How To Renew Your Driver’s License This Pandemic

December 24, 2021

Here are the steps on how you can renew your driver's license, including that with a 10-year validity, during this pandemic.

I recently applied for the renewal of my driver’s license and I was surprised with how easy the process was. I was done with the entire steps, including getting the actual driver’s license, in under two hours. That was quite a feat considering that I spent half a day at LTO in Robinsons Galleria during my last driver’s license renewal.

Driver's license renewal process this pandemic

How To Renew Your Driver’s License This Pandemic

    I wasn’t able to claim my previous driver’s license

    I was expecting to have a hard time in renewing my driver’s license since I wasn’t able to claim my previous ID. When I applied for a license in 2017, I was only issued an official receipt because there were no available plastics that time. I was asked to come back after six months since that was their estimated time of availability for the actual licenses.

    However, I lost the receipt which meant that I wasn’t able to come back to claim my driver’s license. When my license was about to expire, I called LTO in Robinsons Galleria and relayed to them my predicament. it turned out that it wasn’t a complicated process at all because I just needed to present a notarized affidavit of loss.

    Moreover, I was told that the renewal process is quick because there are less people in LTO because of the pandemic.

    Driver’s license renewal process

    Driver's license application process this pandemic
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    It was an easy driver’s renewal process in LTO Robinsons Galleria because the personnel were really helpful. They will guide you through each step so you won’t feel lost or confused. Here is the renewal process:

    1. Go to Window 1 and present your old driver’s license. In my case, it was the notarized affidavit of loss.
    2. You will then be asked to register at
    3. After creating the account, you will have to take the medical exam at Tru-Check Medical and Diagnostic Center, Inc. just beside the LTO Robinsons Galleria office. Here, you will have to pay the P480 medical certificate fee before proceeding. The staff here are also very helpful.
    4. When you have received your medical certificate, you will be assisted by a staff to the portal area. Here, you will have to log-in to the LTO portal using the account you created. After logging in, a staff will assist you in uploading a copy of your medical certificate and driver’s license (affidavit of loss, in my case).
    5. From the portal area, you will then be assisted to Window 3 where you will have to pay the renewal fees of P585. After payment is the biometrics (fingerprints), signature, picture-taking, card printing, and you’re done.

    It’s that fast and easy.

    Option to apply for a driver’s license with a 10-year validity

    Yes, you read that right. There is an option to apply for a driver’s license that has a 10-year validity. However, you have to meet the following conditions first:

    • No traffic violations
    • Pass the Comprehensive Drivers Education (CD)E exam
    • 60 days before license expiration date (early renewal)

    It’s almost the same steps as the five-year license except for one additional process. Here’s how:

    1. Register online:
    2. Take the CDE Online Validation Exam in the LTO portal. If you feel that you need a refresher, there is an online course available in website that you can watch before taking the test.
    3. Once you have passed the CDE Online Validation Exam, print your certificate.
    4. Secure a medical certificate (fee: P480)
    5. Upload your medical certificate and other documents in the portal area.
    6. Pay P585 renewal fee in Window 3. You will be asked to register your biometrics (fingerprints), electronic signature. After that is picture taking then ID printing.

    For those with a 10-year driver’s license validity, you will still have to take the Periodic Medical Exam on the 4th and 7th year.


    It’s good to know that driver’s license renewal these days is more efficient and a lot easier as compared to the previous years. 

    There may have been some changes, specifically the requirement to create an account in the LTO portal, but the staff are very generous in providing assistance. I was glad to have been able to renew my driver’s license even in this time of the pandemic.

    How to renew your driver's license this pandemic

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    1. Wow mas madali na pala ngayon mag renew and may possibility pa na 10 years validity basta wala kang violation 😍

    2. Thanks for sharing this very helpful po ito lalo na sa mga may balak mag renew ng drivers license ❤️