Our Weekend Family Bonding at Quezon City Memorial Circle

May 09, 2023

If you want a quick and easy on the pocket weekend family bonding with your family, the Quezon City Memorial Circle is a good idea.

Whenever we asked Rafa where he wanted to go, he would always exclaim, “I want to go to the park!” With that, we made a plan to take the kids to Quezon City Memorial Circle one weekend. I’m sure many of you have heard about Quezon City Memorial Circle as it’s one of the most popular spots for hanging out in Metro Manila that won’t make a dent in your budget. First, it’s a public park, meaning everybody is free to enter. Second, families can do many fun activities at Quezon City Memorial Circle. Third, the prices of items being sold inside Quezon City Memorial Circle are relatively affordable unlike in other popular spots. Furthermore, Quezon City Memorial Circle is also a great place to visit for those who love plants.

Bike ride at Quezon City Memorial Circle

Our Weekend Family Bonding at Quezon City Memorial Circle

Anyway, we went to QC Circle the day after Miguel’s educational tour. Mommy Khris and I were feeling a little guilty because we had to sneak out of the house while Rafa was asleep just because we couldn’t take him with us on his Kuya Miguel’s tour. To make it up to him, we promised to take him to the park as soon as we arrived home.

Things to do at Quezon City Memorial Circle

And that’s what we did. The following day, we headed to QC Circle right before lunchtime. Rafa couldn’t contain his excitement along the way. We asked him if he wanted Dunkin’ Donuts and he said, “Ayaw Dunkin’ Donuts. Gusto park!” (I don’t like Dunkin’ Donuts. I want to go to the park!”). He thought that we were offering to go to Dunkin’ Donuts instead of the park so he protested.

Photo with a cosplayer at Quezon City Memorial Circle

Things to do in Quezon City Memorial Circle

When we arrived at Quezon City Memorial Circle, we found a good parking spot and immediately took the kids out to run and play. Expect a lot of people at QC Circle during weekends but they are mostly families who are also just trying to relax and enjoy their time with each other. If you can, you can also find a good spot to set up a picnic blanket.

Shuttle ride at Quezon City Memorial Circle

Here are some of the activities that we did at QC Circle:

  1. Visited the public playground where Miguel and Rafa played on the slides and monkey bars.
  2. Had pictures of the kids taken with cosplayers.
  3. Rode the space shuttle rides which Rafa thought was scary because he said that it flew too high (“I’m scared, it’s so high!,” Rafa said.)
  4. Rafa had his first cotton candy.
  5. Ate lunch at Ces’ Garden Cuisine.
  6. Ate dirty ice cream.
  7. Rode a bicycle.
  8. Bought toys.

I think the highlight of our trip to QC Circle was the bicycle ride. We rented it for one hour (P250) and the kids loved every moment of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t ride a bicycle with a sidecar so it was mostly Mommy Khris and the kids’ tita who were driving them around.

Slide at Quezon City Memorial Circle

By the early afternoon, we were already quite exhausted from the heat so we already decided to go home. Miguel was still protesting but Rada already looked contented. In the end, Mommy Khris and I were happy because we were able to give the kids a good time.

Dress for comfort at Quezon City Memorial Circle

It's important to dress for comfort when visiting the Quezon City Memorial Circle. As such, wear clothes and footwear that will keep you cool and feeling light. What's more, it goes without saying that your children should be as comfy as possible unless you want untimely tantrums and outbursts.

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