Ryu Ramen and Curry: Delicious and Homegrown Japanese Restaurant

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Ryu Ramen and Curry is one restaurant that we keep coming back to. First, it’s because of the food, of course. Second, it’s just at SM Jazz Residences, which is at the ground floor of our condominium.

Ryu Ramen and Curry is one restaurant that we keep coming back to. First, it’s because of the food, of course. Second, it’s just at SM Jazz Residences, which is at the ground floor of our condominium.

Ryu Ramen and Curry

Ryu Ramen and Curry is a homegrown brand but judging from the taste of their offerings, you would think that it is an authentic Japanese restaurant. It is owned by singer and songwriter Mr. Ogie Alcasid together with several partners. We first had a taste of Ryu’s ramen at the time when we were just starting to get curious with that beloved Japanese noodle dish.

We thought Kichitora was the best ramen place to go but when we got a sip of Ryu Ramen’s broth, we reckoned right away that it was a strong contender to that title. Ryu Ramen’s menu is quite extensive, providing diners a hefty option with eight ramen variants and eighteen extra toppings to choose from, eight curry variants, seven donburi dishes, six ala carte offerings, and classic Japanese appetizers.

Our much loved ramen variants are the Tantanmen and the Shio Ramen. Among the curry dishes, Katsu Curry is hands down our favorite.

Tantanmen is Ryu’s best-selling ramen dish. It’s a spicy miso-based broth with ground pork, soft-boiled egg, negi, a dash of garlic oil, two slices of yielding chasu pork, and a generous sprinkling of spring onions. This hearty bowl is a mélange of flavors; it truly satisfies the palate with its explosion of tastes. A bit thick in consistency, the soup is almost like a rich sauce coating the noodles.

We have also tried the Yaki Buta, a milder version of the Tantanmen and topped with slightly seared pork ribs. Taste and flavor are almost the same as the Tantanmen but the pork ribs with its lightly burnt edges gave the soup a faintly smoky tang.

Ryu Ramen and Curry
Shio Ramen

Meanwhile, when we are craving a lighter yet still flavorful soup bowl, we would order the Shio Ramen. It’s very basic – salt-based broth, generous vegetable shreds, and two tender slices of chasu pork. It has a mild flavor but it still does its job well of pleasing our palate.

If we want a filling rice meal, we would always order the Katsu Curry. This is thick slices of pork tonkatsu, served with a rich curry sauce and rice on the side. I am not a fan of curry, at least not the Indian or other Southeast Asian variants, but the sauce of Ryu Ramen’s Katsu Curry has a more pleasant flavor. It’s not too aromatic nor is it too spiced with ginger and turmeric. The taste and the aroma are just right, complementing the somehow bland tonkatsu really well and perfect with rice.

Ryu Ramen and Curry
Katsu Curry
For appetizers, the gyoza is a good dish to start off your meal. These are plump dumplings filled with vegetables and your choice of pork or chicken and shrimp. We prefer it with pork filing and then pan fried.

Ryu Ramen and Curry

All in all, it’s always an enjoyable meal each time we come at Ryu Ramen and Curry for a visit. They have spacious interiors with simple decors, a perfect temporary hideout from the sometimes chaotic office life nearby.

Ryu Ramen and Curry offers great food, competitive pricing, and commendable service; the only formula that restaurants need in order to lure patrons and foodies back.

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