6 Effective Ways To Keep Your Workspace Virus-Free

December 23, 2021

Here are some simple and easy steps to keep your workstation free from germs and viruses.

Now that most office professionals are being asked to report for work, It’s imperative to keep our workspaces virus-free since the threat of COVID-19 is still very high. While the number of cases nationwide is on a decline, letting our guard down is definitely out of the question.

Effective ways to keep workstation virus-free

6 Effective Ways To Keep Your Workspace Virus-Free

    Protect yourself with a facemask while at work

    I do believe that our primary line of defense should be to wear a face mask properly. We should keep our face masks on at all times, even if we are not interacting with our colleagues.

    It also goes without saying that we should strive to keep our immune system strong through proper diet, regular exercise, and taking multivitamins that are high in Vitamin C.

    Effective steps to kill viruses in the workplace

    I also consider having a significant level of COVID-19 virus paranoia to be helpful whenever I’m asked to report to the office. That way, we’d be mindful of our actions and hygiene when we are in the workplace.

    Hand sanitizer to keep workstation virus-free
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    It’s not really a complicated routine, we just have to be attentive to frequent disinfection. Here’s a combination that I consider to be effective:

    1. Use hand sanitizers regularly

    While I do prefer hand washing as the most effective method to sanitize my hands, it’s still handy to have a hand sanitizer within reach because of its instant virus-killing action. 

    Hand sanitizers can be drying to the hands though and can cause torture for someone like me who has eczema so it’s good to have a hand moisturizer available.

    2. Use Z-Touch Counter Antimicrobial Pad

    I love Z-Touch Antimicrobial Pads because of how innovative they are. I also like these products because it means that I don’t have to use alcohol all the time. Z-Touch kills 99.99% of viruses (including COVID-19 viruses) on contact using Smart Nano ION technology.

    Z-Touch Counter Antimicrobial Pad to keep workstation virus-free

    Z-Touch has a counter antimicrobial pad variant that is specifically made to be place on tables and work stations. You can even supplement this by using the Z-Touch Mobile Phone Antimicrobial Pad. Z-Touch Antimicrobial Pads are available on Lazada and Shopee

    3. Use disinfectant sprays

    It’s also good to have a disinfectant spray to ensure that viruses that are on surfaces and even floating in the air are instantly zapped.

    4. Wipe with alcohol

    Alcohol is a time-tested germ buster. Although it may involve some effort to manually apply it and wipe in on surface, it’s still good to include this in our overall work area disinfection routine.

    5. Practice social distancing

    Face-to-face meetings in offices are still discouraged. however, there may be inevitable instances when we would have to physically talk to a colleague. In such cases, it’s wise to practice proper distancing.

    6. Sanitize with bleach after work

    Bleach diluted in water is also a great disinfectant. It doesn’t have the most wonderful smell though so you can just ask your office utility personally to help you disinfect your office table after work.


    It’s encouraging to hear that COVID-19 cases are down nationwide. That means that we can gradually go back to our old routine, including reporting for work. However, that does not mean that we should be negligent in terms of sanitation while in the office.

    There are easy and effective ways to keep our office work station sanitary and it’s always a good idea to practice those.

    How to keep workstation virus-free

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