Dilute Calico Cats: What Makes Them Special?

February 16, 2024

If you've ever wondered what makes Dilute Calico Cats special, then this article will answer your curiosity.

People often hear about the dilute calicos and find the diluted calico cats one of the most popular domestic favorites in the world. However, not so many people know about the real reason for the popularity of these felines with extravagant coat patterns. This article will let you get to know the dilute calico fur-balls a bit closer, receive more information about various types of calico cats and realize all the features of the calico cat temperament.

Dilute calico cats characteristics

Dilute Calico Cats: What Makes Them Special?

    All about Dilute calico cats

    Let's start with the main question... Is a calico a breed? A lot of people define calico cats as a breed but if that's true? Actually, no! The dilute calico isn't a breed. It is a specific coat pattern as well as a particular color combination of the cat's coat.

    The dilute calico feline is a cat whose gorgeous coat features a mix of three different colors. This cat pattern is quite rare and it usually happens to only one in a thousand felines. The coat pattern of calico cat colors can vary but, in most cases, it includes white, black and brown or red hues. 

    The major color or the base color of a calico cat pattern is white. However, the dilute calico cats' essential peculiarity is their diluted nature. That's why there can be hundreds of various blends when it comes to the calico cat coat pattern. Also, dilute calico coats often feature grey, gold, or silver colors.

    What is the dilute gene in Dilute calico cats? 

    The dilute gene is the main reason why cats with such beautiful coat patterns can be born. To become a dilute calico kitten, the fur-ball must have (must inherit) the specific dilute gene. It's amazing but even if two parents - two cats are not dilute calicos but they carry the dilute gene, they will probably have the dilute kittens.

    A dilute calico cat wearing a necklace

    Calico genetics suggests that the diluted gene is recessive and common calico felines can have diluted descendants thanks to their masking gene.

    Is it possible to tell whether kittens are Dilute calicos?

    Due to the masking dilute gene, it is really difficult to predict when a dilute calico kitten is born from normal calicos even if they are carriers of the dilute gene. 

    Mostly, usual calicos who carry the dilute gene can have diluted kittens because this gene shows itself up through the next generation. But that's not always the case.

    Besides, everyone should realize that when some kittens are born, it can be challenging to define if they are common calicos or diluted ones until they become adult cats with a precise coat pattern.

    Common coat colors of Dilute calico cats 

    You've already known that the calico cat is described as a creature that features a coat blend of three different colors. A common calico fur-ball has a coat that involves such clear colors as white, black and red (sometimes orange), white, brown and red, white, red, and cinnamon. 

    But when it comes to the dilute calico cats, their coats include the diluted combinations of their densely colored equivalents: white, blue and cream, white, cream and lilac, white fawn and cream.

    Dilute tortoiseshell and dilute patched tabby calico patterns

    The dilute tortoiseshell cat is a feline fur coloring named for its similarity to the tortoiseshell amour. This is a type of dilute calico cat. But one of the main dilute tortoiseshell calico cat characteristics is the virtual lack of white color and dominance of just two colors in their coat pattern. You can see a very little white color in the form of small spots on the chest, face, and paws.

    A chubby dilute calico cat

    The dilute patched tabby calico cat is known and recognized for its famous tabby features like the M-shaped mark on the forehead, fawn striped and blue or lilac patches on the cat's back, sides, tail, and legs.

    Majority of calicos are female

    In the majority of cases, that's really true. Most calico cats are female. The fact is that 99.9 percent of all calicos are female cats because of the specific chromosomal combination that identifies the color variation of their fur.

    Klinefelter Syndrome

    As has been stated, most dilute calicos are female. However, most but not all. It is quite uncommon for the male feline to inherit both genes - for the black and orange colors, but it is possible. 

    Such a phenomenon as a dilute calico male cat or the exception from the general rule is called Klinefelter Syndrome. The exception like a dilute calico male can happen extremely rare because of the mutated gene. That's why male calico cats prices are very-very high.

    Common traits of Dilute calico cats

    When it comes to the dilute calico cats, it is important to understand that the dilute calico is a coat pattern and, thus, the calico cats’ behavior and temperament are more likely to depend on the breed. Keep in mind that the fur colors define the coat pattern but they don't define the cat's personality. 

    A dilute calico cat with thick fur

    So the first thing you should pay attention to is the breed of your dilute calico mix cat because the cat's temperament directly depends on this natural fact.

    One more interesting thing to be aware of! The male calico cat is rare among the rarest calico cat female options. But male ones are known as more aggressive creatures compared to the female calicos. They don't get along well with other domestic favorites under one roof.

    The occurrence of calicos in various cat breeds

    To be clear, the dilute calico isn't a breed, it is just a coat pattern. This means that dilute calico cats can occur among various cat breeds. Well, what breed is a calico cat?

    We've prepared the list of the most popular cat breeds that can produce tricolored beauties. You can see:

    • Dilute Calico Main Coon
    • Dilute Calico Persian
    • Fluffy Dilute Calico Norwegian Forest Cat
    • American Long Hair Calico Cat
    • American Shorthair Calico Cat
    • American Bobtail
    • American Wirehair
    • Bobtail Japanese Calico Cat
    • Dilute Calico Exotic Shorthair
    • Dilute Calico British Shorthair
    • Dilute Calico Ragdoll
    • Dilute Calico Turkish Angora
    • Dilute Calico Cornish Rex
    • Dilute Calico Devon Rex
    • Dilute Calico Manx
    • Dilute Calico Siamese

    Calico patterns in longhair cat breeds

    Of course, you can get a long hair dilute calico cat if you want. Since the dilute calico is a coat pattern and not a peculiar breed, you can view the most popular dilute calico cat breeds that feature long-haired coats and choose the most appropriate option for you. Among the most splendid long-haired dilute calico breeds are the Persians, Main Coons, and Norwegian Forest Cats.

    Other usual questions about Dilute Calico cats

    1. Do they bring good luck to their owners?

    In the UK as well as in the USA, the calico cats are known as special creatures who can bring luck and happiness to the house. Because of their rarity, the British, Americans, and even Japanese people consider the calico cats as mascots that bring good fortune and wealth to the family.

    2. What is the general disposition of these cats?

    Yes, they are extremely nice and beautiful. Just don't forget that the dilute calico cat's temperament will depend on the breed you're going to get.

    3. What is the price of Dilute calico cats in the market?

    The dilute calico cat price can vary due to the cat breed. As a rule, such cats can cost from $400 to $2500.


    The dilute calico cats are extremely gorgeous, charming, and rare fur-balls that can make the life of their masters more interesting, exciting, and beautiful.

    Dilute calico cats facts

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