Sweet Tomato Grill: something to look forward to when in St. Luke's Quezon City

November 07, 2019

When in St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City, we always look forward to having lunch or snacks at Sweet Tomato Grill restaurant.

Whenever Khris and I are at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City, we always look forward to having lunch or snacks at Sweet Tomato Grill restaurant.

Sweet Tomato Grill restaurant review

Sweet Tomato Grill: something to look forward to when in St. Luke's Quezon City

    While there are many restaurants within the vicinity of St. Luke’s Medical Center, we keep on coming back to Sweet Tomato Grill because of all the delicious Filipino food included in its menu.


    Sweet Tomato Grill offers a welcoming vibe to its diners. The interiors, while plain and minimal, are clean and lively with the busy buzz of people coming and going, and servers diligently bringing out customers’ orders.

    Sweet Tomato Grill menu
    Sweet Tomato Grill's menu

    It’s really just a simple restaurant, almost like a cafeteria with its wood-and-metal tables and chairs. What’s good about Sweet Tomato Grill though is that there are couches located along the fringes of the interiors where diners can comfortably sit. On the whole, there’s really nothing fancy with how Sweet Tomato Grill looks but at least diners can sit here comfortably.

    Food: Quality and Flavor

    Each time we visit, we like to try out something new at Sweet Tomato Grill. They have quite an extensive array of selections in their menu such as breakfast food, pasta, sandwiches, pancit, starters, vegetables, and meat, fish, and chicken dishes. Even so, we have favorite food items that we seem to never tire of and keep on ordering during our visits.

    Gambas Al Ajillo at Sweet Tomato Grill
    Gambas Al Ajillo

    On a typical visit, we would order a cup of rice (both for Khris and me), a plate of noodles which is typically Pancit Sotanghon, Gambas Al Ajillo for starters, and Lechon Kawali for mains. For dessert, it’s a tall cup of café latte and a slice of cake.

    Of all the noodle dishes offered at Sweet Tomato Grill, we love Pancit Sotanghon the most. This is not the soupy type but just sautéed chicken, vegetables, and noodles. Sotanghon is always a delight to eat because the noodles remain firm, even in chicken noodle soups. Anyway, Sweet Tomato Grill’s Pancit Sotanghon is flavorful and loaded with meat and vegetables. It has the right amount of sauce which makes the dish extra savory and enjoyable to eat.

    Molo soup at Sweet Tomato Grill
    Molo soup

    Aside from Pancit Sotanghon, other noodle dishes that are must-tries are the Molo Soup and the Pancit Lucban. The Molo Soup is unlike the version that we are typically familiar with. Sweet Tomato Grill’s version has thick soup, similar to lomi, and flat noodles. It also has meatballs but, overall, this soup is a heavier version of the usual Molo Soup that we know of.

    On the other hand, the Pancit Lucban tastes very similar to the version that we love – that of Buddy’s. It has flavorful egg noodles and topped with generous slices of vegetables and chunks of crunchy pork belly. We love having this Pancit Lucban for snacks.

    For starters, we always order Gambas Al Ajillo. For six to seven pieces of shrimps, this is quite expensive at Php320. But this is just so good! The shrimps are cooked in a garlicky sauce of olive oil and what appears to be Spanish paprika, and then served with a slice of garlic bread. I like to dip the bread in the sauce to soak in all the flavors. It is so delicious that I also pour the sauce over white rice.

    Lechon kawali at Sweet Tomato Grill
    Lechon kawali

    As for mains, we could never seem to have enough of Lechon Kawali. This classic Filipino sinful favorite is thick-cut pork belly that is deep fried to a wonderful crunch. The skin is salty, oily, and fatty so be sure to eat it in moderation. It is served with liver sauce, the customary dipping sauce for this pork dish. I think most people would agree that it’s hard to go wrong with Lechon Kawali. It’s simple and easy-to-prepare but comes packed with a lot of taste.

    Sinigang na bangus belly at Sweet Tomato Grill
    Sinigang na bangus belly

    If you are looking for healthier or lighter alternatives, there are bangus and pork sinigang dishes available at Sweet Tomato Grill. Both are served in huge bowls and good enough for two to three people.

    Cafe latte at Sweet Tomato Grill
    Cafe Latte

    We love to end our meal with a huge mug of café latte and a slice of cake. I think that’s the best way to cap a good, happy, and filling meal.

    Price and verdict

    The cost per dish typically hovers between the Php250 to Php350 range. It may sound pricey but if you look at the serving size, which is usually good for two to three people, you would realize that it’s actually on the affordable side. Considering also the quality of the food at Sweet Tomato Grill, diners are indeed getting good value for money. 

    Furthermore, there has not been an instance in which we have experienced inefficient service from the servers. They are fast – food is delivered after a reasonable amount of time – and orders are always brought out complete. It’s always a great experience for us eating at Sweet Tomato Grill. All in all, it’s very easy to recommend Sweet Tomato Grill to those who are visiting St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City.


    Sweet Tomato Grill is located at First Floor, St. Luke's Medical Center, E Rodriguez Avenue, Kalusugan, Quezon City. For inquiries, you may call them through their telephone numbers (02) 87230101 and +63 9239051210.

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