XO 46 Heritage Bistro: Filipino Restaurant Extraordinaire

July 11, 2018

XO 46 Heritage Bistro provides quite an unforgettable experience to its guests with its outstanding Filipino food and the use of the Tagalog language.

XO 46 Heritage Bistro is probably one of the finest Filipino restaurants that we have ever been to. Their take on classic Filipino cooking is outstanding; we have never tasted anything from their menu that was not likable.

Crispy pork binagoongan at XO 46 Heritage Bistro
Crispy pork binagoongan

XO 46 Heritage Bistro: Filipino Restaurant Extraordinaire

    Our experience at XO Heritage Bistro

    What is most striking about XO Heritage Bistro is the strict use of the servers of the Tagalog language. It was quite amusing hearing the waiters and waitresses speaking deep Tagalog words. 

    Salawikain at XO 46 Heritage Bistro

    XO 46 Heritage Bistro has lovely interiors, not too spacious but just enough to accommodate a good number of diners. It’s not so much as a venue for parties, business dinners, or large gatherings; XO 46 Heritage Bistro, however, is excellent for intimate dinners with friends or family.

    Conversations need not be loud nor muted because the tables are spaced adequately to allow a little privacy among patrons.

    The food

    So how does one start his culinary journey at XO 46 Heritage Bistro? To begin with, the servers will give customers complimentary rice cakes with two dipping sauces – crab fat and margarine.

    Puto or rice cakes at XO 46 Heritage Bistro
    Complimentary puto

    Like a fortune cookie, this starter comes with a rolled paper on the side but that’s as far as the similarity goes. XO 46 Heritage Bistro’s little scroll bears Filipino proverbs instead of a fortune reading.

    Over the course of several years, there are dishes at XO 46 Heritage Bistro that we have come to love the most. Here are our top favorite dishes from this restaurant:

    XO 46 Heritage Bistro's Crispy Binagoongan

    When Khris and I think about comfort food, this easily comes to mind. If we are in a celebratory mood, we order Crispy Binagoongan. When we want to eat to relieve stress, we go for Crispy Binagoongan.

    XO 46 Heritage Bistro Crispy Binagoongan is made of crispy pork belly and slivers of eggplant sautéed and simmered in bagoong (shrimp paste). 

    The rich oil from the pork belly combined with the slightly sweet, salty, and spicy flavors of the bagoong is superb with heaps of rice. Definitely go easy on this dish though if you are watching your cholesterol levels.

    Hacienda Style Molo Soup 

    XO 46 Heritage Bistro’s Molo Soup is another outstanding demonstration of culinary brilliance. The hot soup is teeming with flavors making each sip (or slurp) extra comforting. 

    Hacienda-style molo soup at XO 46 Heritage Bistro
    Hacienda-style molo soup

    The meatballs are also big and meaty, thus, greatly satisfying to the palate. In itself, it can already be eaten with rice.

    Sinigang na Salmon sa Mustasa 

    If you are craving a classic Pinoy dish, this is another worthy choice. Large meaty chunks of salmon are simmered in a sour broth and cooked with fresh mustard leaves and slices of white radish. 

    Sinigang na salmon sa mustasa at XO 46 Heritage Bistro
    Sinigang na salmon sa mustasa

    Sinigang na Salmon sa Mustasa will conjure memories of dawdling rainy days when you just want to stay at home and keep yourself warm by sipping your favorite hot soup, on its own or with rice.

    Relyenong Talong

    This seemingly unassuming dish is a surprise. When we first ordered Relyenong Talong (stuffed eggplant), we just could not decide on which vegetable siding to get. We did not expect much from it because we did not know how it tasted.

    Relyenong talong at XO 46 Heritage Bistro
    Relyenong talong

    After the first spoonful though, this Relyenong Talong had instantly become a favorite because it was packed with delicious flavors. It was just eggplant rolls filled with ground meat and drizzled with a sweet-salty sauce; simple but scrumptious nonetheless.

    Pritong Pusit na Malutong

    Pritong pusit na malutong at XO 46 Heritage Bistro
    Pritong pusit na malutong

    This is a simple bowl of crispy squid rings with spicy chili sauce and a slice of lime. Although minimalist, this is one dish that would go really well with hot rice although I think it’s also good with beer.

    Panghimagas (desserts)

    Halo-halo at XO 46 Heritage Bistro

    For those who love desserts, XO 46 Heritage Bistro has a selection of native cakes and sweets like halo-halo, sapin-sapin, biko, and cassava cake, to name some. 

    Our verdict

    Each dish was on point in terms of taste and serving size. XO 46 Heritage Bistro did an admirable job in honoring timeless Pinoy food.

    The price is a little on the steep side but the quality of XO 46 Heritage Bistro’s cooking speaks for it. The service is good and fast, and your ears will be treated to eloquent Tagalog which sounded like poetry. 

    All in all, XO 46 Heritage Bistro is one restaurant that we can confidently recommend to those who are looking for delicious Filipino food.

    XO 46 Heritage Bistro branches

    XO 46 Heritage Bistro has outlets in the following locations. You may call your preferred branch at the indicated telephone number.

    SM Mall of Asia (MOA)

    Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
    Telephone numbers: +63288053850 and +639663347724

    Salcedo Village

    Ground Floor, Le Grand Building, 130 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
    Telephone numbers: +63285536632 and +63285536635

    SM Aura Premier

    Third Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
    Telephone numbers: +63285536566 and +639275907335

    Capitol Commons

    Basement Level, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City
    Telephone numbers: +63285321652 and +639151517083

    Century City Mall

    Second Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City
    Telephone number: +63285321652

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    1. It's breakfast time here and you've made me hungry.

      1. Haha. Sorry about that. I hope you had a good meal. Thank you very much for dropping by!

    2. Haha. Sorry about that. I hope you had a good meal. Thank you very much for dropping by!