Warung Indo brings the unique taste of Indonesian cuisine to the Philippines

Monday, 9 July 2018

Warung Indo offers flavorful Indonesian and Chinese fares that will beckon you to return.

Warung Indo offers flavorful Indonesian and Chinese fares that will beckon you to return.

I honestly do not know how Indonesian cuisine tastes like and I guess most Filipinos would agree with me. My only concept of it is that it's spicy but that's about as far as my knowledge goes. So when Khris and I saw this restaurant called Warung Indo along San Agustin Street at Salcedo Village, we were instantly interested to try it.

Warung Indo Nasi Goreng and Chicken Satay
Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay

This is actually one of our two beloved restaurant discoveries along that street, the other one being Sultan Mediterranean Grill. The restaurant itself stands in an unassuming location, it can almost be considered as a hole-in-the-wall establishment. Nonetheless, it’s really hard to ignore Warung Indo because of the delicious aroma that wafts out of its doors. In fact, we still smell this mouth-watering scent each time we cross San Agustin Street. Part of its magic to lure foodies inside, I guess.  

Its interiors are small, save for a few decorations adorning its walls. There are only a few wooden tables inside so it cannot really accommodate big groups of diners. Nothing too fancy with Warung Indo, even the menus are laminated printed cardboards that you often see in carinderias.

I have heard though that they have recently redecorated their interiors but we have yet to pay them another visit. As can be expected, there was nothing familiar in the menu so we relied on the descriptions to get an idea on what the food was all about. It made deciding hard but, at the same time, it lent credence to the authenticity of the array of food in the list.

Notable is the absence of pork dishes, understandable because Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country. We settled on dishes that did not sound too risky. We ordered Nasi Goreng (Special Fried Rice) with Chicken Satay (Php 225) which was basically grilled chicken on skewers and served with peanut sauce. We also had Seafood Curry (Php 250), just to balance out the flavors, and Chicken and Mushroom Noodle Soup (Php 180).

Warung Indo Seafood Curry
Seafood Curry 
The Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay was huge; it was like four cups of rice served with scrambled egg, and fish crackers. It can feed anybody with a huge appetite or, in our case, two hungry people. This was really good and filling. The rice was flavorful; I really loved it with the scrambled egg. The chicken satay was smoky and tender, and the slightly sweet and salty peanut sauce complemented the flavors of the chicken.

The Seafood Curry was nicely creamy and slightly spicy. I am not really a curry fan but I wanted to try a seafood version to see how it was like. I would definitely say it was good, especially because it had generous helpings of squid, shrimp, and fish. I found the flavors mellower as compared to curried meats. The servings were also hefty and did not disappoint.

Warung Indo Chicken and Mushroom noodle soup
Chicken and Mushroom Noodle Soup
The steaming Chicken and Mushroom Noodle Soup, meanwhile, provided a respite in between spoonfuls of the rich flavors of the Nasi Goreng and the curry. Even so, the hot soup with its generous toppings was flavorsome. Again, one bowl of this soup was big enough for sharing. This came with a sambal sauce, which I also instantly liked.

Sambal sauce is a spicy paste made from chilies, garlic, fish sauce, palm sugar, lime juice, and sometimes, vinegar. It was no doubt spicy but the flavors of the other ingredients were apparent. We have not been back to Warung Indo for quite some time but we are excited to try out something new from their menu soon.

Warung Indo is located at LPL Manor, Ground Floor, San Agustin, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

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