Ramen Nagi’s Take-Out Food Packs

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Here’s my review of the Ramen Nagi Butao King frozen food pack that we bought from their kiosk at the mall.

Ramen Nagi is currently our most favorite Japanese noodle soup restaurant. If there’s one restaurant that Khris and I missed so much during the quarantine, it was Ramen Nagi. We love ramen, in general, but there’s something about Ramen Nagi that we keep coming back to. Maybe it’s the flavorful broth, the firm noodles, or the delicious sidings.

Ramen Nagi's Butao King take-out pack
Ramen Nagi's Butao King take-out pack

Ramen Nagi’s Take-Out Food Packs

    Whatever the reason is, it’s always Ramen Nagi that easily comes to mind when we think of a good ramen restaurant. It’s just sad though that Ramen Nagi didn’t offer any take-out or delivery options for their noodle soups because we’d also love to have it at the comfort of our own home, without having to wait in line for a long time.

    Anyway, all of that change when we discovered that Ramen Nagi is already offering food packs for takeaway.

    How we discovered Ramen Nagi’s frozen food offerings

    During one of our weekend grocery runs at SM Fairview, we saw that Ramen Nagi had already opened an outlet here. But that’s not all, since dine in was limited because of the quarantine, there was a kiosk outside the restaurant that had a freezer of Ramen Nagi’s signature ramen and side dish selections. Lo and behold, it’s the answer to our prayers!

    Here’s what you can buy for take-out, which includes Ramen Nagi's ramen variants and side dishes. 

    Ramen flavors:

    • Butao King (good for two) – P790
    • Red King (good for two) - P900
    • Black King (good for two) – P900
    • Green King (good for two) – P900

    There’s also a new flavor that we saw, the Bolzico Sukiyaki King (good for two) which is priced at P990.

    Side dishes

    • Gyoza Box (good for six) – P800
    • Chicken Karaage Box (good for four) – P750
    • Chasu Rice (good for six) – P650
    • Nagi Chips (haven’t tried this one yet) – P105

    We ordered Butao King for take-out

    We ordered the Original Butao and the store personnel took it out of the freezer frozen solid. That’s good because that meant that the ingredients will remain fresh when we arrive home. We thawed it for about an hour before finally cooking it.

    The instructions in the container are easy to follow. First, heat the soup, then add the noodles and the other ingredients. You can top it with a soft-boiled egg but we opted not to.

    In terms of the taste, well, it was as delicious as we remember it to be. There was no difference in terms of taste as compared to the ones served in their restaurants.

    Ramen Nagi’s delivery option

    What’s good about Ramen Nagi is that they also offer delivery options. Ramen Nagi delivers single orders of the ramen variants and the side dishes. Aside from these, Ramen Nagi’s delivery service offers bundled meals that are perfect for your family meals. These are the following:

    Butao Bundle 

    This contains two (2) Butao to-go that’s equivalent to four bowls, one order (10 pieces) of Gyoza to-go, and one order (10 pieces) of Karaage to go. The price of this bundle is P1,800.

    Kings Bundle 

    The Kings Bundle contains three (3) ramen to-go of your choice (either Butao, Red, Green, or Black), one order (10 pieces) of Gyoza, and one order (10 pieces) of Chicken Karaage. This bundle is good for six people and costs P2,700.

    Ramen Regimen 

    This package contains one each of Ramen Nagi’s four (4) ramen variants. This is equivalent to eight (8) bowls and costs P2,700.

    Feast for a King 

    The Feast for a King is good for 10 people and contains four (4) ramen to-go of choice. This is equivalent to eight to 10 bowls. This also contains one order (10 pieces) of Karaage Jr., one order (10 pieces) of Gyoza Jr., one order (eight pieces) of Pork Katsu Roll Jr., and one Chasu Rice Jr. This bundle costs P4,000.

    To order, you can go to their website and choose the food that you like from the available options.


    We’ve long been wishing for Ramen Nagi to provide take-out and delivery options and we’re glad that they now do so. We can always enjoy our favorite ramen flavors and side dishes just by ordering at Ramen Nagi at the convenience and safety of our home.

    Ramen Nagi's take-out and delivery options

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