given us the confidence to bring our children to the mall. Suffice it to say that Miguel and Rafa couldn’t contain their happiness whenever we are at iActive. In fact, during the last time that we were there, it took as a great deal to convince Rafa that it was time to go.

A toy at at iActive SM City Fairview

A Day Out With The Kids at iActive SM City Fairview

Anyway, before the start of the pandemic, our children’s pediatrician advised us to take Miguel to play areas, whether indoor or outdoor, to develop his sensory skills. We were able to take Miguel once to an indoor play area in SM City Fairview but that was just it. Metro Manila, as well as the rest of the Philippines, was suddenly in strict community quarantine.

Little boy enjoying the trampoline at at iActive SM City Fairview

We saw how Miguel enjoyed his time at iActive so we longed for the time when we could take him and Rafa to play there. The perfect timing came during the middle of 2022.

Mommy and Rafa at iActive SM City Fairview

Why do we love iActive, you ask? We like the variety of things that our children can do at iActive. We also love that it has trampolines, which Miguel really enjoys. There are also slides, which both Miguel and Rafa really like, as well as toys that encourage pretend play. Overall, we just like the happy ambiance inside iActive.

When do we usually visit iActive? We like to go there early, most of the time our target is to be there as soon as the SM City Fairview opens. Of course, with two children, we usually arrive an hour after mall opening but that is still ideal because there aren’t many people inside iActive yet. The number of people increases after lunchtime so we try to avoid that for health and safety purposes.

Daddy and Rafa at iActive SM City Fairview

We usually stay at iActive for only an hour but with Rafa wanting to stay a little longer, we might just stay for two hours during our next visit.

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