3 DIY Craft Ideas For Your Pets Using Upcycled Boxes

September 06, 2021

Here are some cute DIY craft ideas to upcycle your old cardboard boxes.

If you are thinking of novel ways to use old cardboard boxes, then you can turn them into DIY crafts for your pets. These three DIY craft ideas are not just a great way to repurpose your old appliance cardboard box, but they are also a welcome break from your day-to-day tasks, especially if you are working from home. These craft ideas are relaxing and will help you regain your mental balance and concentration.

DIY craft ideas using upcycled boxes

3 DIY Craft Ideas For Your Pets Using Upcycled Boxes

    Make upcycling a fun activity with your kids

    Most parents are also homeschooling their kids these days. A great way to develop their creativity and to keep them busy is to add craft activities into their daily routines.

    If you have toddlers like me, DIY crafts are a great way to teach them to use scissors and introduce to them the concept of lines. Encouraging them to be busy with their hands is also an effective method to get them off their gadgets so that they won’t have to spend their entire day in front of a screen.

    Choose brands that promote upcycling

    What’s good about brands these days is that they are very active in helping consumers upcycle. Take for example Samsung, this popular manufacturer of home appliances uses an Eco-Package for their units starting off with its 2021 TV models.

    Using a dot matrix design, this award-winning initiative makes it easy to cut and assemble the cardboard box yourself. To get started, simply scan the QR code found on the box to access the instructions and you’re on your way to making DIY crafts.

    DIY crafts using upcycled materials that will spoil your pets

    If you have pets at home, then you can begin with these three DIY crafts for your cats or small dogs. They’re so easy to make, you just need a pair of scissors for cutting the cardboard boxes. You won’t even need glue to hold the pieces together.

    Here they are:

    1. DIY pet house

    DIY pet house using upcycled materials

    Turn your old cardboard eco-packaging box into a beautiful small house for your pet. You can even customize it with your pet’s favorite color or a decoration of your choice. Your beloved pet can just hang out in here when they feel like taking a rest.

    2. DIY pet stairs

    DIY pet stairs using upcycled boxes

    Cats love to jump from a height or even from one platform to another. You can transform the eco-packaging into little pet stairs where your fur baby can jump or even just climb up and down. They can also use the stairs as support if they want to easily climb your bed.

    3. DIY cat tunnel

    DIY cat tunnel using upcycled boxes

    You can make bonding moments with your pet a little more fun by building them a cat tunnel where you can play peek-a-boo. This will also give them a quiet space where they can just hide if they don’t feel like going out or playing.


    Samsung Eco-Package will help encourage you and your kids to get your creative juices flowing while creating crafts that your pets will also love. Just the same, the goal of this initiative is to ultimately reduce environmental waste.

    These DIY craft ideas will not only give boxes a second life, but you’re also doing your share in preserving the environment. You can join the fun and share your own upcycled masterpiece by posting them online with the hashtag #FurTheWin.

    For more ideas on how to reuse your Samsung Eco-Package, visit samsung-ecopackage.com.

    Craft ideas using upcycled boxes

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