A Quick Date At Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview

August 14, 2022

We recently had a quick date at Ramen Nagi at SM City Fairview and here's our experience.

Parents should make time for dates no matter how busy they are. I think that’s been said over and over again but with the many responsibilities on our plate, it’s a struggle even for us to find time to have a date outside. As such, when an opportunity presented itself, off we went to Ramen Nagi in SM City Fairview for a much-needed quick date. Plus, I had gift certificates with me which I won from Why We Dine’s Facebook live game.

A Quick Date At Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview

A Quick Date At Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview

    Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview’s ambiance

    Ramen Nagi is admittedly one of our favorite ramen restaurants in Metro Manila. We used to eat at Ramen Nagi near PBCom Tower (Salcedo Village) in Makati but hadn’t done so in a long time because of the pandemic.

    As for Ramen Nagi’s brand in SM City Fairview, we used to order frozen ramen for take-out but we haven’t really tried dining in. Now that we had the chance to eat here, the experience is somehow similar to our previous experience in Salcedo Village. This branch in SM City Fairview is a lot busier and that is probably because it’s a big branch. In fact, we didn’t have to wait long to be seated.

    Overall, it’s a lively branch with big groups of people eating here.

    What we ordered at Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview

    We ordered our favorite Butao King for Mommy Khris while I wanted to try the Black King. We also ordered a plate of Chicken Karaage, one of the very few chicken dishes that I can tolerate.

    Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview Butao King
    Butao King

    The Butao King is as consistently delicious as the one that we tasted in Ramen Nagi in Salcedo Village. The mildly rich broth is bursting with flavors and beckons you to slurp it non-stop. The noodles, meanwhile, are firm to the bite and tasted superb.

    Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview Black King
    Black King

    It was also our first time trying the Black King. It’s made of blackened garlic and squid ink but it’s surprisingly well-balanced in terms of flavor and not too overpowering. The Black King is also very delicious.

    Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview chicken karaage
    Chicken Karaage

    The Chicken Karaage is the perfect side dish because it’s crunchy. We love eating it with the shredded cabbage mixed with Japanese mayonnaise.


    Overall, we had a great quick date at Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview. The food was served fast and they’re really delicious. The bowls of ramen were hearty and comforting; we’d never get tired of eating them. The service is also very efficient so those are plus points in providing a great dining experience to customers.

    Ramen Nagi SM City Fairview Teaco

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