Spending A Lazy Sunday Afternoon In UP Diliman

May 04, 2022

We were finally able to bring our kids to UP Diliman and we were glad that they enjoyed our simple Sunday family getaway.

I’ve always considered UP Diliman to be a family-friendly destination in Metro Manila. Back when I was in college, I often see families with small kids playing in the Sunken Garden, in the amphitheater, or in some open grassy space beside one of the buildings on the campus. On weekends, the Academic Oval is closed to traffic and comes alive with joggers and children.

Admin Building in UP Diliman

Spending A Lazy Sunday Afternoon In UP Diliman

Having said that, I said to myself that I will take my kids to play in UP Diliman someday. That opportunity came last weekend when Mommy Khris and I brought Miguel and Rafa for a lazy Sunday afternoon in UP Diliman. It was our very first family getaway within Metro Manila which we were able to comfortably do because we now have our very own family car.

One of our main goals for buying a family car is to have the freedom to move around and go to the places that we’ve always wanted to visit, without having to worry about booking a ride or bringing too much kiddie stuff.

Miguel walking in UP Diliman
Kuya Miguel

Anyway, we parked behind the UP College of Music (Abelardo Hall) but I also saw that there are parking spaces in Bahay ng Alumni and even on the roadside. We then went to the amphitheater behind the UP Administration Building where our two kids ran non-stop. We were happy for Rafa because it was his first time being in an open public space. Come to think of it, Miguel hasn’t previously been to a park as well.

Rafa walking in UP Diliman

We just let the kids play and enjoy the afternoon sun. Take note that there are also other people in UP Diliman so be sure to maintain proper distancing from them. Just the same, the open spaces in UP Diliman are big so you need not worry about big crowds forming unless, of course, you are attending an event or a rally. I’m sure you are sensible enough not to bring your children to a rally.

UP Diliman Acad Oval

When the kids are all sweaty and Miguel is already asking me to carry him, we bought them dirty ice cream (it’s one of the things that you shouldn’t miss doing when in UP Diliman). The flavors were avocado, mango, and cheese. Rafa enjoyed his ice cream so much while Miguel didn’t quite like the flavors, most likely it was the avocado.

By late afternoon, we bid UP Diliman goodbye but left a promise that we will be back soon.

Trees in UP Diliman

Some important notes when bringing children to UP Diliman:

  • Have them wear light clothes and bring extra shirts because they will get sweaty.
  • Don’t forget the insect repellent spray or lotion. UP Diliman has many trees, plants, and a lagoon that are home to both non-harmful and biting insects.
  • Having a stroller in your car is a good idea just in case one of your kids gets sleepy.
  • Bring water and snacks.
  • Even if vehicles are not allowed inside the Acad Oval on weekends, it’s always a good idea to keep a keen eye on your children when they are playing.

Do you also like going to UP Diliman? What’s your most memorable experience in there? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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