Bite Block: Natural Insect Repellent Products For Kids [Review]

August 23, 2021

Bite Block is one of the most effective yet safest insect repellent products that we've tried because it's made of natural ingredients.

If you are looking for an all-natural insect repellent for your little ones, then Bite Block for Kids. We’ve been using Bite Block natural insect repellent for our two children for months now and we’re happy with the results.

Bite Block natural and organic insect repellent lotion

Bite Block: Natural Insect Repellent Products For Kids [Review]

    Bite Block works well by warding off mosquitoes and other insects that may give a nasty bite to your children’s sensitive skin. Not only that but Bite Block has a mild and pleasant smell that will leave a lingering fresh scent onto your kids’ skin

    Why choose an all-natural insect repellent for kids?

    Let’s face it, children’s skin is sensitive. We can’t just use any product for them because it may cause irritation and dryness. As such, it’s always a good idea to use products that are not natural. Even so, it’s not easy to find products that are suited for our children’s skin.

    Sometimes, we may even have to do some trial and error until we find the product that will be a good match for our kids’ skin. The same holds true when we were choosing the right insect repellent lotion for our kids. We tried several brands before we finally found Bite Block, which we’ve regularly used since then.

    What is Bite Block made of?

    Bite Block is made of Citronella and Picaridin. Citronella oil is a natural insect repellent that works by masking the smell of the human body as well as carbon dioxide to trick insects such as mosquitoes into thinking that there are no people nearby that they can prey on.

    A bottle of Bite Block natural insect repellent lotion

    Picaridin, a mild insect repellent ingredient, also reinforces the efficacy of citronella oil in warding off bugs. Picaridin is a common alternative to DEET (N, N-Diethyl- meta-toluamide), which is also a widely-used insect repellent that also acts as a solvent. Large concentrations of DEET may cause irritation to several parts of the body such as eyes, lips, and skin.

    What do we love about Bite Block?

    Aside from being made of natural ingredients, Bite Block has some excellent qualities that made us fall in love with it.

    Here are the top four things that we like about Bite Block:

    1. Bite Block provides long-lasting protection

    Some insect repellent brands use a high concentration of DEET to provide long-lasting protection. What’s good about Bite Block is that it’s able to provide extended protection of up to four hours for the regular variants and up to six hours for the kid's line.

    2. Bite Block is suitable for small kids

    What I also love about Bite Block is that I can also use it on my youngest baby who is just a little bit over one-year-old. That’s because Bite Block's natural insect repellent lotion is mild and hypoallergenic.

    In fact, according to its product information, Bite Block can be used safely on babies that are at least six months old. However, Bit Block does caution users to always consult pediatricians before using its products (and any other product, for that matter) on infants.

    3. Bite Block comes in different variants

    Aside from its regular lotion variant, customers may also choose to buy Kids, patches, and naturals (lotion and spray) options.

    4. Bite Block is affordable

    Best of all, Bite Block products all come at an affordable price. For example, a 100 ml. bottle costs less than P150. There are also bundled products to allow buyers to further enjoy savings when they purchase these.

    Where to buy Bite Block?

    Bite Block is available in all major supermarkets and drug stores. It’s also available online on Lazada and Shopee.


    It’s hard to find baby products that parents like us can truly trust. It’s a good thing that we discovered Bite Block, a safe and natural insect repellent brand for kids. We love how mild it is on baby skin yet it is effective in protecting them from mosquitoes and other bugs for a long time.

    Bite Block natural insect repellent lotion review

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    1. Very helpful blog daddy Iv thank you gor your honest review. As amom I always prioritize the utmost care and concerns to my little one. Protect them against insect bite is also given attention.Bite Block is truly highly appreciate and recommended for it is made by Citronella and Picaridin. This ingredients is natural thats why it is best to use for babies. Good thing you'll be able to share this information for us to know this kind of insect repellent for kids.

    2. Thanks for sharing your review, this sounds awesome to have on hand.

    3. I need this. We have horrible mosquitoes outside that bite us all up.

    4. I am happy to see natural ways to avoid the bugs. Those bugs are annoying

    5. Thanks for sharing your review of BITE BLOCK NATURAL INSECT REPELLANT! I love that it is not only affordable but that it comes in a bunch of different varieties!

    6. This is the brand that my nephews uses. It's really effective.

    7. I do not think I have used an insect repellent lotion before. I think this would be great for my nephew who just started pee-wee football this year.

    8. There are so many dangerous products on the market, it is good to know what a safe one is for our kids. Thank you!

    9. Thankyou for sharing this po.. Very recommended din po talaga ang Products na ito. para maiwasan din na makagat ang mga kids natin sa insekto. Perfect din po talaga ito para sa kanila para maiwasan ang Dengue. Lalo nat napakahirap pa naman na magkasakit ang mga anak natin. Must have po talaga.

    10. OMG, I need this. When out running, it always feels like bugs are only attracted to me! I am always looking for the best bug sprays.

    11. I like that this ia cream style product and not a spray! I have to see if I can find it near us!
      Kelli A

    12. My kids are miserable when they get bug bites. I need this product.

    13. I love the idea that it's natural and it's long lasting! The best insect repellent product!

    14. I need to get some Bite Block because I'm headed to the cottage tomorrow where there are lots of mosquitoes!

    15. This sounds like a great product. I need to get this for my kids. We hate when we get bug bites.

    16. Very recommended talaga itong bite block Lalo na ngayon uso din Ang dengue must have talaga ito for our kids para safe sila at hindi makagat Ng lamok Ang hirap pa Naman magkasakit ngayon at madengue thanks for sharing this po 🥰

    17. This sounds really good. i'm pleased to hear it can be used on my youngest child and also my eldest aka the husband lol.

    18. Sounds like a great product! Bugs can be so frustrating and can really ruin a good time.

    19. Kids is a good brand. We've used this natural insect repellent before and it's safe for their skin.

    20. Wow, that looks like a great product. Since it's natural, so it's so safe for the kids! I need to share this with my sisters who have kids.

      Everything Enchanting

    21. My nephews have sensitive skins and insect bites are normally their problem. I will take note of this and share to my sister so she can try this out. Hope it will work on them.