3 Top Reasons To Invest In A Canon Pixma G1020 Printer For Your Home [Review]

August 17, 2021

Sharing with you this Canon Pixma G1020 printer review and why I highly recommend it.

Canon is one of the most reliable camera and printer brands that I consider. What I like about Canon is the consistency of the output no matter what device and model I use. Images always turn out crisp and vibrant with Canon.

Trying the Canon Pixma G1020 printer

3 Top Reasons To Invest In A Canon Pixma G1020 Printer For Your Home [Review]

    I first fell in love with a Canon camera

    The very first DSLR that I bought was a second-hand Canon EOS 400D which I loved every bit. I learned so much from this Canon camera; from the parts like a shutter, aperture, lens to the different settings to control how the photographs will come out.

    Printing travel photos with the Canon Pixma G1020

    I would use my Canon 400D to shoot random objects every weekend and I would always feel proud with my shots. I loved my camera so much that the Canon brand has become my standard for imaging devices, including printers.

    In fact, when in the office, I’d always choose a Canon printer when producing colored printouts because the shades and the overall quality are exceptional.

    Getting a Canon printer for our home printing needs

    Mommy Khris and I have always wanted to have a printer at home because of its convenience, especially in this time of the pandemic. With a printer at home, we wouldn’t have to go out if we have documents for reproduction.

    A Canon Pixma G1020 on a table

    We can also readily print worksheets for Miguel and we can even make an album out of our old travel photos. That’s why we were so happy when Canon reached out to us to try the new Canon Pixma G1020 printer.

    We’ve been using it for several months now and we have nothing but praises for our Canon Pixma G1020.

    What we like in the Canon Pixma G1020 printer

    Aside from the consistency of the printed outputs, other things made us fall in love with the Canon Pixma G1020 and why we think that you should invest in it, too, if you are looking for a printer at home.

    Here they are:

    1. The Canon Pixma G1020 is easy to set up

    One of my major concerns with electronic devices is the ease of setting them up. I was afraid that if a gadget is too cumbersome to set up, I would easily get tired of using it and then finally just leave it in one corner to deteriorate.

    The Canon Pixma G1020 is easy to set up

    With the Canon Pixma G1020, I’m glad to share that it’s so easy to set up. For example, transferring the ink into the printer’s receptacle involved only a single step. I think that’s the most crucial task in the setup process. 

    As such, in just a few clicks and adjustments, I was able to connect the Canon Pixma G1020 printer to my laptop and get it going.

    2. It’s designed for high volume printing

    The Canon Pixma G1020 is made for high-volume printing which means that it can handle the production of various types of documents without sacrificing quality.

    3. This Canon printer is a practical choice

    With the Canon Pixma G1020, you need not worry about ink costs because its high page yield ink bottles can print up to 7,600 black and white pages and 7,700 coloring pages in economy mode yet still maintaining the quality of the results.

    That’s a good marriage between affordability and easy maintenance; two important features that we look for in electronic devices.

    Where to buy the Canon Pixma G1020

    If you are interested to get the Canon Pixma G1020 for your home, you can visit any Canon authorized store all over the Philippines.


    The Canon Pixma G1020 is great for your personal printing needs because it combines ease of use, affordability, and convenient maintenance. It’s a great choice especially if you want to be able to do all your printing needs in the comfort of your home.

    For the complete specifications of the Canon Pixma G1020, you may check it here.

    Canon Pixma G1020 review

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    1. This looks like a great printer. I am always looking for a good one that is not too expensive. Thanks for the recommendation.

    2. Lizel Tejares Purcia17 August 2021 at 17:35

      Great finds printer that is very helpful for our home. Good thing there's CANON PIXMA G1020 with high quality printouts. This very helpful for documentation either black and white or colored printouts.
      Thank you for sharing this honest review.

    3. This looks like an interesting printer. my at home printer has become a bit difficult as of late. Perhaps it is time to reassess.

    4. With the kind of education system we have today due to the pandemic where kids had to embrace modular learning, a heavy-duty printer like Canon Pixma G1020 is surely a practical choice for both teachers and students

    5. Interesting post! I have one Canon printer at home and it seems I have to buy another one, because it doesn’t print at all. Whatever I tried! Will keep this one in mind.

    6. I am not a techie person, so Canon printer is nice because it is easy to use. Too bad, I dont have kids in school, so we depend on an old HP printer for our printing needs.

    7. I love Canon Pixma G1020. I also use it at home

    8. It is definitely an economical choice. You can save a lot with the ink. It's amazing that it can print can print up to 7,600 black and white pages and 7,700 coloring pages

    9. I love the easy setup of this printer. It's the first thing I consider when buying a printer

    10. I love this printer and I would also recommend it to everyone. Thanks for sharing your review

    11. I have the exact same printer and I couldn't recommend it more!

    12. Talagang very nice investment po itong Canon Pixma G1020 Printer perfect ngayong malapit na ang online class ng mga kids need din talaga ito lalo sa mga work maganda ang quality kay very recommended 🤗

    13. This is amazing for printing colored papers since it has high volume. I think I will get that soon. Thank you for the review!

      Fransic - https://www.querianson.com/

    14. We're looking to get a printer, so thanks for the recommendation! It looks like a great option for us.

    15. I'm in need of a new printer and this review sold me! Sounds like a great printer to have at a home office.

    16. I really trust Canon. I want to try CANON PIXMA G1020 PRINTER. Hope it is good!

    17. I might consider this one! Been looking for a printer since we are limited to go out. Thanks for this! I hope I can find this here in my nearby area.

    18. Its funny because we actually do need a new printer! Thanks for the info!

    19. Ah yes! You've said about Canon! You can't go wrong with Canon! It's my first time hearing of the Pixma. I'll definitely check it out!

    20. I have a Cannon camera and a Cannon printer. I love them both.