8 Strong Reasons Why A New Golden Age Of Cruising Has Returned

July 28, 2022

Find out in this post why and how the golden age of cruising has returned.

It was perhaps 70 years ago when cruise travel was at its height for luxury and formality. Many of us remember seeing pictures of political and celebrity personages – Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor come to mind – on ocean-going luxury liners. Once the province of the very well-to-do, ocean travel has since become more affordable, in some cases, for the rest of us.

An opulent suite in a cruise ship that indicates the golden age of cruising

8 Strong Reasons Why A New Golden Age Of Cruising Has Returned

    However, more affordable pricing is but one aspect of the anticipated cruising renaissance. Today’s cruisers have different priorities than their parents/grandparents. Leading the way is a desire for attire emphasizing comfort over elegance, and a desire to see more exotic, off-the-beaten-path locales never imagined on more traditional itineraries.

    When considering these kinds of changes to cruising, one appreciates that there has never been a better time to enjoy a cruise vacation than today.

    Here are 8 reasons and trends indicating why a resurgence in cruise travel is projected for the duration of 2022 and 2023.

    1. Drop the Formality & Up the Creature Comforts

    Chic passengers today are more casually dressed, love expeditions and adventure, prefer uninhibited destinations, and demand more creature comforts in their cabins and the spa. (For many, children’s clubs are a “must” as well.) 

    These guests are likely to be found in more high-end suites on a smaller, expedition and ultra-luxury ships that didn’t exist decades ago. All-inclusive voyages are also in vogue. See what is included on various lines here https://allthingscruise.com/all-inclusive/.

    2. Unique Pristine Lands Only Touched Rarely by Tourists in High Demand

    While the itineraries to favorite locales such as the Caribbean and Alaska remain in abundance, itineraries to newer, more exotic locales have arisen in recent years. Those preferring more off-the-beaten-path excursions - or those who have already sailed on more traditional itineraries - will be able to experience rare new cruise itineraries.

    3. More Polar region itineraries are being added by many of the cruise lines 

    The Arctic region includes the northern parts of Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the United States (Alaska), and the whole of Greenland and Iceland. The continent of Antarctica has become a popular destination as well. To see ships visiting these areas click on https://www.cruisecompete.com/specials/ and see the Arctic and Antarctica.

    4. More New Ships Sailing. There are more cruise lines – and more vessels – sailing the high seas than at any time in history

    As of this date, there are over 500+ cruise ships in the world (source: Cruise Industry News). The difference in amenities between these ships offers passengers an unparalleled opportunity to select the cruise that is just right for them. See all of the new ships slated to hit the seas. https://allthingscruise.com/newest-ships/

    5. Inclusive Everything 

    Not only are there more lines that include more of everything, from drinks to internet, children complimentary, specialty coffees, arctic gear, shore excursions, butler service, pre and post hotel and sometimes airfare. See what is included https://allthingscruise.com/all-inclusive/

    6. Small Expedition & Ultra-Luxury Ships 

    While the ocean liners of old were very large in size, today’s cruise ships also offer smaller venues – of less than 200 cabins – for travelers preferring the small-vessel experience. Another benefit of smaller ships is their ability to access some ports too small to accommodate larger vessels. Browse all of the lines here: https://www.cruisecompete.com/lines/cruise_lines.html.

    7. Expedition & River Cruise Ships in Abundance 

    In addition to the advent of smaller ships, another development has been the rise of river cruise ships. Offering an altogether different ambiance, these ships have the ability to access river routes and cities unavailable to larger cruise vessels.

    8. Intense Price Competition 

    With international and domestic travel only now returning to pre-pandemic levels, the competition between cruise lines is fierce. More cruise lines – offering more vessels – means you can expect very attractive pricing! Here is a fantastic list of very competitive prices in the range of from $500 to over $25,000.

    The new golden age of cruising is here, with a newer look than in years past. Be among the first to experience the best in your ship selection, itinerary, pricing, and amenities!

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