3 Top Reasons Why People Love IKEA Furniture

March 14, 2018

Find out my people all over the world love IKEA furniture.

Local fans of IKEA can finally look forward to the opening of the Swedish furniture giant’s first stores in the Philippines. IKEA is a worldwide furniture brand loved by many because of its practical designs that address the different needs of people's homes.

3 Top Reasons Why People Love IKEA Furniture

TV on top of an IKEA furniture
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    The buzz about IKEA's arrival in the Philippines

    There was also a job posting on the employment social networking site LinkedIn for a Design Manager who will be based in Manila. 

    Details of the job posting read “We want to fill this position with a strong and passionate experienced architect, who has a keen sense of commerciality and attention to details, capable of driving our ambitious projects by supporting the Property & Expansion team in the execution of the first IKEA Manila Store, enabling to position IKEA as the Leader in life at home in the Philippines. The role is based in Manila, Philippines.”

    The job post further said that the position is “Reporting to the Construction Project Manager in Manila and in the matrix to the Design Manager IKEA in the Service Office in Singapore, you will work closely together with the design team and play a crucial role in preparing, planning, and executing our first IKEA store in the Philippines.” 

    The job post eventually expired but if you are interested to apply for a job opportunity in Ikea Philippines, you can check local openings here.

    What people like about IKEA

    When news about IKEA's opening in the Philippines, many people were excited. Finally, they could have their dream IKEA furniture in their home. But why do people love IKEA furniture? Here are possible reasons why:

    1. IKEA costs less

    IKEA furniture is shipped unassembled, which means that the overall cost of the product is greatly reduced. For people who are transporting the items themselves, it makes the furniture easy to carry around especially when commuting because it is packed smaller. , there is something about assembling items that excite a lot of people, so that's another reason to love IKEA.

    2. The items are designed for practicality

    IKEA's products combine form, function, quality, and sustainability. As such, the products are not just for aesthetic purposes or space fillers; they are there because they have a function to fulfill. What's more, there is a specific IKEA product for every home size, location, finish, or design.

    3. IKEA promotes sustainability and workplace equality

    One of IKEA's mission is to reduce the impact on the environment of its products and operations. IKEA also aims to inspire its customers to make better choices in favor of the environment. IKEA is also promoting equal opportunities both in its offices and all other areas where it operates.

    IKEA's worldwide presence

    In the Asia Pacific Region, IKEA has a presence in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

    Globally, IKEA is well-known for its straightforward and well-built design, and functionality of its products.

    IKEA also prides itself by putting consumers first when they develop concepts. Designers are continuously finding many different ways to improve the lives of consumers. 

    That includes coming up with concepts that balance form, function, and ease-on-the-pocket. In the end, IKEA focuses on what is important and not about the fuss.

    You can find out more about Ikea Philippines through its website. IKEA's The philippine office is located at One Esplanade, Mall of Asia Complex, J.W. Diokno Blvd, Pasay City.

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    1. The big question is...will they serve Swedish meatballs? :)

      1. No mention about it but i hope they do. :)

    2. They're finally making use of the idle land in the Fairview area!

      1. Yup. It's just near our house so that's great news.

    3. As for me, I'll be waiting for the food area - if they have it, though.

      1. Looks like they're focusing on selling furniture for now.

    4. That's my favorite thing on their menu.

      1. I'm hoping, too. But there's no mention of it in initial reports. Maybe when they have fully established their furniture line, which, of course, would not be long. They already have a good fan base in the Philippines, I believe.


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