5 Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Family Car

July 01, 2023

One of the biggest decisions we have to make as parents is how to choose the perfect family car so read on to get practical tips on how to do so.

Choosing the perfect family car may sound all too easy at first. However, when you are already in the process of doing so, you would realize that it is not a decision that is simple to make. Even so, do not be overwhelmed by the many things that you have to consider because you can simplify the decision-making process like we did.

How to choose the perfect family car

5 Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Family Car

    Investing in our very own family car

    Our family loves to go on out-of-town trips, as such, a family car has been one of our most practical investments in recent years. We love traveling as a family because this is our way of relaxing and bonding together.

    Whenever time permits, we would head out to our house in Tagaytay or visit Nueva Ecija, our home province, even just for the weekend. These outings are moments that we treasure and look forward to, especially after a long and busy work week. Plus, a time out from the big city also allows the young ones to experience the outdoors, as well as life beyond gadgets and the internet.

    As such, we could say that buying a family car has been one of our best decisions lately, especially now that we have a new baby. Now that we can easily bring with us all the essential baby stuff such as clothes, milk, diapers, and printable road trip games in the compartment, it is more convenient to move from place to place as compared to commuting.

    What’s even better is that we can head out to the destinations of our choice at our own leisurely pace, and without the pressure of having a schedule to follow.

    How we chose our ideal family car

    In choosing our family car, the first things that we considered are its safety features, of course, and aesthetics. We wanted a vehicle that is not just good-looking but one that will also give us peace of mind as we drive around the city.

    Aside from looks and safety features, there still other factors to think about. If you are planning to purchase a family, here are five tips that you may want to consider:

    1. Consider the size of the vehicle that you will buy

    The first thing that you may want to take into account is the type of car that is well-matched for your family. 

    Will a sedan be adequate for your needs? If have a big family like us, a sedan might not be able to accommodate all of you. We bought an 8-seater van because we deemed that this is the most practical vehicle to get in view of our family’s large size.

    2. Check if the interiors are comfortable and have family-friendly features

    Most vehicles nowadays have features that provide comfort to passengers like easily adjustable seats, wide doors, roomy interiors, and plenty of storage space. 

    Storage is crucial because if you are traveling with children, you are not just bringing clothes with you but also toys, food, drinks, and toiletries, to name a few. Thus, before making a purchase, do check out if the car that you are planning to buy carries all the features that satisfy the requirements of your family.

    To be doubly sure about your purchase, ensure that you test drive your car in order for you to get the feel of it. There are some cars that may look good at first glance but may not be your type when you get to try them.

    3. Factor in the availability of car parts and service centers

    One crucial aspect to consider is the availability of parts and the proximity of service centers to your home. 

    Let’s face it, normal wear and tear will affect your vehicle over time, consequently, you will have to eventually change some of your car’s internal parts. 

    Thus, purchase a car that will spare you the hassle of having to look for vehicle parts that are not readily available in the market. Additionally, make sure that there are accessible service centers where you can readily have your car checked if you feel that it needs some tuning.

    4. Consider the cost of the car itself

    Buying a car is one of the most important financial decisions that you will have to make. Weigh the benefits and disadvantages if you were to buy your vehicle in cash or you intend to apply for bank financing. 

    You can consider the long-term advantages as well as the financial impact of both options when you make an assessment.

    5. Choose between gas or diesel-powered

    For us, this may be the least important factor to consider but it’s always good to look at this aspect because it may affect you financially in the long run. 

    We opted to get a diesel-powered van because it is more economical, especially with the continuously soaring prices of petroleum these days. However, think of factors like your length of travel and the type of roads that you plan to tackle. 

    All these factors added will help you decide which type of vehicle will give you the best gas mileage.


    In the end, just remember to do your research well, weigh all options, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your choices. After all, you would want to buy a car that will serve as a reliable and trusted steed that will take your family on countless adventures for many years.

    Tips on how to choose the perfect family car

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