4 Highly Recommended Human Nature Products For Kids [Review]

August 08, 2021

Here's our four favorite Human Nature products for kids and why we recommend them to our fellow parents.

Human Nature for kids products are gentle, all-natural, and caring that’s why we trust them for our two toddlers. In fact, I consider Human Nature products as some of the best locally-made personal care lines, catering to the whole family – from moms, to babies and children, and even to dads.

Human Nature for Kids Bath Jelly

4 Highly Recommended Human Nature Products For Kids [Review]

    Our love for Human Nature baby products

    Mommy Khris and I were initially using Human Nature’s sanitizing spray and sunflower oil and we loved these products. The sanitizing spray smells fresh and citrusy while the sunflower oil provided relief from dermatitis on my hands.

    When we first found out that we were having a baby, Human Nature easily came to mind when it comes to gentle products that we can use. As such, I stocked up on Human Nature nappy cream, baby bottle and utensil cleanser, and baby liquid detergent.

    We were using these products up to the time when our eldest son is about a year old. When our second baby was born, we bought these products for him, too.

    We loved Human Nature’s baby bottle and utensil cleanser because you just need a small drop to effectively clean baby bottles, bowls, and spoons. It leaves a fresh scent but since the product is made of natural ingredients, it does not leave any residue that may be harmful to our babies.

    We also liked the baby liquid detergent because, again, it’s made of all-natural ingredients. The problem with other detergent brands is that they leave residue on clothes and that can cause skin irritation. Human Nature Baby Liquid Detergent is gentle on clothes and does not leave any residue that may cause harm.

    Our top Human Nature products for kids

    Aside from infant products, it’s also great to know that Human Nature has personal care items for kids. Now that our two boys are already toddlers, we switched them up to cleansing products that are age-appropriate.

    Here are some that we recommend:

    1. Jiggly Bath Jelly

    Human Nature for Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly

    This Bubbleberry-scented bath jelly will surely make the shower time fun and something to look forward to for your children. What's good about this item is that it’s made of vegetable and coconut-derived cleansers and moisturizers to care both for your kid’s skin as well as the environment.

    A 300-gram container of the Human nature Jiggly Bath Jelly costs P299.75.

    2. Natural Shampoo and Body Wash

    Human Nature for Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash

    This is another product that we love using for our kids. The Human Nature Natural Shampoo and Body Wash is a versatile body and hair cleanser that contains coco nectar, aloe vera, and avocado oil. The amino acids and vitamins in these components nourish and clean the sensitive skin and hair of children.

    Another fun fact about this product is that it features local animals like the tarsier and pawikan in its bottle design.

    A 100-ml. bottle of the Human Nature Shampoo and Body Wash costs P65.

    3. Natural Shampoo Bar

    Human Nature for Kids Natural Shampoo Bar

    I personally love using Human Nature’s shampoo bar so I also like its version for kids. First, it’s bottle-free so that’s less plastic litter that will most likely just end up in landfills or in places that we don’t like to see them.

    Second, it’s made of gentle ingredients like avocado oil and cocoa butter. Lastly, it has amazing cleansing properties yet it’s gentle to the hair and scalp of small kids. As an added bonus, it has a delightful Peach Mango-Pop scent.

    A 70-gram shampoo bar costs P139.75.

    Tip: to get the most out of a shampoo bar, you may opt to slice it into small pieces and use only what you will need. Place it in a soap dish and put it away in a location that is far from a water source when not using it.

    4. Natural Kids Sanitizer

    Human Nature for Kids Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

    In this time of the pandemic, it’s a wise idea to bring a small bottle of alcohol for quick sanitation. However, most of us are aware that strong alcohol can be too drying to the skin of small children. 

    The answer to this is the Human Nature Natural Kids Sanitizer. It’s made of 60% ethyl alcohol and is proven to kill 99.99% of germs on contact without drying the skin. It also has aloe vera for added moisturizing and soothing properties.

    A 50-ml. bottle of the Human Nature Natural Kids Sanitizer Spray costs P64.75 and comes in Bubbleberry Clean and Cosmic Clean (Green Apple) scents.

    Where to buy Human Nature products

    You can shop for Human Nature products through the company’s website. You can also opt to order through Shopee and Lazada when you are doing your regular online shopping routine.


    Our family will always be a fan of Human Nature products because they are made of all-natural ingredients. I personally use Human Nature personal care products for men and I love them.

    We’ve also used Human Nature baby products regularly when our two kids were small and we were completely satisfied. Now that our children are bigger, we’re happy to try the different Human Nature products for kids for their different needs.

    Human Nature for kids products

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    1. We are always on utmost care for our kids.Human Nature for kids is truly highly recommended products because it is gentle, all-natural, and caring. As parent too, we want to give all the best for my kids. Thank you daddy Iv for your great review about human nature products.

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    9. I am using their shampoo and shaving cream. The bar shampoo is economical as compared to the regular liquid shampoo.

    10. I love using natural products, and it's great to see some that are designed especially for kids. The little creatures on the packaging are so cute, too!

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