Sultan Mediterranean Grill: One Of Our Best Discoveries

March 15, 2018

If you want delicious Middle Eastern food, you might also want to try Sultan's Mediterranean Grill.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill is possibly one of our best foodie discoveries in the Salcedo district of Makati. It was a purely random discovery but, as we most often know, those are almost always the most exciting ones.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill: One Of Our Best Discoveries

Beef Keema at Sultan Mediterranean Grill
Beef keema

    Discovering Sultan's Mediterranean Grill

    We got tired of the restaurants and fast-food chains around the Ayala and Valero areas so we decided to look around a “dark street” for a decent meal. There, we spotted Sultan Mediterranean Grill, an unassuming restaurant, neither big nor splendid. Sultan Mediterranean Grill was actually very plain and could easily be ignored. 

    It was a good thing, a stroke of luck even, that we decided to give it a try since we missed eating in our favorite kebab restaurant in Quezon City.

    Honestly, Sultan Mediterranean Grill did not quite make a good first impression. The entrance was cramped and the air-conditioning was busted when we first stepped in. But the aroma coming out of the kitchen and the sight of the food being served were heavenly.

    The food

    After the menu was handed to us, we took our time to review the food items in there. We eventually ordered Sultan’s Signature Hummus Dip, Greek Salad, Special Kebab Platter, Beef Keema, and Fruit Yogurt Shakes.

    Hummus at Sultan Mediterranean Grill

    Sultan’s Signature Hummus Dip is a great starter. This is Sultan’s house-made hummus dip, made from blended chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon, and garlic. The pita bread that came with it, meanwhile, is light and chewy and went well with the thick yet smooth hummus dip. 

    We were somehow expecting the hummus to be bland but it turned out flavorful, with hints of garlic and olive oil. This was addicting to eat.

    The Greek Salad, meanwhile, is traditional salad greens, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, and feta cheese. This is a very light and healthy plate, also perfect as a starter.

    Sultan Mediterranean Grill's Special Kebab Platter
    The Special Kebab Platter

    For those who are undecided on which dish to get, Sultan Mediterranean Grill’s Special Kebab Platter is a good pick. This is a combination platter of one koobideh and one kebab of your choice served with rice and salad. 

    This Kebab Platter is perfect for diners who would want to enjoy some of the restaurant’s bestsellers without having to order too much. The koobideh will always be my favorite because it was cooked juicy and tender. The meat is packed with flavors and goes well with buttered rice, garlic sauce, and a little hot sauce. The taste is superb and very comforting.

    The Beef Keema was also good but is not as outstanding as the koobideh and the kebab. On separate occasions, we have also tried the Beef Shawarma, Sultan’s Moussaka, and Sultan’s Baked Ziti. Sultan’s Moussaka is a dish that we tried for the first time. 

    Food selection at Sultan Mediterranean Grill

    This is a traditional Greek dish made of layers of beef, cheese, and eggplant which is then baked. Think of it as lasagna but instead of pasta, it uses eggplant slices. This savory dish is heavy and can be a meal on its own. Surprisingly, Sultan Mediterranean Grill also makes good Baked Ziti.

    The perfect way to cap a meal of savory meats perhaps is a tall glass of Sultan Mediterranean Grill’s fruit shake. This is yogurt blended in with your choice of fresh mango, banana, strawberry, or mixed berry. The slightly acerbic flavor of the yogurt and the sweetness of the fruits are perfect palate cleansers.

    Our verdict

    All in all, our meals at Sultan Mediterranean Grill are always satisfying. The food is consistently good, the flavors are great, and the servings are big.

    In terms of price, Sultan Mediterranean Grill’s menu features items that range from P125 to P595. That's not bad at all considering the quality of the food. If you would like to have a few drinks with your food, Sultan Mediterranean Grill also serves alcoholic beverages.

    Sultan Mediterranean Grill is located at UG9 Valero Plaza Condominium 124 San Augustin, Makati City. For inquiries, you may call the telephone number (02) 8894 5909. Food delivery is available via Foodpanda.

    Sultan Mediterranean Grill review

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    1. This is a must visit place. The foods are awesome.

    2. Wow!! Grabe Sobrang sarap naman nito daddy ivan ❤️😋 Must visit po dito sa restaurant nila ❤️

    3. Yay kakagutom naman po yung food nila must visit yung place worth the price din po kasi tingin pa lang masarap yung food.

    4. A new place = a new experience. Sometimes it is good to bump into places that are not eye catcher, because you will never what you will find there. And good thing you found a gem in Sultan Mediterranean grill. Offering good food that are not the usual for us, nice experience

    5. I really want some of this, Really should Visit this place and Try the Yummmy and Delicious food there, talagang Hindi ka Magsisisi sa ibabayad Mo dahil sa sobrang sarap ng lahat ng kakainin Mo... hindi po talaga tinipid sa ingredients, very Nice and Unforgettable Experience po talaga ang Mararanasan mo dito ..