Reminiscing Happy Childhood Memories With Iced Gem Biscuits

September 10, 2022

Iced Gem Biscuits never fails to evoke happy childhood memories in me.

One of the snack items that I was crazy about as a kid was Iced Gem Biscuits. I remember buying them every recess time and even after school. Those were happy and carefree childhood days when all I cared about was getting done with school and assignments so that I can head outside and play with my friends.

A pack of Iced Gem Biscuits

Reminiscing Happy Childhood Memories With Iced Gem Biscuits

    What is Iced Gem Biscuits?

    I guess Iced Gem Biscuits were made especially for children; they’re colorful icings on top of cookies. Once you start eating them, it would be a challenge to stop until you’ve finished the entire bag.

    For a while, I thought that Iced Gem Biscuits were already pulled out from the market until I saw social media posts about it some two years ago. To say that I was excited was an understatement. Iced Gem Biscuits were like a happy memory plucked right out of my childhood days.

    Colorful Iced Gem Biscuits

    What’s more, I thought that my kids would also definitely love Iced Gem Biscuits. With that, I made a note to check the bread and pastries section the next time we go grocery shopping. Luckily, there were Iced Gem Biscuits in the nearby supermarket, so we bought a big bag of it.

    As expected, Miguel and Rafa immediately loved the Iced Gem Biscuits, but it was Miguel who seemed to be more in love with it. Miguel would always ask for it, however, he would just eat the icings and leave the biscuits to me. I was half expecting that to happen, after all, the colorful icings are hard to resist.

    As for Rafa, he enjoys identifying the colors of the icings when I show them to him. It’s still a fun activity though that we both enjoy doing.

    Where to buy Iced Gem Biscuits?

    Iced Gem Biscuits are available in all leading supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience store (including your friendly neighborhood store) nationwide. Here’s another good news – you can buy Iced Gem Biscuits in Lazada and Shopee and have them conveniently shipped right in your doorstep.


    I loved Iced Gem Biscuits as a child and I’m happy to know that they’re still available in the market because now my kids can enjoy them, too. They’re part of my happy childhood memories and I hope that Iced Gem Biscuits becomes part of my own children’s happy memories as well.

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