The Importance Of Collaborative Parenting In Raising Confident Children

August 25, 2021

Sharing with you some important points about collaborative parenting to help us raise confident children.

Collaborative parenting is a concept in which parents and children do things together at home. It can be anything like simple tasks or household chores that will teach kids the value of being responsible individuals early on.

The importance of collaborative parenting

The Importance Of Collaborative Parenting In Raising Confident Children

    The risk of overparenting

    A recent study by media agency Toluna revealed that seven out of ten Filipino parents are at risk of overparenting their children. What is overparenting, you might ask? Well, it’s the act, whether intentional or unintentional, of overly shielding our children or even doing everything for them because of a variety of reasons.

    Father and toddler son making an egg mayo sandwich as part of a collaborative parenting exercise

    Let’s admit it. As parents, we sometimes have a tendency to shield our kids from pain or getting hurt. At times, we baby them too much just because we don’t want to hear them crying.

    However, being overprotective of our children is not at all good. They may grow us to be too dependent on us. As such, they may not be able to handle situations well especially if those circumstances are not in their favor.

    The importance of collaborative parenting

    In collaborative parenting, we allow our kids to learn through experience. For example, by letting them do things at home with us, they will be able to observe things that we will model to them as their guardians. There are also times that we may let them decide for them such as picking the food that we can have for dinner or giving them the freedom to prepare their own food.

    Mother and son doing collaborative parenting

    Children should experience how it is to feel pain and frustration because that will make them strong and resilient. They should also learn to do things for and by themselves, because that will teach them to be responsible individuals.

    At the same time, our children should also learn to appreciate success and happiness because that will help develop their self-confidence.

    As such, I hope other parents would also adopt collaborative parenting as their style because it will bring in a lot of benefits to their kids when they grow up. It’s a simple concept that does not involve any special tool or instruction manual to implement.

    Lady’s Choice and Smart Parenting’s campaign on collaborative parenting

    This awareness campaign on collaborative parenting was launched by Lady’s Choice mayonnaise and Smart Parenting. 

    Father and son enjoying the sandwich they prepared

    Personally, I’m a firm believer in collaborative parenting because I’ve experienced that myself from my parents. They taught me simple tasks at home and they gave me the leeway to make decisions for myself. I’m happy that they applied that parenting style to me because it has helped shape who I am today as a person.

    Lady's Choice mayonnaise for collaborative parenting

    This awareness campaign from Lady’s Choice and Smart Parenting involved not just information dissemination but recommended activities to help ignite collaborative parenting within families. You can access these activities through Smart Parenting’s website.

    A simple “Do It Together” collaborative game

    I think one of the main concerns of parents when they involve their children in day-to-day tasks at home is that they get bored or that they feel like they are being made into household workers. I think the best way to do it is to put a little fun into the activities so that our children will not feel weighed down by errands.

    Egg mayonnaise relay challenge collaborative parenting game

    A simple “Do It Together” game that I learned from Lady’s Choice and Smart Parenting is the “Egg Mayo Relay Challenge.”

    The idea is to take turns in doing each step in the egg sandwich recipe. You just have to assign which steps you and your kid will take. To make it exciting, you will each only have 15 seconds to complete each step.

    Here’s what you will need:

    • Three pieces of hardboiled eggs
    • One-fourth cup of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise
    • Twelve sliced white bread
    • Three bunches of curly lettuce washed and dried
    • Two pieces of ripe salad tomatoes, sliced (for garnish)
    • For the kitchen equipment, you will need a bowl, a fork, and a plate.


    1. Mash the three eggs.
    2. Stir in the mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper.
    3. Spread the egg mayo onto bread.
    4. Add the lettuce, tomatoes, and top with a piece of bread.

    Print and file this recipe

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    How to make Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
    How to make Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich.

    • 3 hardboiled eggs
    • 1/4 cup Lady's Choice mayonnaise
    • 12 sliced white bread
    • 3 bunches of curly lettuce
    • 2 pieces of ripe salad tomato


    1. Mash the three eggs.
    2. Stir in the mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper.
    3. Spread the egg mayo onto a piece of bread.
    4. Add the lettuce, tomatoes, and top with a piece of bread.

    If you want to keep a copy of the recipe, here is a printable card that you may use:


    As parents, we want to shield our kids from getting hurt. However, we should be cautious of how much we do so because there is such a thing called overparenting and that may be detrimental to the development of our children.

    What we can do is to apply collaborative parenting which is a way of involving our children in our daily tasks at home and even allowing them to make their own choices so that they may grow up to be responsible individuals who are able to adapt to different situations.

    Lady's Choice and Smart Parenting collaborative parenting campaign

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    1. True po Collaborative Parenting tips that you've shared was very helpful to all parents like me. Thank you for sharing daddy Iv. Those tips is very helpful for us. I may not a perfect parent but I can protect my kids at any means. Of course Highly recommended Ladys choice is perfect with the bonding with our kids. This is truly amazing and satisfying taste that the kids would loved.

    2. talagang napaka importante po ng collaborative parenting lalo na sa mga parents para malaman din ung ibang mga parentings tips and very recommended ang ladys choice masarap talaga ipalaman thanks for sharing this talagang we do everything to make sure our kids is safe & healthy🥰

    3. Thankyou for sharing this daddy ivan. Napakalaking tulong po nitong shinare nyo specially saming mga magulang na . Napakaimportante po talaga nitong Collaborative Parenting . Worth it to read po ang dami kopong na realize dito.. Ang gusto lang din naman natin bilang isang magulang ang maging ligtas ang ating mga anak at tinitiyak natin ang mga kakainin nila is healthy. Very recommended po talaga itong Lady's choice. Bukod sa masarap na Healthy pa Talagang magugustuhan ng mga kids natin ito..

    4. This is a great post. Parenting can be a struggle. It is the hardest job I have ever had. Thank you for sharing your experience with collaborative parenting. The bonus is a great recipe.

    5. When w allow our kids the freedom to explore and try new things they learn much more than if we just do it for them.

    6. Heatherkleinwolf26 August 2021 at 12:30

      I only have one child so he gets a bit spoiled and I'm guilty of overparenting. Thanks for these helpful reminders to involve him in chores and learning activities!

    7. These are all excellent point. I know I was guilty of overparenting several times with my son. I finally realized that I was only crippling his future.

    8. It's so important for parents to work together and to always be on the same page with their parenting. Parenting is what shapes our kids' entire lives. We really need to make sure we do the best we can.

    9. I agree with this! I think this is an effective approach to teach kids how to be independent and do things on their own. I also agree about overparenting. Knowing the kind of family system we have here in PH, parents tend to spoil their kids too much which is not good at all.

    10. I couldn't agree more with this. My parents, hoenstly, did an awful job of raising me specfically. I was left traumatised, very self concious and second guessing every word that would come out of my mouth.

    11. You love it when the kid and work together a team and family. And this is good way to teach kids.

      Fransic -

    12. This is a great take on parenting. It can be a struggle for sure sometimes. Involving your kids in what you're doing is great!

    13. Enabling our children to be dependent is not good for them if we do it too much. Making sure they are able to face trials and tribulations on their own (again to some extent) is an important part of the learning process they face in their childhood.

    14. Great insights, and I agree with you - everything is try and error but it's important to have a support system and a fresh perspective to make tough decisions. - Knycx Journeying

    15. I like Lady's Choice a lot! It's one of my trusted brands. Great tips too on overparenting.